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It Isn't What It Always Seems

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"Are you trying to make things up to push me away from Lynn?" Frank added.
"OH MY GOD you like Lynn? OH MY GOD that is so sweet!" Said Karen excitedly.
"Are even you paying attention to what I'm saying?" He said angrily.
"Look, I have to go post the pictures like now, or else my buddies will think I photoshopped it. Oh, by the way, do you have a Myspace?" Added Karen putting her camera back in its cover.
"What the hell is wrong with you?" He said getting angrier. "Is it or is it not true what you just said about Lynn? Just answer me!" He added.
"Oh, no it's true, she told me the whole story just before you got here yesterday." Said Karen walking to the door.
"I can't believe Lynn is....Is, a drug dealer." Said Frank disappointed.
Karen then stopped to say: "What? No, wait, that's not what I meant!"
"I didn't know Lynn was like that. This is just.....too much." He said, stressfully running his hand through his hair, thinking.
"Listen, just pretend I didn't say anything, please don't tell Lynn I told you. Would you like our friendship to be over?" Said Karen trying to unsuccessfully make things better.
Frank looked at Karen as he shook his head lightly with a serious look in his eyes and said: "I won't. Inspite of it all, I.....I don't want to lose her, I guess..."
"Oh man, you don't get it." Said Karen giving in. "I would've told you the whole story if I didn't have to go upload the pictures like immediatly. GOSH I'm going to be famous all over Myspace!" She added walking out the door with a large smile on her face.

Frank had a while to think everything over before Lynn got back.
"Frankie!" She yelled from the top of the stairs.
He looked up to see her standing there, she looked so sweet he thought to himself, how can she turn out to be someone like that?
"Can you please come help me with the bags?" She added struggling, trying to hold it all together.
He went up and held it for her as she said humorously: "You're probably wondering where all of this came from."
Frank didn't have any reactions as she then added smiling, following him down the stairs: "I figured, this time I'm staying longer than 3 days so, I packed more stuff."
He placed the bagages by the front door and said: "Did you call to get us seats?"
"Uh, yeah, I managed to squeeze us in the next flight out but we're already late so we should leave right now, I already left a note for my uncle in his room and called us a cab which is...." She stopped to look out the window. "Here!" She added as she saw the yellow car waiting in the driveway. "everything is set, let's go." She added as she opened the door and headed to the car.
Frank, quietly held the stuff again and followed.

He didn't say a word all the way to the airport, not that he didn't want to, he just didn't know what to say, thinking she was a whole different person from the one he thought she would be.
Same thing happened in the plane, he was still quiet, or just answered her simple questions with a word or 2.
Lynn did notice he was different, but she just let go of it thinking he's tired and needed some rest since he had traveled twice in 2 days and didn't get enough sleep when he crashed next to her.

Hours passed as the plane finally landed and passengers were off.
After being stopped several times by fans screaming and crying for photos and signatures from Frank, Lynn managed to get a cab so that they would finally head to the hotel.

Head facing the cab window, hand pulled outside, Lynn was thinking of Gerard again, she was a few minutes away from seeing him and couldn't possibly feel more excited about it.
"Get your hand inside, it's not safe to pull it out." Said Frank, sitting next to her.
Lynn, getting her hand in, trying to indirectly know where Gerard is, said: "Is everybody in the hotel?"
"No." He said.
She nodded as he added: "Ray, Mikey and Bob have an interview with Kerrang today, and Gerard, well, as far as I know he's at the hotel."
She smiled looking at him to then add: "Is something wrong with you?"
"No." He replied looking away.
"Ok." She said turning her head to look out the window again.

"You know I'll always be there for you if you needed me." He added making her turn back to face him.
"I'm happy to know that." She added wondering what made him come up with this out of nowhere.
"So you would tell me if something bad was going on, so I would help you." He added.
"Uh, ofcourse, I guess." She said, confused.
"Why do you do this then?" He said.
Lynn: "I do what?"
"Why do you deal with drugs?" He added.
Lynn frowned looking at him as she said angrily: "I deal with....I don't deal w....wh...who told you this?"
Frank, trying not to snitch on Karen, said: "Just tell me why?"
"Have you spoken to Karen lately?" Lynn added figuring the whole thing out.
"Well..." He said hesitating.
"You have haven't you. God! I can't believe her! That girl just ruined my day" She said in anger. "You didn't even get the story right." She added.
"Explain it please." Said Frank.
"I guess I'm going to have to now..." She added, explaining the whole thing, all the way to the hotel.

Once the car stopped, they both went in and straight up to their rooms' floor. Lynn was still talking, explaining everything, she had to.
"I always had a feeling Eliza was an evil bitch." Said Frank as Lynn was done telling him everything.
"True." She said. "As long as you don't take the wrong idea about me and Gerard."
"I like you even more now." He said smiling then kissing her forehead. "You turned out to be what I thought you were." He added opening the door to get in his room. "Are you going to come in or should I carry you again?" He said waiting for her to go in.
Lynn was too excited about meeting Gerard she didn't want to waste any more time so she said: "I need to go unpack and you need some rest you look tired."
"I am actually." He added.
"I'll see you later then." She said giving him a tender kiss on the cheeks. "Please Frankie, keep this whole thing between you and me, Gerard won't be happy if he knew you found out about it." She added.
"He won't know." He added.
Lynn nodded giving him another peck on the cheeks making him smile gently as she then went on her way to finally see Gerard again hoping he'd be in his room.
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