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"Did you see how cute Gerard looks with this new hair cut?" Said Shannon spreading her papers on the desk.
"What?...Oh, yeah." Said Lynn as she sat next to her. Thoughts dragged her to her own world again. What just happened between her and Gerard was confusing her.

What could he be mad at her for? She kept wondering. Could it be the no dating people you work with policy? Is she breaking the rules by being with Frank?

"So, you were working here before I did, right?" Asked Shannon interrupting her thoughts.
"Yeah..." Lynn simply replied.
"Weren't you away for a while?" Shannon kept questionning.
"Yes, yes...I was." Said Lynn as she held her pen trying to start with her work.
"Oh, because I was wondering why Gerard was arguing with the manager about who this job should go to when I got there." Explained Shannon to then start concentrating on work too.
"Really?" Lynn then interrupted. "What did he say?"
"He was talking about someone called Lynn." Shannon said.
"Yeah, and?" Added Lynn smiling excitedly thinking Gerard at least TRIED to get her back here.
"Nothing, just that he didn't want her to come here I guess." Said Shannon making Lynn's eyes open wide as her smile then faded away.
"Oh." Lynn said looking down at her papers.
Shannon then looked closely at Lynn noticing her now sad face and said: "You're Lynn aren't you?"
"Enough time wasted, let's go back to work." Said Lynn pretending to concentrate again.

She felt somewhat hurt, he didn't want her back...Does he hate her? What has she ever done to him but help him get out of trouble? Could he have used her to get himself the money?
She felt so down, but looking at Shannon who was so into analizing and calculating numbers she finally decided to let go of thinking of Gerard and do the same.

3 hours of non stop work passed as both, Lynn and Shannon, had finished their first set of paper works.
"I haven't worked this hard since.....EVER" Said Lynn stretching, feeling good about herself, she finally did something as Shannon laughed and added: "You mean you didn't work as much when you were here before?"
Lynn shook her head smiling then said: "You must be a good influence."
Shannon laughed again saying: "Yeah, I'm a hard worker!"

As Lynn then went on organizing the papers putting them back in the folders, Shannon asked: "Shouldn't we be giving them to Brian now?"
"Right" Said Lynn. "Can you?" She added trying to hand Shannon the folders.
"Oh no, I'm not going in there all alone. First time I met them, I couldn't get the word 'hello' out of me." Replied Shannon making Lynn laugh then say: "Fine, I will."

As she got to the hallway, Lynn spotted a man passing by her, trying to cover his face which made her suspicious as she watched him go.
She could see he was wearing one of those long gray coats. She knew someone who wore those coats.
"Uncle?" She said thinking her uncle has one just like it.
The man didn't answer yet he kept walking.
"Stan?" She added following him as he speeded towards the elevator.
"STANLY!" She yelled making him finally turn.
"Hello pumpkin!" Said Stan as he then pushed the 'Down' button.
"What are you doing here uncle?" She asked wondering.
"Oh I was just dropping by to say hi to Brian, he's an old friend you know." He said as the elevator was on his way up to their floor.
"You flew all the way here to say hi to Brian?" She added confused.
"I also wanted to see if you were working well." He said as the elevator's door opened.
"You could've called!" She said getting more confused.
Stan got in, pressing the 'main floor' button to eventually turn to Lynn and say: "Go back to work Lynn, make me proud." As the door finally closed.

Was he spying on me? She wondered going back.
When she got there, she stood by the door and looked in.
To the left was Mikey playing with the camera, trying to take pictures of Bob who was swearing at him and telling him to stop.
Then in the back of the room she could see Gerard, with a cup of coffee in one hand as he was gesturing each level of the notes with the other, looking at the paper held by Ray standing right next to him with Frank.

"Looks like you guys are on a break!" She said walking in.
Mikey, taking a pitcure of her, added: "Yup! 15 minutes break."

"Hey hun." Said Frank kissing her. "Want some?" He added with a bag of skittles in his hands.
"Um, no thanks." She said. "I'm looking for Brian. Does anyone know where he is?"
"Uh, I saw him leave like an hour ago." Replied Ray.

"What do you want from him?" Said Eliza walking in.
"How the fuck does she do that!" Said Frank shocked.
"Shut up Frank." Added Gerard.
"I swear man it's like, she disappears and then pops in out of nowhere I don't understand..." Frank then mumbled to Ray making him laugh lightly.

