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Confused, Again?

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Shannon followed Lynn to the living room and said: "I think he went to Ray and Mikey's."
"What makes you think so?" Said Lynn to then shout: "Frank! Are you here?"
"He said he was going there, when you were reading your letter." Added Shannon.
"No, he didn't.." Disagreed Lynn.
"You just didn't hear him." Explained Shannon.
"Fine, it's better this way." Said Lynn going back to the bedroom.
"Aren't you going to go after him?" Asked Shannon surprised.
"No." She simply replied, getting some sheets out of the closet.
"I think he really loves you." Said Shannon.
"Whatever, let it go." Added Lynn as she placed the sheets on Bob's bed.
"So you'll be crashing here, Bob won't be home tonight either." She then told Shannon.
"You don't know what you have." Said Shannon, sitting on Bob's bed.
"Shannon, please, you don't even know what's going on." Added Lynn handing her one of her PJs to wear for the night.

"I don't want to know what's going on, all I know is that Frank really loves you." Said Shannon.
"Shannon, it doesn't matter now, let's just go to bed." Lynn tried to close the subject.
"Wait, is that what you want me to wear?" Said Shannon holding Lynn's pyjama, staring at it.
"What's wrong with that?" Asked Lynn getting in Frank's bed.
"That's.....Just......" Mumbled Shannon to then add: "Where's the rest of it?"
"What rest?" Said Lynn frowning. "This is it." She added.
"It's too.....short. Don't you have another one?" Asked Shannon putting it aside.
"All my pjs are as short." Declared Lynn.
"I'll just sleep in my clothes." Said Shannon getting in bed. "Are you sure Bob isn't coming back tonight?" She added.
"Shannon you worry too much, just go to sleep." Said Lynn.

3 am, Lynn's phone showed as she unlocked it.
It was normal, with everything she had learnt in that letter, not to be able to fall asleep.

And I thought I could trust him, she started thinking again. My uncle turned out to be the exact opposite of what I thought he was.
How did this whole thing go so far? Did all of this really have to happen? Why did my parents have to die? Couldn't I have just stayed with them and had a normal life?

Suddenly, the so known adventurous Lynn, just wanted a normal life.
She was feeling so alone, and this time, Frank wasn't next to her, he wasn't there for her.
The smell of his perfume on his pillow couldn't get him out of her mind.
She knew she was the one to push him away, she was rude to him, but she had no choice.
After reading the letter, she just wasn't capable of keeping her trust in anyone.

But her true concern was Gerard, abviously. He was taken away, all because of Eliza and her jealousy.

It was 7 am already and Lynn didn't feel the time pass as she was too busy thinking everything over.
"Good morning." Said Shannon sitting in bed.
"Hey." Replied Lynn with a light beam.
She was already awake with a cup of coffee in her hand, sitting on Frank's bed, facing Shannon.

"Your eyes are red." Added Shannon looking at her closely.
"I know." Said Lynn.
"Were you crying?" Asked Shannon.
"I don't know if it's because of crying or not getting any sleep." Said Lynn.
"Is it because of Frank?" Asked Shannon.
"I don't know." Replied Lynn, trying to avoid any upcoming question, taking a sip of her coffee.
"I think you two are cute together." Added Shannon.
"We're not together anymore." Said Lynn placing the cup on the table next to her.

"We're not?" Asked Frank coming in, with Mikey right behind him.
Lynn couldn't look at him, she never thought he'd actually come back after being so rude to him, she felt somewhat ashamed as she couldn't even look at him.
"You haven't signed the divorce papers though." He added smiling, walking closer to her as she couldn't help but look down.

"Would you talk to me now?" He added lowering himself to her eye level.
"I don't know." She managed to say.

"Let me explain, I even got Mikey here so you would believe me." Frank said. "You know Mikey wouldn't lie."
"Then explain." Said Lynn finally looking him in the eyes.
"Honey, have you been crying?" Said Frank gazing into her eyes.
"Never mind that now." She said. "What does Mikey know? Is Mikey in this with you?" She added.

"Wait, before you get angry again, let me speak." Said Frank.
"Fine, I'm listening." Added Lynn.

"Just so you know, the only reason I gave Eliza the letter is..."
"So you gave her the letter! I knew it!" Shouted Lynn interrupting him.
"Let me speak, please!" He added.

"You know what, I've heard enough." She added getting off of his bed.
"Damn it, Lynn!" Said Frank following her. "It's as if you don't want to know what I have to say."
"No Frank! I don't trust you!" She said in a high tone.
"I thought you loved me, Lynn." He added softly.
"I don't love you! I just don't!" She said loudly looking him in the eyes.

As she waited for a while, he didn't say anything, he just stared, making her feel even worse.

"Say something." She then said, longing for him to simply speak.
"Why?" He asked. "You won't listen anyway." He added as he turned to leave.

"GOD!!" Lynn then screamed in anger throwing herself on the sofa.
"Oh, he doesn't answer." Said Mikey walking back to the living room.
"What?" Said Lynn.
"God, yeah, and there's this once, I threw him a chocolate bar." He added sitting next to her.
"What?" Lynn repeated looking at him strangely.
"He doesn't like chocolates." Mikey said. "Because he threw it back." He added grinning.

"Have you ever heard of something called gravity?" Said Shannon sarcastically, sitting right in front of them.
"I was only kidding." Added Mikey rolling his eyes to then turn to Lynn and say: "Tell me, what's bothering you."
Lynn smiled and said: "I don't know what to do Mikey."
"Why didn't you go talk to Gerard." Mikey added.
"I don't know where he is." Lynn mumbled sadly.
"Didn't Frank tell you?" Added Mikey.
"She didn't let him." Interrupted Shannon.
"Gerard is at our place, he needs to talk to you." Said Mikey.

"What are you talking about?" She added confused. I heard them take him away, those people could have probably killed him but now she thought to herself, now Mikey's telling me that he's at his place?
"Didn't Frank tell you?" Repeated Mikey.
"He has been trying to talk to her since yesterday but she wouldn't let him." Interrupted Shannon again.
"What are you? The voices in my head?" Said Lynn getting annoyed, trying to figure the whole thing out. Gerard hasn't really been taken away? What were those people all about? She kept wondering to herlself.
"Just go talk to him." Added Mikey. "He doesn't look so good and he wouldn't talk to anyone about it, he just wanted you." He explained.

That got Lynn so overwhelmed with emotions. She wanted to see if he was okay, but it made her happy to know he was still alive yet had so many questions to ask him about his letter.
She didn't think of it twice as she didn't even put some slippers on when she ran out the door to see him.
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