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Note: Sometimes I update 2 or more chapters in a row...So you may want to check the ones before the last that you wouldn't be skipping any =)

"Wish me luck!" Lynn said getting ready.
"Why?" Replied Shannon unaware of the whole Eliza and Gerard matter.
"Nevermind." Added Lynn walking out.

Even though Gerard's room was the closest, she just avoided it, heading directly Ray and Mikey's.

"Hey Lynn!" Said Ray opening the door. "Is something wrong? It's almost midnight!" He added.
"No I just wanted to give you guys some papers for the tour." She said walking in.
"Oh, those allowed expenses stuff." Added Ray taking his paper to then start reading it.
"Yup." Replied Lynn. "Where's Mik..."
"Lynn!" Interrupted Mikey walking in then giving her a hug.
"Hey you!" Said Lynn "Here you go."
"Tour stuff?" Asked Mikey taking his papers.
"Yeah, and they are not to be put on fire! They are valuable!" Said Lynn smiling.
"I know." Added Mikey.
"Lynn, my darling." Said Ray wrapping an arm around her to gesture with the second saying: "Look around you, the room is clean, Mikey is neat, no weird smells and most importantly I'm not shouting and yelling...Mikey there, has stopped his little games."
Lynn laughed turning to Mikey and said: "So no more explosions?"
"No, but I'd like to try one last one on Eliza." Mikey said making Lynn crack up.
"You probably think he's joking." Added Ray. "But he tried to attack her when she was passing by a couple of minutes ago." He explained. "But I manage to hold him back."
"She was passing by, you mean she was leaving?" Asked Lynn.
"Yes, I don't understand why would she be going out at 12 am." Said Ray.

"Well if she's out then I better go to Gerard's right now." Said Lynn walking out. "Since I'm planning on getting out alive." She mumbled to herself as she got to the hallway.

Ok, he thinks I hate him, Lynn started thinking on the way to his room. Maybe he doesn't want to see me now...Or he simply just doesn't care...Typical of him anyways, he never did. I can't face him now though.

She stood in front of this door and started having flashbacks of when she was coming back from her uncle's place excited to meet him to then find him with Eliza.
How heart broken she was then.

I can't do this, I'm sure he wouldn't want to see the sight of me right now...Thoughts started rushing through her mind again as she was still standing there with the papers in hand.
I'll just slip it from under the door and go back to my room, she finally decided.

Lynn then knelt to pass the papers, she held on to the door as it opened wide.
"Shit." She mumbled in a low tone quickly standing up..I didn't even knock and he knew I was out there she thought to herself trying to straighten up and face him.

As she finally looked at the door, she realised no one was there. It wasn't Gerard who opened it, it was already left unlocked.

She stood there again, staring at the empty living room.
It was dark, so quiet and motionless in there that Lynn couldn't keep herself from coming in, it got too interesting for her to just turn her back and leave.

"Gerard?" She said loudly going to the kitchen.
It looked really messy, unlike when she was living with him.
She could see loads of unwashed dishes in the sink, spoons lying everywhere, sauce drops on the table and chairs, even some cigarette ashes on the floor.
That Eliza sure knows how to tidy a place up Lynn thought to herself heading to the bedroom.
"Gerard?" She repeated. "Are you there?" She said walking in to see nobody was there.

So nobody's home and I better get out of here before Eliza comes back Lynn finally concluded placing the papers on the living room's coffee table.

On her way out, she heard noise inside...Lynn frowned at first, thinking she just checked the whole suite to find nobody there.

As she got to the door, she heard a sound again, it was more like a groan.
"Shit, the bathroom." She exclaimed as she remembered she still had the bathroom to check, rushing her way back in.

Heading to the bathroom, Lynn stood a couple of feet away from its door.
It was half open and from where she was standing, she couldn't see anyone in there.
The lights were on which made her suspect someone's presence.

She then slowly stepped closer to the door to take a better look before she decides to go in.
Those little red drops, forming on the bathroom tiles, it made her heart skip a beat as she unconsciously yet violently pushed the door wide open.

"Gerard! NO! Let go!" She screamed trying to take away what was in his hands.

He was there, on the toilet seat, with small cuts on his hand.

"Aw! Give it to me Gerard!" Lynn yelled as she was fighting him over that sharp, pointed object.
"Just go!!" Gerard said as she finally succeeded to take the knife away from him.
"Show me!" She said loudly kneeling next to him, pulling his hands towards her to see how serious it looked.

Tears started rolling down her eyes as she looked at his bloody hand. She could still feel how soft his skin is as she was holding his hand while he eventually gave in to her.

"Why, Gerard?" She then asked looking at him sadly.
"For you, Lynn." He said in pain.

She didn't really get what he meant by that, she was just too worried about him that she reached a first aid box from under the sink to open it and try to stop the bleeding.

"Don't hate me, Lynn. You need to leave now" Gerard struggled to say feeling severly hurt as she was trying to clean up his cuts to finally cover them.
"I'm so sorry Gerard, I didn't mean what I said before, I don't hate you." She looked up at him crying.

Gerard then lifted his injured hand wiping off her tears. He was about to add something but the sound of the front door being ragely opened interrupted.
Lynn's eyes got wide open as she said: "Oh my god, Eliza's back."
"No." Gerard said. "Those are her people." He added in pain.
"Her people?" Said Lynn as she started to feel her heart beating faster each second. "That explains why she left the front door open."

Even though she felt paralyzed, her fear of Eliza's 'people' got her to rush to the bathroom door and lock it to then lean on it breathing heavily from anxiety.

"She found out about the letter." Gerard said in discomfort.
"How?" Lynn asked in a really low tone.
"She read it." He added.

But the letter was in the back of my drawer, it was hidden, how did Eliza get to it? Lynn started wondering.
She didn't add a word after that, not even tried to move as she heard them walking in the suite, slamming the doors open moving from one room to another.
She hoped they would miss the bathroom and think no one is home, just as she almost did earlier, to eventually leave.

A couple of minutes later, silence roamed the place. Lynn could hear her own breath, she finally started breathing normally, they had left.
Or at least that was what she thought, until she heard their footsteps getting closer and closer to their way.
They know we're here, she thought to herself getting so scared that she moved away from the door and rushed her way to sit next to Gerard.
He put his arms around her and whispered: "I'll kill myself to protect you."
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