"Look, I'm only here to give these to Brian." Said Lynn.
"I'll give it to him." Added Eliza trying to take the papers from Lynn to then fail as Frank beat her to it saying: "You just cut hair, that's all we want you to do."
Eliza glared at Frank but didn't say anything. Instead, she just wrapped her arms around Gerard smirking to Lynn and started smooching him thinking, this way, she can annoy her by making her jealous.
Lynn was actually irritated, somehow, but she just ignored it as she kissed Frank goodbye and headed to the door.

Walking out the room, she bumped into Brian walking in and said: "Brian! We finished the first set! I left it with Frank for you."
"Good job Shannon." He said.
"Lynn." She corrected.
"Right." He added trying to walk in to be then blocked by her as she added: "Listen, I'm sorry about Stan wanting to check on my work today."
"Who?" Brian exclaimed.
"Stan." She said, paused to see he was still staring at her, then added: "MY UNCLE? Stanly??"
"Oh." Said Brian. "He called?"
"He was just with you!" Added Lynn getting annoyed.
"I haven't seen him it's been a month." He said. "Lynn, are you ok?" He added looking at her closely as she was looking all surprised and confused...Her uncle lied to her?
"Uh, yeah...I guess." She said walking away letting him finally get in.

As she got back, she was busy thinking, trying to find an answer to everythng or at least something that's happened lately but somehow, she couldn't. It was all so confusing it almost gave her a headache.
She then decided to ignore it and distract herself by starting with the second half of the papers they had to do.
And so it happened, she worked with Shannon for another 3 hours until they were both too exhausted to continue.

"Whose room do you stay in?" Lynn asked as they were getting ready to go back to the hotel.
"Oh, my place is near the hotel so when you guys go back to the hotel I just go home." Said Shannon. "Unless when we're on tour ofcourse." She added.
"Oh, ok." Said Lynn as she finished getting everything in place.

"And heeere I come to get my laaady!" Said Frank humorously, speeding in and beaming widely showing his teeth.
"Someone looks happy to have finished work today." Said Lynn smiling, looking at him as she then finally realised what he was about to do.
"No! No, I can walk! Seriously!" She screamed laughing.
"Since when did I care?" Added Frank grinning as he carried her and headed to the door.
"Shannon please get me my bag with you will you?" Lynn yelled to Shannon as she was being carried away by Frank.
Shannon laughed nodding as she held both of their bags and followed them

"Here are your stuff." Said Shannon handing the bag to Lynn when they got to the parking lot as Frank had finally put her down.
"Oh, thank you." Said Lynn taking it. "Sorry you had to carry it all the way down for me, but Frankie wouldn't listen..." Added Lynn.
"It's ok, it was cute." Said Shannon smiling. "Oh, before I forget, here." She added handing Lynn a folded paper.
"What's this?" Asked Lynn.
"Oh when I was following you I looked behind me and saw it on the floor so I think it fell off of your bag." Shannon explained.

I didn't have any papers in my bag Lynn thought to herself opening it to see it was kind of a bill saying that an amount of money was transfered to Stan's account, with his and someone else's signatures on it. It must have fell from him when he was leaving...Lynn thought.

"Well, I better go home now." Said Shannon.
"What? Aren't you coming with us?" Added Lynn.
"I have my own place near the hotel remember?" Shannon said laughing lightly.
"Oh, right. I'm sorry I'm just a little tired." Said Lynn.
"It's ok, it was really nice meeting you." Added Shannon smiling.
"Yeah, me too." Said Lynn watching her leave.

Back at the hotel, Lynn got in and lay on the bed thinking and staring at her uncle's paper with Frank next to her.
"What's that?" He asked looking at the paper.
"Nothing." She said smiling.
"Hey! What are you doing with Eliza's stuff!" He added.
"What Eliza's stuff?" She asked frowning.
Frank gazed into the paper more and said: "Isn't that Eliza's signature right there?"
"Yes, it is." He then confirmed looking closely at it.

Eliza and Stan signing it? I don't get it! Lynn started wondering.
"I'm so fucking tired." Said Frank closing his eyes.
"Go to sleep then." She said pecking him. "I'm going to make me some hot cocoa cause I can't sleep right now." She added getting off the bed.

As she did her cocoa and sat in front of the tv, she couldn't get her mind off of all the confusing things that happened with her today. Gerard not wanting her back, her uncle showing up at her work place, Brian denying the fact that he was with Stan, the bill with the signatures, Gerard wanting his letter back...
"Wait." She mumbled to herself
Gerard's letter....It might have some explanation in it....She wondered heading to the bedroom to get it.
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