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It Never Ends.

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Waiting for their turn in the hospital, Ray was holding a magazine for Mikey to read as Lynn was sitting there lost in her own world, thinking of how nice Gerard was to her and how careless he became, it was the same thing that happened between her and her uncle, one day he was so kind, the next he became formal.
Thoughts were then interrupted by a nurse saying: "Hey Mikey! It's been a while!"
Mikey smiled as Ray added angrily: "Lasting 2 days without a visit here doesn't mean he hasn't been trying to!"
The nurse looked at Mikey smiling and added: "Come on Mikey, let's get this thing off."
Mikey stood up and as he was following her he turned to glince at Lynn and Ray with a large smile on his face.

"Man this nurse is like a huge reward for him everytime he's hurt." Said Ray watching Mikey leave.
"Aw, Mikey likes her?" Said Lynn smiling, watching them disappear as they got in one of the rooms.
"Yes, poor Tracy." Added Ray looking back at the magazine in his hands
"She seems sweet though." added Lynn grabbing an article to read and try to get her mind off Gerard.

A short moment later, Lynn's cellphone rings. Putting the magazine down, she grabbed it from the bag to look at the caller ID and see it was Gerard.
It surprised her since she thought he was trying to ignore her earlier yet now he's calling her.
She didn't know what to do, Eliza told her not to even look at him.

"Should I answer that for you?" Said Ray "Don't get me wrong, I love listening to our song play on cellphones, it's just that people around us are staring and I think I know what's on their mind."

She didn't really have to answer it, she could just push that little red button and get it over with, but she wasn't that kind of a person. Gerard might need help, he might, somehow, have some explanation for all of what happened she thought to herself as she answered:
"I need to talk to you." Gerard whispered.
"What?" Lynn replied trying to sound mad at him.
"Meet me in front of Ray's room at 4 pm." He said.
"I can't, it's 3:30 now and I'm not in the hotel." She added.
"I really need you to be there in 30 minutes Lynn, it's important." He said hanging up.

"Not supposed to talk to him my ass." She mumbled to herself thinking of what Eliza told her earlier as she put the phone back in her hand bag.
"What?" Said Ray pulling his magazine down to look at her.
"Uh, I need to go." She said standing up and getting her coat on.
"How? You're not going to wait for Mikey?" He added.
"I'm sorry, I have things to do. Bye now." She said as he nodded watching her leave.

Lynn tried to get to there as fast as possible, she really wanted to know what was going on, things have been happening so unexpectedly recently and she was seriously fed up with everything.
Meaning to sort things out again, Lynn rushed to Ray's front door to look at her watch and realise she was 15 minutes early. It gave her time to think everything over once again and think of what she had in mind for Gerard.

She had it all set as she got ready to question and lecture him to get the explanation needed when he arrives, the only problem was that the clock hit 5:00 pm and Gerard wasn't there yet.
She didn't believe he would really stand her up so she decided to wait longer hoping he'd show up yet another hour had passed and Lynn was still there, sitting on the floor, getting frustrated and feeling so empty inside. She lifted her knees up to lean her arms on them where she then rested her head. She could feel she was on the verge of complete depression and after all, even if she decided not to wait for him anymore, where would she go?

A couple of minutes later, eyes closed, trying to figure out why she was ditched this way, she hears a familiar voice saying: "Lynn, is that you?"
Lifting her head, Lynn smiled lightly, she was glad someone was finally there. It was Frank, standing there, looking at her.
"What's wrong?" He said sitting on the floor next to her. "You look so pale." He added.
"I am tired." She said weakly. "Emotionally tired." She added.
Frank wrapped an arm around her, pulling her over to him as he kissed her on the side of her head and said: "It's ok, I'm here now, you can talk to me."
She took a deep breath and said: "I'm tired of talking, I'm tired of life itself."
"Don't say that!" He said giving her another kiss on the cheeks. "Come on, I'll take you to your room." He added standing up as he then lifted her letting her hold on to him by wrapping her arms around his tatooed neck as she said: "No, I don't want to go there!"
"Where?" He said surprised. "You mean your room?"
"My room, ha, yes." She said knowing she no longer has a room.
"Would you pay Frankie a visit then?" He asked with a cute smile on his face as he turned around to go back to his room.
"Uh huh." She said "Good thing there's Frankie." She added resting her head on his shoulder.

He got her in and put her on the sofa then slipped next to her, looking at her closely and said: "So, tell me."
She looked back at him and said: "I got kicked out of my own room Frankie."
He laughed lightly then added: "Seriously, what is it, you know you can tell me anything."
"Yeah, seriously. Gerard and Eliza are back together now and she....she simply kicked me out." She added with a sad look on her face as Frank said in anger: "That bitch! What the fuck...."
"It's ok." She interrupted. "I don't care anymore."
"Care about what?" He said confused.
"Nothing, nevermind." She added.
"I'm serious. Tell me." He said.
She couldn't tell him it was Gerard she was talking about. She didn't want him to get any ideas about it but he was looking her straight in the eyes as if he knew what she had in mind but still waiting for her to say it.
"Tell me." He repeated.

"Someone's at the door." She said interrupting him.
"What?" He added frowning.
"Someone's knocking." She added pointing to the door.
"Oh." He said getting up and heading to the door to open it.

"Brian, hey, what's up." Frank said.
"Hey, is Lynn there?" Said Brian.
"Yes, she's here." Added Frank as Brian walked in to the room and said: "I've been looking all over for you two, I thought you would be back at noon but none of you was in his room by that time."
Frank: "We were back at noon but..."
"I'm kind of in a hurry here." Brian interrupted. "Here is your schedule for tomorrow." He added handing Frank some papers. Then he turned to Lynn and said: "Good to have you back Lynn." She smiled and got interrupted by Brian again as she was about to say something: "Here is tomorrow's paper works."
Lynn took the papers looking at them strangely and said: "Just that? This is half of what I used to do daily."
"I know." He said. "You will be sharing your work with Shannon, I hired her right after your uncle asked me to fire you."
"What? You can let her go now, I can do this on my own!" She said angrily.
"I'm afraid I can't do that, I'm out now. Later." He added heading to the door.

"I'm sorry honey." Said Frank "If it makes you feel any better, you'll always be my favorite!" He humorously added wrapping his arms around her again, making her smile.
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