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The Letter.

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"Shit, Shannon." Mumbled Lynn to herself as she remembered she had left Shannon in the room.

"Shannon, let's go." Said Lynn getting back in the bedroom.
"Where?" Asked Shannon.

"Lynn." Said Frank looking at her gently trying to hold her hand.
"I said don't touch me." Added Lynn "Now, let's go Shannon."

Shannon just stood there, she didn't know what she should do.
"We have nowhere to go." She finally decided to say.

"I am on your side Lynn!" Interrupted Frank, blocking her way.
"Move." Said Lynn firmly, looking down.
"Look at me!" Added Frank.
"Just move!" Repeated Lynn trying to get out again.
"I have your letter Lynn." He then said making her finally look in his eyes. "Listen, I didn't mean to show it to Eliza but..."
"Give me the letter!" She said loudly, interrupting him.
"Let me explain myself." Added Frank.
"Give me the letter damn it!" Said Lynn getting angry.

Frank then looked in her eyes to see how serious she was, he could tell that she didn't want to hear his explanation, she didn't want to know what was going on in his mind, because at that moment, only Gerard seemed to matter for her.

"I'll go get it." He then said formally as he went on his way.

Lynn sat on the bed, waiting for him, trying to relax as Shannon joined her looking at her closely and said: "You don't look so good, what's going on?"
"I'd tell you if I knew." Added Lynn.
"He has no right to steal my stuff like that." She then mumbled, stressfully running her hand through her hair to get it off of her face.
"You mean the letter?" Asked Shannon.
"Yes, the damn letter." Added Lynn. "It got us through enough trouble already."
"Eliza?" Asked Shannon.
"Yes." Replied Lynn. "Wait, how did you know it was Eliza?"
"She came here when you left." Added Shannon. "She wanted Frank, but I told her he was asleep."
"She wanted Frank?" Said Lynn frowning. "Since when do those two get along. What would she want from him?"
"Oh, she gave me a letter." Explained Shannon. "She said she was giving it back to him so.."
"Oh my god, this is too much." Said Lynn standing up. "Where is he already, I need that letter." She added peeking in the living room to see him coming back.

Frank might be dealing with Eliza who knows, Lynn thought to herself, why else would he take the letter, then give it to Eliza.

"Here, take it." Said Frank handing her the letter. "I don't care anymore." He added as he turned his back and left.

Lynn didn't reply, she didn't even care about what Frank said, she just couldn't believe that she finally had that letter in her hands.
She sat on her bed, took a deep breath, opened it and started reading:

I know you way better than you think.

Read carefully.
I didn't want to say this, but now that you're back, you need to know it so here it is...
He's very proud of you, he loves you very much and he wouldn't do anything to harm you, your uncle that is.

He has always been like the best of friends with Brian. He supported us when we were first performing, he basically got us to where we are today.
Personally, I loved him very much. I'd be so excited when I knew your uncle was coming over, even though it was almost everyday, but it's because whenever he does, he'd have beautiful photos and amazing stories about that girl who lost her parents at the age of 5 but still carries on so perfectly. You weren't like any other girl, Lynn. And he never missed a single detail to say about you, from how you wake up to the way you go to bed each night.

I didn't know if it was the way he used to tell those stories, or if it was the fact that I, somehow, related myself to you. I really admired you.

The story gets complicated when Eliza comes in between. Your uncle was the first one to meet her.
She wasn't a drug dealer back then, but she did love his money.
One thing lead to another...Eliza jumped from your uncle to me: I was younger and weak.
Next thing you know, Stanly stopped paying us any visits and all connections between him and Brian were off.

When you first got here, I was already in that mess, but god knows how happy I was to see this girl your uncle always spoke about.
And you turned out to be exactly, yet even better than the girl I always imagined you would be.

You saved me from a lot of deep shit. But the worst mistake I did was taking the money from your uncle to pay them back to Eliza.
You see, when he transfered it to you, he didn't know he was paying to himself the money I owed him.
I didn't know it either, the money I owed to Eliza, was eventually going back to your uncle's.
Yes, unfortunately, Stanly and Eliza were the head of the biggest drug deals that goes around here.

Stanly eventually found out, as Eliza told him our names, he didn't really care about me, he just wanted you out of the picture, so he decided to keep you home and never let you get back to us.

Eliza told me about everything later when you left and about how he was planning on getting me as he considered the money I payed him were already his.
That's why I didn't call back, I thought it'd be better for you to stay out of trouble.
I thought I would handle it myself.
Eliza is evil, but she somehow loved me and she sure has a weird way of showing it...She said that if me and her got engaged, she would get me out of this, and most importantly, she wouldn't touch you.
I was ready to sacrifice myself, as long as you would be safe.

But you managed to find your way back here, so I had to ignore you, I had to be mean to you to drive you away, because she knew how much you meant to me and she was actually jealous. I tried to stay as nice as possible to her, even though it killed me to let you go.

So until I find a solution to everything, this is the way it's going to be. Eliza must NOT know that you have any idea about this, it will ruin everything.
Just remember, you have become my everything.

Lynn closed the letter with big rounded eyes. It was a real shock for her.
Her uncle was the only family left for her and he turned out to be a criminal.
She thought he was the last pesron on earth to disappoint her.

He always failed to say the right name of the band, but that was on purpose, so that I wouldn't even have the slightest clue that he might really know them, Lynn started thinking.
I remember I spotted a picture in his stuff when he dropped them, I knew it was Eliza!
He must have gotten so nervous, he finally accepted to let me back so that I would forget about the picture...Well done uncle, that explains that paper he signed with Eliza, he must be making some other drug deals around here...She wondered to herself.

"What is it? Added Shannon looking at her curiously. "What did the letter say?."

"Where's Frank?" Asked Lynn as she remembered he had something to tell her.
God knows what would he have been up to with that Eliza bitch, after all he was the one to give her the letter, she finally thought to herself heading to the living room to look for him.
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