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She was finally there, in front of that big white door, hand on the knob, she took a deep breath, opened it and got in.
The living room was empty, but she could hear noises coming from somewhere else. She would've called him over, but she wanted it to be a surprise so she quietly walked to the kitchen, trying not to make any sounds, to see nobody was there too.
Gerard is then definitly in the bedroom she thought to herself heading there.

Slightly opening the door and peeking in, she could tell the room was a bit dark as the curtains were down and the lights were out but she could still see him sitting on the bed facing the door, looking down at the cigarette in his hands.

"After he promised!" She mumbled to herself walking in.
He looked up to see her and said: "Lynn? What are you doing here?"
"I'm back!" She said smiling. "You don't look so happy to see me though." She added humorously.
He didn't react, he just sat there looking at her.
"Ah, look who's here." Said a familiar voice coming from behind Lynn. "I suppose you're coming to take your stuff out." Added Eliza as she stepped on the bed sitting behind Gerard, sliding her arms to his chest.
"You?" Lynn mumbled in shock.
"You have 5 minutes to take all your clothes out, there's no room for both of our clothes." Added Eliza smiling evily as she then gave Gerard a kiss on the neck.

Lynn looked at Gerard frowning as he was just sitting there, he didn't say a word and wasn't intending to.
"Did you hear me? You have 5 minutes, so come on, let me see your ugly ass being kicked out." Said Eliza walking to the bedroom door and opening it for her to get out.
Lynn then gazed at Eliza to see she was wearing her robe, the robe she had as a memory from her mother, she wanted to say something but she had sadness mixed with confusion and anger. This time, words were the hardest to handle.

By the look of Gerard, he was calm and careless, with empty eyes watching Eliza kick Lynn out and didn't do anything about it.
"I'll get my stuff later." Said Lynn walking out the bedroom wishing she had stayed at Frank's place when he asked her to.

On the way out the front door, Lynn was blocked by Eliza again, standing on one side of the opened door and leaning her hand on the other side as she said aggressively: "Don't ever let me see you talking to Gerard, ever! Try not to even look at him, get it?"
Lynn didn't even want anything to do with Gerard after what she just saw, she looked at Eliza and nodded quietly waiting for her to move her hand away so that she could simply get out. Eliza did move her hand, but only to have it so close to Lynn's face as she said: "Do you see that? Do you?"
Lynn looked at her frowning as Eliza added: "Do you know what that is? That's an engagement ring honey."
Lynn's eyes were wide open, it was too much for her to just see them back together, all this engagement news was another shock to her as she pushed Eliza away and went out hearing the door slam behind her.

She had to run to Frank, he was the only one to understand her, but after knocking for several minutes on his door with no answer, she finally gave up as she had no choice but to stay at Ray and Mikey's place, at least till Frank was back.

"Mikey get your freakin' hands out of it!" Ray shouted at Mikey as Lynn was walking through the door that was already open.
"Hey guys." She said trying not to look as sad as she was.
"Yay! Lynn!" Said Mikey with a large smile on his face as his hands were dipped in a big bowl full of strange looking stuff.
"Hey Lynn." Said Ray "When did you get back?" He added getting a towel for Mikey.
"Oh just now, so I thought I'd pay you guys a visit." She said sitting on the couch watching them.

"Get them out and wipe them with this" Said Ray throwing the towel at Mikey as he then walked towards Lynn and sat next to her to say: "So, you saw Eliza right?"
Lynn smiled and said: "Yeah, she was in the room when I got there."
"She put you out didn't she?" He added.
"Yeah...." She said smiling, trying to look careless then added: "How did you know?"
"She kicked Mikey out too." He added. "He was staying with you and Gerard remember?"
"Right, right." She nodded faking another smile. "Weren't you guys at an interview or something?" She added trying to simply change the subject.
"Yeah, it was over fast though, Gerard is the one who talks the most and he wasn't there." He replied.

"Uhhh, Ray?" Mikey interrupted looking helpless.
Ray turned to his left to face Mikey as he got angry and said: "Mikey what are your hands still doing in there!"
"I'm......stuck." Said Mikey smiling childishly
"What do you mean stuck?" Added Ray as he went to take a closer look at what Mikey got himself into.
"I'm....I'm glued." Added Mikey.
"How the fuck did glue get in there." Said Ray getting angrier.
Mikey: "Ummm....."
"I don't even want to know." Ray interrupted. "On the count of 3..." He added holding the bowl with Mikey's hands in it.
"What?" Said Mikey confused.
"1....2.....3!!!" Said Ray as he tried to forcefully pull the bowl away to free Mikey's hands making him scream.

"Do you guys need any help?" Said Lynn walking over to them.
"Are they still glued?" Asked Ray holding the bowl trying to check to see what's inside of it.
"YES YES!!" Shouted Mikey with pain.
"We need to get him to the hospital, we can't do this ourselves." Added Lynn looking at Mikey's hands.
"Yeah...I can see that now." Said Ray.
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