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Not Over, Until I Say So

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Time passed slowly as Lynn was still waiting, worried about what might be happening in there. For a second there, she almost burst in to find out, but Frank finally went out.
He was looking upset and disturbed, not the way she wished he would be.

"What took you so long!" She said. "What happened?"
"I'm sorry." He said looking sad. "Your uncle is so stubborn." He added softly taking her tightly in his arms.
She rested her head on his chest, getting so angry rather than upset, thinking of how kind her uncle was with her at first and how serious and cold he became.

"I'll talk to him myself then." She added storming into his office standing in front of his desk and said in anger: "I need to talk to you uncle!"
Stan, busy talking on the phone and going through papers, gestured her to leave.
She wouldn't budge: "Now! I need to talk now!" She repeated firmly.
"Can't you see I'm in the middle of something here?" He said hanging up "I thought we already talked about this and I've made my decision, you're staying here Lynn!" he added getting off of his chair gathering files and folders then stacking them in his case.
"But there's something you don't understand here." She added standing in his way. "This is MY life we're talking about!" She said glaring at him.
"I don't have time for this Lynn, I have things to do." he said with irritation as he looked at his watch then rapidly got his coat on, got his paper works and headed to the door opening it to leave. He was in such a hurry, he bumped into Frank who was still waiting outside, causing his papers to fall all over the place.
Lynn followed him to the hall where he was kneeling, gathering everything back unallowing Frank to touch them as he simply intended to help. She looked at him and added: "It's time for me to stand up for myself you know? I think I'm old enough to make my own decisions." She said watching him and those papers he seemed to be rushing to hide in the folder.

"Wait.....That picture." She said pointing and staring at a half hidden photo. She tried to reach it thinking the person in it looked like someone familiar, Stan then stood in the way: "You want to be completely responsible for yourself then." He said as he pushed the picture in between the others.
"That guy Frank seemed to be a good guy." He added as he finished getting all of his stuff back in place.
"He did make it seem like they needed you, so I'll tell you what, I'll give you a chance..."
"Seriously?" She interrupted with eyes wide open.
"Yes, I don't think that I'd be able to handle your rebellion at that age." He said straightening himself up.
"So that means that you agree to let me go back with them!" She said excitedly.
"I'm afraid so." He added.
"Oh! Thank you!" She said hugging him.
"BUT, if ANYTHING, goes wrong over there you'll be on the next flight here to look for a a company....where it's safe." He said.
"What makes you think it's not safe over there?" She added suspiciously.
Frank then interrupted, wrapping his hand around her shoulders with a large smile on his face as he said: "Don't worry mr uh..."
"Stanly." She whispered.
"STANLY, I'll be taking good care of her."
Stan nodded looking at both of them as he then hastily headed outside

"We did it!" Lynn screamed happily.
"You did it." Frank said smiling.
"He liked you! He said that you looked like a good guy!" She added hugging him as he had his arms around her waist.
"Yeah, but...He did seem to be afraid of my tatoos when he first saw me." Frank added humorously.
She laughed looking up at him, she was so happy she didn't know how to express it. But there she was, in his arms, it was a perfect moment for a kiss as he had this cute smile on his face again.
I know I promised myself not to do this anymore, she thought to herself staring at him, but I can't help it he's so adorble, she smiled to then smooch him. "It somehow feels so good everytime we do this." She said as he looked back at her smiling gently. She was all happy and excited, but Gerard hit her mind again.
I shouldn't have kissed Frankie, she thought to herself looking at him, to then free herself from his arms and say: "I'll go upstairs to change and call to get us tickets reserved for the next flight out."
Frank: "Ok, need any help?"
"With what?" She said laughing as she ran up the stairs.

Minutes later, door was knocked several times and Frank being the nearest one, he finally opened it as white flashes of a camera almost blinded him.
"What the..." He said having his hands cover his face, looking at Karen with the camera in her hand, as close as possible to his face, trying to take another picture.
"Come on!" He added stepping back and trying to move it away from his face.
"I'm so sorry Frank, I just had to prove it to 'MYSPACE' friends that I really met you." Karen said excitedly. "How long are you staying here." She added standing next to him and taking a picture of the both of them together.
"Um, we're leaving as soon as possible." He added smiling, trying to stay nice to her.
"Oh." Karen said disappointed "did mr Stanly know about Gerard and everything?"
"What Gerard and everything?" He added.
"You know." She whispered childishly giggling."That drug deal and all."
"Drug deal?" Said Frank confused.
"Yeah, the one him and Eliza did and Lynn helped him too." Added Karen smiling.
"What?" Said Frank frowning. "Lynn made some drug deal with Gerard and Eliza?" He added.
"Oh no, I wasn't supposed to say that." Said Karen realizing the mistake she just did.
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