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Truer Words

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Gin is a very accomplished liar. Drabble-length introspection.

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Truer Words

By: eternalsailorsolarwind AKA youkai_girl

Disclaimer: Bleach and all of its characters are owned by Tite Kubo, Viz, Shuheisha, and several other legal entities whose names escape me at the moment. I own some merchandising, and that’s about it.


Ichimaru Gin was an accomplished liar. He knew that he had raised the lie to an art form; people could never tell when he was lying – or when he wasn’t.

Don’t think that every word that came out of his mouth was a lie. Almost every report he gave in meetings were true. Mostly, anyway. And he really did enjoy meeting with Kira-kun or one of the other captains outside of work. Though usually not for the reasons he said he did.

“I’m sorry.”

But when he spoke those words to Rangiku as the Negación field came for Tosen, Aizen, and himself, he really meant it. He was sorry that he had hurt her; that he was causing her pain. Sorry that she didn’t understand why he was doing this. But he knew she’d see the light one day and recognize which was the winning side.

Ichimaru Gin was an accomplished liar. Sometimes, even he believed his own lies.


A/N: Not entirely sure where this came from. I mean, I don’t even/like/ Ichimaru. But when I saw the panels in volume 20 when the Negación field is about to take the traitors away from Soul Society, something in the look on his face as he was saying good-bye to Matsumoto made me feel that he really was sorry that he was hurting her. And this drabble-and-a-half was the result. I hope everyone who read it enjoyed it.
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