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"Lynn!" Exclaimed Frank as she walked in the bedroom heading to the drawer.
"FRANK!." She said turning to face him.
"Are you on the phone?" She added frowning.

"I have to go now. I'll talk to you later." Said Frank talking on the phone. "Yes, yes, promise. Bye." He added as he finally hung up.
"Who was that?" Said Lynn.
"Uh, Bob." Said Frank.
"Bob? Why is he calling at this time? It's almost midnight." Said Lynn suspiciously.
"He's spending the night out so he called to tell us not to wait up for him." Said Frank. "I want some of your cocoa, where is it?" He added changing the subject.
"I thought you were tired and wanted to sleep." Said Lynn.
"Come crash next to me then!" Said Frank opening his arms inviting her in.
Lynn looked at the drawer then back at Frank. She couldn't get the letter out since Frank is awake. Gerard specifically told her not to let anyone else see it. Not that she would lie to Frank, but she wanted to do what Gerard said so she just surrendered jumping in bed next to him.

Time had passed, it was after midnight and Lynn was still awake, turning her back to Frank yet surronded by his arms. She could feel him breathing behind her.
It made her start thinking of how good he is with her, she remembered when he told her that she could trust him with anything.
He already knows about the drug deal, it woulnd't harm if I asked his help with the letter and all, would it? She thought to herself to be then interrupted as he moved his hand gently and changed positions.
"Frank?" She whispered softly.
"Hmm?" He replied.
"Are you awake?" She said. "Frankie?" She added with no answer. He fell back asleep.

I miss the night whispers with Gee, she thought to herself trying to force herself to sleep thinking it was late enough.

The next day, Lynn opened her eyes to realise Frank was no longer in bed. It was quiet, she couldn't hear a sound as if no one was there. She reached for her cellphone and looked at the time to see she was about 2 hours late for work.

"oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" She repeated hastily jumping out of bed and to the bathroom to get herself ready.

Simple jeans and a black top should do it as she was already too late she didn't have time to get dressed properly.
She ran to the living room and found a note from Frank that said: "You looked so calm, I didn't want to wake you up so we went ahead of you."
"BUT I'M 2 HOURS LATE NOW!" She screamed getting all the papers she could find in her way, the ones she needed and the ones she didn't. She had no time to organize and choose, she had to rush to the office.

As she got out to the hallway, she tried to rapidly get the keys out of her pocket to lock the door behind her as she had piles of papers that were about to drop in one hand and her bag in the other.
The key was finally out but she failed to hold on to it as she had many other things to hold too.

"Thank you." She said to the man picking her keys up for her.
"Gerard!" She exclaimed shocked as she looked at him. "Aren't you supposed to be at the studio right now?" She added.
"I just got back to get some stuff we forgot here." Gerard said as she was busy trying to lock the door. "You're late." He added formally to then go on his way.
"Wait!" She shouted running after him. "I need to talk to you!" She added.
He turned and looked at her with empty eyes, waiting for her to go on.
Lynn then looked at him closely, she could see something was different about him, he looked the way he was when she first met him.
"Wait, what's wrong?" She said frowning.
"Don't trust anyone Lynn." Gerard said. "Now go away." He added as he turned to leave.
"GERARD!" She shouted getting mad as he didn't reply.
He's leaving me behind! He's doing it again! He told me to go away! He's going to keep doing this to me! She thought to herself as a rush of angry yet sad emotions were overwhelming her.
"I hate you Gerard!" She finally yelled to him, making him glince at her as he was walking away.

She wasn't so happy saying that but she just had to let something out. She's been nice to him ever since she got there and all he was is mean.
What have I done, I don't really hate him Lynn started thinking again as she was finding her way out of the hotel, he just obliged it to come out.

15 minutes later, Lynn got to the destined place.
"I'm so fired." She mumbled to herself walking in the building.
As she got to their floor, she could see Brian standing in front of her office door talking to Shannon at the end of the hallway.
"Shit, shit, shit.." She mumbled again walking up to them.
She didn't want to face what was going to happen with her, she started hesitating, whether she should let him see her and fire her or just turn away and leave, avoiding it all.

So close from simply running away, Brian spotted her and said: "LYNN!"
"I can explain Brian, just let me tell you what happened first." She said trying not to get herself fired.
"You need to see a doctor about that you know?" Added Brian passing by her as his phone started to ring. "Now go back to work." He added as he answered it rushing his way out.

Lynn didn't get it instead, she just stood there looking at Shannon who was still outside the office door, looking back at her.

"What just happened?" Said Lynn in confusion.
"I'm sorry." Said Shannon. "He kept asking about you and I had no excuse but to tell him that..."
"That what?" Lynn exclaimed
"Diarrhea." Added Shannon lowering her tone. "That, that you were in the toilet all this time." She explained looking down.
"Oh my god thank you!" Said Lynn hugging her.
"Wow! That was unexpected." Said Shannon hugging back surprised. "I'm, I'm a terrible liar!"
"Are you kidding me! You just saved my ass!" Said Lynn smiling. "I owe you big time!" She added as she walked in the office followed by Shannon.

