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Constant 'Fights' Back With Eliza.

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Night went good. Dinner, then a movie after another, until both of them fell asleep on the couch.

Next day, Lynn wakes up at the sound of Frank arguing with Bob. She could feel her headache getting stronger for watching too much tv yesterday, and for actually sleeping on the couch all night, but she still couldn't help overhearing their conversation from the other room:

"What the hell were you thinking?" Frank was loudly lecturing Bob.
"Fuck it man, just leave me alone." Replied Bob walking to the living room.
"I don't understand what the hell is wrong with you people these days." Said Frank as he followed Bob.

"Hey guys." Said Lynn beaming as the argument suddenly stopped. She could see Frank looked somewhat mad and bothered.

"Is something wrong?" She added.

Frank smiled stepping next to her and said: "No sweetie, you should go change, we are late already."
She knew something was wrong since they were just yelling but she decided to ignore it and said: "Ok, you can go ahead before me and tell them I'll be right down."
"Yeah, I'm off." Said Bob as he stormed out.

Lynn got herself ready, got the papers she needed and headed to the door to see that Frank was still in the hallway, leaning on the wall, waiting for her.

"Hey, you waited!" She said getting out and closing the door behind her.
He stepped to her putting an arm around her shoulders and said: "Sorry sweetie." then kissed her forehead.
"Why are you sorry?" She asked laughing lightly.
"We were arguing." He added grinning.
"Oh come on!" She said. "Let's go now." She added walking away, dragging him with her.

As they got to the parking lot, everyone was there, even Eliza.
"What to you so long, hop in we don't have all day." Said Brian passing by, busy talking on the phone.

Everyone got in the limo, Lynn was feeling really uncomfortable around Eliza and her whispers with Gerard and his quick glances at her.
The only thing that kept her going was knowing that Frank was right next to her, always there for her.

On the other side of her was Mikey, he had this smiley expressions written all over his face as he turned to face her and said: "So, guess what!"
"Not another experiment gone bad!" Said Lynn giggling.
Mikey shook his head grinning as Ray, sitting right across them, said: "Mikey got himself a date!"
Lynn beamed and said: "That Tracy nurse?"
Mikey nodded proudly. He was about to add something but Eliza beat him to say sarcastically: "Yeah, we get it, you got your pretty little date. Geez, how old are you? 8?"To then crack up at her own joke.

That made Lynn really angry, she could understand Eliza didn't like her, but it didn't explain her being mean to Mikey. Mikey was really sweet as far as she knew, he never harmed her in any way.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Said Frank angrily. "Can't you stand anyone being happy? Is it like a need for you to mess up everything?" He added glaring at her.
Eliza didn't reply, she never seemed to say anything back to Frank when he insults her, instead, she poked Gerard as he said: "Shut up Frank, let it go."
"Let it go? The way you let go of every freanking thing?" Said Frank with his tone getting higher.
"She was just joking around, what the fuck is the big deal." Added Gerard frowning.
"She made fun of your own brother you idiot!" Frank replied getting angrier to be then interrupted by Bob: "Shut up both of you, let's get the fuck out, we got to the studio."
After that, everyone was quiet, all the way up to the studio.

"Ok, the equipments are in there." Said Brian pointing at where the instruments were.
"Lynn, you have an office right there." Added Brian showing her the door leading to her office.
"Oh, great, an office!" She mumbled in disappointment as Frank approached her and said: "I'll see you after work honey." Then kissed her tenderly.
She nodded smiling, she could see Gerard noticed the kiss Frank gave her and looked annoyed as they afterwards, along with Eliza, went to the room across hers.

"Well, at least I'll be going to concerts later." She mumbled as she walked in her office.
It was a normal one with a desk, a chair and a small library. Just what she was afraid of...Another office!
As she settled herself on the chair behind the desk, she started wondering if this was what she really wanted.
This whole MCR experience didn't turn out to be what she expected, not that she wasn't happy, she just felt like something was missing.

A few minutes later, Lynn's work was interrupted by the door opening violently as Gerard walked in.
He glared at her with a red face as he said: "What the hell was that all about?"
Lynn frowned and said: "What?"
"This whole kissing thing with Frank?" He added getting on her side of the desk.
"What does this have to do with you?" She said.
"Did you read the letter?" Gerard added staring at her.
"No." She replied lowering her tone, trying to look away.
"Good!" He said. "I need it back."
"You give me a letter then you ask to have it back?" She added looking at him in confusion.
"I want to make sure you never read it!" He added.
"Don't worry, I threw it away." She said, knowing that it came out mean yet unconsciously.

"What's going on?" Said Frank walking in. "Why are you here?" He added looking at Gerard.
"I had a fucking question, do you mind?" Replied Gerard angrily.
"What fucking question?" Said Frank. "We're starting now, so let's go." He then added glaring at Gerard.
Gerard took a last mad look at Lynn then went on his way out, followed by Frank.

"Close the door please!" She shouted, but none of them heard her, she had to get up and do it herself.
On the way back to her desk, the door was opened again making her turn around and say irritatedly: "What now!"
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bother." Said the person. "Is this the financial advisor's office?"
Lynn nodded staring at that person coming in smiling who then said: "Cool, I'm shannon, I'm the new finan..."
"Oh, yes, I know." Interrupted Lynn.
"I'm sorry did I come in a bad time?" Said Shannon.
Lynn smirked wanting to scream saying a YES but she said: "No, not at all. So I guess we'll even be sharing the office."
"Yes! This is going to be so fun!" Said Shannon putting her papers on the desk to then sit in Lynn's chair.
"Fun...Yeah...." Mumbled Lynn in a sad tone.
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