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It Doesn't All Go Back To Normal

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"What are you doing idiot?" Said Karen, poking Lynn. "Go open the door for him!" She added
Lynn, head outside the window, looking down said: "F-Frank? Is that you?"
"Yeah, I know, weird." said Frank lowering his voice.
As Lynn made sure it was him, she could feel that excitment she used to have before, coming back to her, she felt more like Karen who was always over excited when it came to My Chemical Romance, and who was at that moment about to faint from joy.
"I'll be right down ." She whispered as she ran downstairs and opened the front door.
It was like something she never even dreamed of, she felt so good as she threw herself in his arms hugging him tightly saying: "Thank god you guys remembered me!"

Karen, from the top of the stairs, was watching them, but Karen being Karen, she just lost it as she screamed: "GOSH THIS IS SO ROMANTIC YOU GUYS!" with a wide smile on her face.
Lynn looked at her angrily to say: "Shhh!! My uncle is definitly up now!"

"Lynn? Is that you?" Stan's voice was heard as the lights in his room went on.
"Shit!" She mumbled to herself, dragging Frank to her room, followed by Karen as she closed the door hoping for her uncle to fall back asleep but, unfortunately, she could still hear his footsteps getting closer to her room. She had to do something, she couldn't let him see Frank there, he would get him arrested just as he got Brad several times. So she grabbed Karen and pulled her out of the room with her to finally stand in the way of Stan preventing him from coming in.
Stan: "I knew I heard some noise."
Karen, waving her hand in front of his sleepy face: "Hi mr. Stanly!"
Stan looking at Karen frowning said: "What is she still doing here? it's almost 2 am. I'll inform my driver to take you home Karen."
Karen: "Nooo! I don't want to go home! There's Frank!"
Stan, surprised, said: "There's Frank?"
Karen sure doesn't know how to keep a secret, but Lynn couldn't let him find out about Frank so she had to cut in as she said: "ON TV!"
Stan, confused, added: "What?"
Lynn: "Yes! There's Frank on TV, that's why she doesn't want to leave."
"Karen let's go, I'll take you to the car, as for you Lynn, you go to sleep, I have set up another job interview for you tomorrow." Said Stan ignoring all the 'Frank' talk as he left followed by Karen.

Lynn walked back to her room, closing the door and locking it this time, just in case her uncle decided to drop by.
"Business women rock!" Said Frank, looking at Lynn's outfit.
Lynn, sitting on her bed: "Oh please, don't remind me." Her day did suck a lot, but just the fact of Frank being in her room brought the smile back to her face, she could feel alive again.
he then sat next to her looking her in the eyes, smiling slightly and staring, not even trying to say something.
She couldn't ignore it for long, it made her smile as she looked at him and said: "What?"
Frank, still gazing into her face and smiling added: "Nothing."
Lynn: "Hey, wait, you still haven't told me how you got here, and why, and oh, I can't believe you guys remembered me."
Frank: "I don't know about them, but, yeah, I couldn't forget you when Brian told us you weren't coming back because your uncle didn't want you to."
Lynn couldn't help but think of Gerard again, why wasn't he as concerned as Frank? Gerard was the closest to her. Gerard was the one she liked...A lot.
"So I decided to pay your uncle a visit and try to convince him to let you come back." Frank added getting her attention again. She looked at him and nodded smiling, as her thoughts were distracted by Gerard again wondering why he didn't even call her while Frank flew all the way over to her house.
"So I took the first flight here, and here I am!" Frank said. Lynn took a deep breath reliefing herself in his arms, hugging him as she added: "You are amazing Frankie!"
Frank continued: "I got here in a really bad time though, but since I already had your address from Brian, and since I can't knock your door at 1 am, I thought I'd randomly rock a window, hoping it'd be yours." She laughed then added humorously: "You were lucky."
Frank looked in her eyes again and said softly: "Yeah, I AM lucky." To then lean his face over to hers, still gazing in her eyes, and give her a gentle yet long kiss. He had his eyes closed, but hers were wide open, she did kiss back, but she couldn't believe he actually liked her!
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