"I have to be working super fast now though." She said looking at the amount of stuff she had to deal with.
"I kind of did some of your work along with mine." Said Shannon taking Lynn's stuff from her as she was still struggling to hold them.
"But Brian was just telling me that the tour starts in 2 days, we have a lot of work today." She added putting the papers on the table.
"Oh." Said Lynn. "We need to set up everyone's allowed expenses then."
"I know, easy but long so Let's get to work!" Said Shannon taking her seat as Lynn did the same.

Work went good but they had so much to do that they still needed a couple of hours to finish as Mikey, passing by the office door, peeked in then said: "We're leaving hurry!"
"Oh no." Said Shannon. "We're not done yet."
"It's ok, we'll finish it at the hotel." Added Lynn.
"What! Me? In the limo with you guys? Then in your hotel room?" Said Shannon with eyes wide open.
"Actually, it's me, Frank's and Bob's room but still..." Said Lynn gathering the papers they needed.
"I...I can't." Said Shannon nervously "I mean, I look like a mess, they can't see me like that, and...and how am I going to get home in the dark when I'm done. No!"
"Ok, first of all, there's going to be me and Frankie and he'll probably go straight to bed, second, you can crash with us since Bob hasn't been spending the night in it's been a couple of days." Said Lynn beaming as she got off the chair and got her stuff.
"I don't know Lynn..." Said Shannon confused.
"Oh come on!" Said Lynn pulling her out her seat. "It's going to be fun. We'll spend the next day out shopping, since tomorrow's a holiday." She then added.
"I'm not sure Lynn." Said Shannon, still thinking it over.
"Let me make it up to you. You saved me from getting fired today. Please?" Added Lynn smiling making Shannon smile back agreeing to stay with her.

All the way back to the hotel, Shannon didn't say a word.
Letting go of the fact that she was a nice yet shy girl, being around them just made her nervous.
When everyone got to their rooms, Lynn walked in with Shannon and Frank to theirs.
"Voila!" Said Lynn smiling to Shannon. "This is where mr Iero and mr Bryar stay." She added as she threw her stuff on the sofa.
"Not to mention mrs Iero." Added Frank grinning.
"Oh, shut up Frank. Go to bed." Said Lynn laughing.
"Nooo! Nobody orders mr Frank Iero this way!" Said Frank humorously. "Not even mrs Iero!" He added attacking her making her fall on the sofa and start tickling her.

"Stop! Stop! We have company!" Said Lynn cracking up, punching him trying to make him stop.
"Is that all you can do?" Said Frank as he was on top of her tickling even more. "I can almost tell you're caressing rather than punching." He added.
"I...Can't....Breath!!" Said Lynn laughing even harder.
"What? I can't hear you!" Frank added "Did you say please?"

Shannon was standing right there, still holding her stuff, watching them. She couldn't help but laugh too, it kind of helped release the tension she was feeling for just being around My Chemical Romance members.

"Pl--eaa--see!" Lynn tried to shout.
"Say please Frankie I love you!" He added laughing with her.
Lynn couldn't say it...She didn't know if it was because the sentence looked too long for her to say as she was laughing too hard or because she just couldn't.
"G--Get--Offff!!" She then managed to say as he stopped.
"That's just because I can hear the phone ringing in the bedroom." He said getting off of her.
"Thank you phone!" Added Lynn smiling, getting her breath back.
"Don't think you got away with it that easy. I'll be back!" Added Frank heading to the bedroom.

"That was cute you guys." Said Shannon in a low tone as she stepped next to Lynn.
Lynn sat back on the couch beaming lightly.
"Frank is so adorable!" Said Shannon. "Oh, but don't tell him I said that!" She then added.
Lynn nodded looking at her and said laughing lightly: "Why are you still holding your stuff? Table's right there."
"Oh, I'm sorry." Said Shannon placing her bag on the table. "Let's get started then."
"Come on!" Added Lynn. "Let's have some rest first!"
"We'll get this over with then have our rest." Said Shannon getting the papers out.
"Fine..." Said Lynn getting off the couch. "You somehow make me get my work done." She added joining her on the table.
"I'm glad I can do that." Said Shannon putting on her glasses.

The girls worked for another 2 hours, until they got every member's papers done.
"Gosh I'm exhausted." Said Lynn resting her head on the table.
"Are we going to see them tomorrow?" Asked Shannon. "We need to give everyone his papers before we go on the tour." She added making Lynn sit back to say: "Tomorrow's a holiday."
"That's exactly why I'm asking. We might not get together since we won't be working together." Explained Shannon.
"We can give it to them today then." Said Lynn.
"Yes, we should." Added Shannon sliding the papers to Lynn's side of the table.
Lynn looked at them to then look at Shannon and say: "What?"
"Go give them the papers." Shanno replied.
"Nooo!" Said Lynn looking at Shannon tiredly.
"You really think I'll be able to do it? This means talking to them, and you know what happens when I try to talk to them." Said Shannon.

Lynn took a moment to think. Even though she was tired, she could still go to each one's room and give them a paper, it will take her about 5 minutes.
But the thing she was avoiding is going to Gerard and Eliza's place. She didn't really want to face him after she told him she hated him, even though she didn't mean it.

"Fine, I'll tell Frank to do it then." She added heading to the bedroom to then get back and say: "He's asleep."
"Then..." Said Shannon.
"I guess I have no choice." Said Lynn getting the papers needed.
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