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Is He The One?

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"Thank you Frankie!" She said looking at him. "I don't know what I would've done without you."
He looked her in the eyes and said: "Have you noticed we have the same hazel eye color?"
"Yours are prettier though." She said laughing.
"Oh, yeah, you should see how they glow when I have my tiara on!" He joked making her crack up. Then he added: "But seriously now, Lynn, I really..."
"Oh! I need to get my clothes from Gerard's place." She interrupted. "I told them I will later today." She then added standing up. She knew what Frank was about to say, she knew he wanted to tell her he liked her, she just didn't know what she wanted at that time.

"What is it with you Lynn?" He said angrily standing up. "You keep interrupting me whenever I come to say that I love you!!" He added.
"You.....Love?...Me?" She said shocked. She thought he simply liked her. She never even imagined that he might love her.
"Yeah, there! I said it!" He added heading to the kitchen.
"I...I didn't know Frankie!" She said following him.
"Seriously, have I even been nice to anyone? I mean ANYONE?!" He said looking at her angrily then added: "But abviously, you're trying to avoid all of this so fine I..."
"I love you too Frankie." She interrupted, making his eyes open really wide as she looked at them then added: "Oh, yeah, now I see you have the same hazel eyes as mine!"

Frank was calm again, more like silent, he just stood there and looked at her as she was looking back and smiling.
"Are...Are you sure?" He added softly.
"Positive!" She said, giving him a soft peck, then held his hand and said: "Let's go get me my clothes now."
He smiled looking so happy and added: "You mean this Lynn?"
"Yeah.." She said smiling gently to then drag him with her to get her stuff.

On their way there, Lynn started to think of what she had just told Frank.
She didn't know how she really felt, she wasn't actually sure if she LOVED him, after all, love is a big word for her, and she hadn't experienced it before.
But Frank has done so much for her and he seemed to be the perfect guy, he's always there and she simply didn't want to break his heart. She just didn't know what her true feelings are yet.

What if I told him I didn't love him and then found out that I do, she thought to herself.
And if I'm not IN love with him right now, I'll just learn to be. I know he's the one for me. She thought again as they finally got there and Frank knocked on the door.

"What?" Said Eliza opening the door.
Lynn pushed her away and got in. She felt strong now that she had Frank standing right behind her, she wasn't all alone, then she said: "I'm only here to get my stuff." And headed to the bedroom.

"What the fuck is this?" Said Frank staring at the ring on Eliza's finger.
"Oh, didn't he tell you yet?" She said sarcastically. "He proposed." She added smirking.
"That stupid fuck!" Said Frank getting angry, thinking of how Gerard is getting married to a huge drug dealer. "Where is he?" He added.
She smiled evily and said: "In the kitchen."

Frank hastily headed to the kitchen to see Gerard sitting there, leaning his elbows on the table and resting his head in his hands with a cup of coffee right next to
him, he didn't look so happy but it also didn't stop Frank from sayin: "Gerard! What the fuck!"
Gerard lifted his head and said: "What?"
"You're engaged to ELIZA! You stupid fuck!" Frank added.
"Yes, I am." Said Gerard.
"Why in hell are you doing this?" Said Frank getting angrier.
"Why not?" Added Gerard. "I love her."
"She's no good for you man!" Frank yelled.
"How do you know?" Added Gerard calmly.

Frank wanted to explain himself and tell him she's a drug dealing whore who couldn't possibly think of nothing but her own benefits.
But, he had already promised Lynn he won't do that so he said: "That bitch? You're getting married to a bitch?"
"My personal life is none of your business." Said Gerard as he stood up.
"Fine, man! Ruin your whole freakin' life for all I care!" Said Frank watching Gerard heading out the room leaving him behind.

Gerard got so mad hearing Frank's lectures and swearing.
He was the older, the more experienced and the one who used to give Frank the advices.
He just needed to be alone at that moment and seeing Eliza watching tv in the living room, he decided to just go straight to his bedroom.

"Lynn?" He said surprised, looking at her as she was kneeling to get to the lower drawer where she was trying to reach some of her socks.
"Gerard!!" She said looking at him. Seeing him again made her heart skip a beat. She was, somehow, happy to see him, as if she had forgotten the fact that he made her wait in the hallway for 2 hours. "I'm only here to get my stuff." She added as she stood up and looked at him. He didn't say anything back, he simply gazed in her eyes giving her the chills as he got close to her.
She thought he was finally going to say, or do something, but he simply turned around and left the rooom.
"Strange, yet typical of him." She mumbled as she went on packing.

A little while later, as she was trying to close one of her over filled bags, she heard her name again. She turned to see it was Gerard, he was back, looking at her again.
"I'm just going to get my pyjamas and I'll be on my way out." She said walking to the closet, trying to avoid his looks, but he stopper her by grabbing her arm making her turn to face him again as he said: "Here." and handed her an envelope.
"What's this?" She said holding it.
"Read the letter when you get back to your room." He said looking at her. "Only YOU read it." He added.
She could see his eyes seemed so empty...he didn't look as if he was doing well.
He then took a last look at her, letting go of her arm and left the room.

She stood there for a while, staring at the closed envelope in her hands, wondering what it might be about.

"Lynn? Are you done yet?" She heard Frank shouting to her from the other room which made her rapidly hide it in a pile of her clothes and close the bag as Frank got in and said: "Come on, let's get the fuck out of here." as he walked towards the bags to hold them for her letting her go ahead of him.

Walking to the front door, Lynn was blocked by Eliza again.
No god! Not her again! She thought to herself.
"I heard you were trying to talk to Gerard before." Said Eliza.
Lynn looked at her and didn't say anything. Eliza, somehow, made her scared now. She used to be able to make fun of her, but that was when Gerard wasn't on her side.

"Move bitch!" Said Frank loudly, standing behind Lynn with the bags in his hands, glaring at Eliza.
Eliza stepped closer to Lynn and whispered: "I'll be talking to you later." to then step away.

When they got back to Frank's, Lynn went to the bedroom and began to unpack as she started thinking and comparing how Gerard gets her into problems and Frank gets her out. How he makes her sad and Frank manages to cheer her up.
If I want to take it logically, Frank is the one I need, she thought to herself. Even though it feels different when Gerard is around but I'm sticking to Frank, I won't hurt him, no. She went on thinking this way, putting her clothes next to Frank's in the closet until Gerard's letter showed up. She held it and stared at it again.
What would he have to say? She wondered. Reading it might change everything while I'm actually settling down with Frank now. I shouldn't read it should I?

Her thoughts were later interrupted by Frank shouting from the kitchen: "Lynn! I made us a delicious dinner. Come! I'll help you unpack later."
"A quiet, problem free evening." She mumbled smiling as she then put the letter in the back of the drawer deciding never to open it as she stood up and ran to Frank's.
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