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Time With Frank.

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Kiss was over, he looked at her pleasantly as she came closer to him, smelling his unresistable Polo cologne, she couldn't help but to lean towards him again and have another, she really liked it, he even made her heart skip a beat as he gently ran his hand through her hair then sliding it down to her neck.
Frank then stopped to say softly: "Lynn?"
"Yeah." She replied, looking back at him thinking of how cute he seemed after what he did.
"I have to tell you something." Frank added.
"Yeah?" She said waiting for him to continue.

"LYNN? Are you in there?" Stan's voice was heard from the other side of the door, breaking the whole intimate moment.
"Oh my god that's my uncle again." She whispered to Frank. "I'm trying to get some sleep uncle!" She shouted.
"Alright, alright, I was just checking." He added, to then go downstairs, back to his room.

Making sure he was gone, she turned to Frank and said: "So what were you saying? Sorry, my uncle can get overprotective sometimes."
"I don't blame him." He added gazing into her eyes again.
She smiled as she looked away.....thinking. Frank made her happy whenever he was around and always treated her so well, but her heart was still, somehow, screaming for Gerard, and even though she really liked Frank's sweet kiss, she couldn't help but think of Gerard again.
"Uh, Lynn...."Frank added softly.
She interrupted saying: "Yeah, I'm going to get out of this silly looking suit and slip in to my PJs, I'll be right back."

Frank then nodded letting it go, as he watched her leave.

I'm just not ready, she thought to herself, confused, as she was changing into her pyjamas, Frank is so awesome but I can't let things go further between us, I don't want to hurt him, I like Gerard, I can't see a way out of this but to simply forget about that kiss.
And so it was, deciding not to mention this kiss again, she got back to her room to find him looking at the framed photos on the table next to her bed.
"AHA! I Caught you!!" She said humorously, standing behind him.
He turned to face her, holding a baby picture frame of her and said: "I can't believe you were once cute!"
"Heyyy! Watch it!" She added poking him. "That means I'm no longer cute!"
"Ahh I was just kidding." He said. "You better be!" She replied beaming.
"Yeah, did I say cute? You hideous little girl! I mean look at you." He added making her laugh and jump him on the back meaning to hit him good, causing them both to fall on
her bed giggling.

She then rolled over next to him and said in a serious manner: "Hey, thanks."
Frank, laying next to her, pressing his elbow on the pillow and resting his head in his hand said: "What for?"
Lynn: "You came all the way here to convince my uncle to let me back with you guys."
Frank smiled childishly as he then rested his head on her pillow, right near hers, looking at her, and added: "But I have to look like I actually came from OUTSIDE your room when I see him."
She laughed a little and added: "Don't worry about that, my uncle usually wakes up so early and heads straight to his office, that will give you time to sneak out."
"That hideous girl actually turned out to be smart." He said teasing her.
She hit him on the arm pinching him to tease back as he added: "Aw! Your hand is cold."
"I know" she said. "It gets chilly at night" she added covering both of them with the sheets.

"Are you sleepy?" He whispered softly.
"A little." She replied turning him her back to get more comfortable. "Are you?"
"I'm really tired." He added closing his eyes.
"Ok, then go to sleep, you know my uncle is making me go to another job interview tomorrow, you must be really convincing when you're talking to him because he's not the kind of person who agrees on something without arguing the shit out of it before, and I'd seriously die if he sent me to one of those stupid squared companies again, but hey, what was Brian's opinion about all this?" She said waiting for his reply. "Frankie??" She added turning to look at him and see he was in deep sleep, he looked cute, she thought squeezing her hands under the pillow and closing her eyes smiling. I still can't believe I have Frank Iero under the sheets next to me, was the last thing that hit her mind before she also fell asleep.

At 7 am the next day, Lynn and Frank were still deeply asleep as Lynn's phone started buzzing on the table next to her. She opened her eyes slightly to locate it and reach it with her hand from under the sheets to then answer sleepily: "Karen?"
"LYNN! I didn't sleep all night! I'm still awake from yesterday, I can't believe I met Frank Iero, where is he? Is he still there?" Karen said excitedly.
Lynn, looking to her left said: "Yeah, he's still asleep."
Karen then got too excited and started shouting again: "GEEZ LYNN YOU'RE LIKE THE LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE!"
Lynn couldn't help but laugh at Karen's reactions : "Had a lot of caffeine during the night huh?"She added changing position as she pulled herself up to sit.

"Who's that?" Said Frank drowsily, somewhat opening his eyes.
"I got to go now." Added Lynn looking at Frank, smiling.
Karen: "Ok, I'm going to need updates on that, you know!"
"Sure, bye now." Said Lynn as she hung up.

"Was that your friend from yesterday?" He said sitting up.
"Yup." Lynn replied. "Her name is Karen." She added looking at him.
Frank: "Karen. I'll keep that in mind."
Lynn: "Oh, by the way, my uncle should be in his home office like now, so if you want to talk to him now is your chance, before he heads out to the company." She added.
"Right." Said Frank getting off of the bed. "How do I look?"
Lynn stared.
"Yeah I know, I slept in my clothes, they're a little wrinkled." He added.
"You're fine! You look great!" She said. "Now let's go." She added standing up and putting on her slippers to then lead Frank to Stan's office.

"Here we are." She said as they stood in front of the closed office door.
"Ok, wish me luck!" He added.
"Good luck Frankie!" She said giving him a hug. "Talk well, and, well, just try to be as convincing as possible."
"Yup, I'll try, you just stay here and uh, pray." He said knocking on the door then coming in.
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