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Unexpectedly, Him.

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Lynn started trembling at the sound of the footsteps getting closer.

"What are they going to do to us?" She whispered to Gerard.
"I won't let them touch you." He whispered back firmly as those footsteps then muted.

Gerard gently yet silently got Lynn to get in the bathtub.
"What's going on Gee?" She whispered in fear.
"Shhhh." He replied helping her sit.

They both knew that those 'people' were standing right at the other end of the door as the door knob started turning from left to right.
They tried to get in but Lynn had already locked it.

"Close your eyes." Said Gerard softly.
"Why? What's going to happen?" Whispered Lynn with a trembling voice.
But then again, she was so scared and helpless that she decided to do what he had told her so her eyes went shut, but that didn't prevent the tears from dropping down.

"Do you hate me, Lynn?" Asked Gerard as if it was the only thing he wanted to know, careless of the situation he's going through.
"No Gee." She replied back. She would've added to that explaining herself but this awful sensation of fear was making it hard enough for her to breathe.

"Stay here." He whispered to her ear.
Her eyes were always closed as she felt him move away his arms.
"Where are you going?" She whispered back "Don't leave me." She added scared.
"I'll be back." He said as he closed the tub's curtains to then walk away.

Her eyes were shut the whole time, she just sat there, her hands on her knees where she hid her head.
She could hear him open the bathroom door. Her tears started pouring out heavier than ever, she was crying so hard yet so silently

Covering her ears, wishing everything to be, somehow, over...
I don't want to see them, I don't want to hear them when they come and get me, was the last thought that hit her mind before it all went blurry.

Tears dropping down with no sound, heartache killing her on the inside, swet forming on her skin as she could feel the heat getting higher.
It was as if she was waiting for 'death' itself.

She stayed there for a while, in the same position, didn't move a bit, still waiting for anything to happen.
The dark colour covering her sight as her eyes were closed suddenly went lighter to be then followed by a breeze of air hitting her face: the curtains were opened.

"Lynn?" A voice came from above making her finally open her eyes to look up.
With eyes all red and hair all over her face, she was still able to recognize Frank's figure standing there looking all worried.
"Honey, what's wrong?" Said Frank. "Why are you in the bathtub?" He added.

"Frank." Lynn said trying to get out.
"Yeah sweetie." He replied giving her a hand.
"Frank." She repeated looking all lost.
"I'm here sweetie." He added.

She looked around her, peeking in the living room to see nobody was there.
"Where's Gerard?" She asked through her tears. "What happened to him?" She added longing for an answer.
"I haven't seen him honey." Said Frank. "What's wrong?"

She was dragged into her own world of thoughts again: Is he okay? Why did this have to happen. Eliza sent those men to get him now how is he ever going to get out of this.
It's all my fault, I should've done something, but they were too many.
I could tell, by each breath they were taking outside this bathroom door, how eager they were to the act of evil.
Why did he do this? She kept asking herself.
We could've stayed in here together, waited for someone to get here.
Instead, he hid me and revealed himself, so that they would take him and stop their search in the bathroom to find me.
He risked his life for me.
He killed himself to protect me. She realised what he had said earlier.

"I don't understand!" Lynn unconsciously yelled as Frank wrapped his arms around her, trying to comfort her but she just couldn't feel him next to her, a simple hug couldn't make her feel better this time.

The letter hit Lynn's mind again. It should have something that helps in it. After all, it was the cause of all of this mess that's happened now. Lynn thought, freeing herself from Frank's arms to run to her room, making him go after her.

"I was so worried about you!" Said Shannon who was still waiting, as she spotted Lynn coming in.
Lynn didn't reply, she didn't even look at her, she just had to find her way straight to where that letter was.
"I thought you took too long to get back so I woke Frank up to go look for you if that's ok." Added Shannon following her to the bedroom.

"NO!!" Screamed Lynn, kneeling next to the open drawer, trying to look in harder.
"What? Oh, oh it wasn't ok? I shouldn't have woken him up I'm sorry." Said Shannon obliviously.
"Where the hell is it!" Lynn exclaimed trying to get everything out of that drawer hoping she'd finally find it.

He didn't die did he? She started wondering again as she sat on the floor giving up to finding the letter. Where could he be? I should do something.

"Lynn, wait!" Said Frank rushing his way in.
She looked up at him thinking....Maybe I should tell him, he already knows enough, he can help me with this, Frank is a dear.

"Frank." She then said standing up, deciding to tell him everything, just as she's used to.
"I can explain, Lynn." He added.

Lynn frowned at the shocking sentence he had just said, she took a close look at him thinking..He can explain what? Is there something he knows that I don't?
This made her suspicious as she started to feel the anger grow inside of her.

"I'm sorry." Frank apologized.
"Come." He added taking her hand to lead her to the living room.
"Don't touch me!" She said firmly, moving her hand away.
"Gerard told me not to trust anybody." She added aggressively as she remembered what he had told her when she ran into him in the hallway earlier today.
"But, you???" She said in disappointment.

"Lynn..." Frank added, sadly giving up as he watched her walk out.
"She doesn't get it..." He then mumbled to himself.
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