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Chapter 2

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will miranda see?

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“For the last time Gerard, Miranda is fine. She just hasn’t woken up yet” Donna stroke her son’s arm.

Gerard nodded, “Will they tell us when she’s awake?”

“Ooh… Gerard is in love!” a younger boy with light brown hair sang.

“Shut up Mikey!” Gerard snapped at him. “I am so not in love!”

“Boys, boys please” Donna tried to calm the boys down. “Gerard, I’m so proud of you. You gave a vessel from each eye for a poor blind girl” she patted his long black hair.

Gerard grinned at his mother, “It’s ok mum, just got inspired”

“From a comic book” Mikey rolled his eyes.

“Shut up Mikey or I swear I will choke you!” he pointed at his brother.

“Yea, yea whatever”

Donna chuckled at the sight of her two sons.

“Mum?” mumbled the fragile teenage girl. She moved her hands weakly to search for any human contact.

Her mother jumped off her seat and ran to her daughter, “Miranda! I’m right here honey!” her hands linked with hers, “How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine. Just tired” she breathed in the hospital smell, “Why cant I see?”

“Thank God! Darling, your eyes are still bandaged”

“When will I see?” Miranda asked.

“Hopefully soon. I’ll go look for a doctor. I’ll be back ok?” Gabrielle stood up and turned to her son who was asleep. She gently shook him. His eyes fluttered open, he looked back his mother confused. “Your sister is awake” she smiled.

He looked excited and looked at her sister who pulled her blanket over her chest. “Miranda! You’re finally awake!” he smiled and ran over to her.

Gabrielle took a final look at her children before she exited the room in search for a doctor.

“Miranda, how are you feeling today?” Dr. Brooke asked as he slowly unrolled the bandage.

Gabrielle stood twirling her fingers around each other as she looked at her daughter.

“I’m fine” Miranda mumbled impatiently.

Matt stood next to Miranda and observed the doctor’s actions.

“Ms. Fine, may you please close all the blinds please?” Dr. Brooke said without taking his eyes off Miranda.

Gabrielle nodded and quickly closed all the blinds, then she stood on the other side of the bed next to her eager daughter.

“Mum, she is going to see right?” her son asked.

“Yes hopefully honey” his mother nodded not paying attention to him.

Dr. Brooke finished unrolling the white bandage. “Ok Miranda, I’m going to take both eye patches off and when I’m done I want you to slowly open your eyes” the doctor instructed.

“Ok” the girl answered and gripped on the hospital bed, hoping for the best.

“Ok, here we go” Dr. Brooke slowly and carefully took off the patches and concentrated on Miranda.

The girl slowly opened her eyes but shut it from the light and the air.

“It’s ok, trying opening them again” the doctor examined her.

She nodded and again slowly opened her eyes.

“You’ll see brightness but then everything will clear up and you will be able to see” Dr. Brooke explained.

The mother and brother both held the breath.

Miranda breathed rapidly, “Omg I can see!” she squealed. She observed her brother, mother and the doctor. “Mum! Matt!”

“OMG, honey!” her mother grabbed her hand, “Can you see me?”

“And me?” Matt jumped up and down.

Miranda nodded, “Yes I can! You guys haven’t changed that much. Well Matt you did but… I can still recognize you!” she looked down at her hands which were pale and her fingers were long. “Wow, it’s been such a long time since I saw my hands”

“Miranda, I’m glad you can see. But
I’m not leaving until I get an overall check up” Dr. Brooke smiled at the happy excited family.

“Mum, are you sure that we should visit this Gerard? I mean we can just send him a letter along with a get well card” Miranda followed her mother down the hospital corridor.

It was the day where Miranda could finally leave the hospital and go home. For the past few days, she has been observing every inch of her body.

“No Miranda, this man has helped you get your eye sight again. It will be rude if we didn’t visit” her mother explained.

They were going to Gerard who was still kept in the hospital because the doctors weren’t sure that he should leave just in case his eye sight fails him.

Miranda’s yellow knee-length dress flowed to the rush of the air conditioned air as she walked quickly after her mother and brother. She felt nervous because she was awfully shy and that she tried hard controlling where her eyes looked at.

“Here we are” her mother stopped in front of a green-blue door. She knocked and waited for an answer.

A brown haired boy with glasses opened it and stared at them.

“Hello, I’m Gabrielle, Miranda’s mother. We wanted to see how Gerard is going” she said sweetly.

“Oh Gabrielle come in!” Donna greeted them from behind the boy. “This is Mikey my other son”

Gabrielle smiled and walked into the room followed by the 15 year old Matt and 17 year old Miranda.

Gerard quickly sat up when he saw Miranda and watched her sit next to her mother beside his bed. He cursed silently about why he didn’t comb his hair or even washed his face. He watched her as she focused her gaze to the floor while her brown perfect wavy hair fell across her beautiful pale face.

“You must be Gerard. I’m Gabrielle, Miranda’s mother” the woman with straight shoulder length hair smiled at him.

“Nice to meet you ma’am” Gerard answered.

“This is Matt, my youngest son” Gabrielle’s hand came in contact with the brown haired boy’s shoulder. “And this is Miranda” she wrapped her other arm around her daughter.

The girl with perfect wavy hair looked up at him with her green warm eyes and gave him a small smile.
Gerard’s heart melted at the
sight. “Hi” he tried to say but it only came out as a sigh.

Mikey giggled at his brother.

Donna chuckled at the look of her son. “So Miranda, how are you feeling?”

“I’m feeling great thanks. It’s all new to me this sight seeing” she blushed. “Thanks Gerard for everything” she looked at him for only a second.

This time Gerard felt he himself melted as he stared at her dreamily, but thanks to his younger brother who pinched his arm, he didn’t look much of a fool. “You’re welcome” he replied quickly.

Miranda held her giggle by covering her lips with her pale hand.

A blush crept on Gerard’s pale face. He tried to hide it by his long black hair that covered his forehead and part of his eye.

The two mothers chatted away the afternoon at the back of the room while Miranda and Matt sat close together with Gerard and Mikey.
Mikey kept on talking about some comic book to Matt who looked interested while Gerard stayed quiet and stole glances off Miranda.

“Will you be alright?” Miranda brought up the courage to ask.

Gerard tried to stop his blush again, “I’ll be fine, their just checking up on my eyes. I hope I can go home tomorrow though”

She smiled at the hazel eyed boy.

While Gabrielle and Donna rambled on, Miranda, Matt, Mikey and Gerard tried making some conversation to pass through time.

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