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The rain grew louder; storming harder, thundering and lighting. It just made me feel even worse than I already was. My right arm was numb but I could still feel the pain tingling through my crushed...

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Chapter: One
Genre: pg-13 for the time being
Rating: BI for boring yet interesting. lol
Disclaimer: Sorry I do not own the Inuyasha charaters... although I wish I did.

Feel my pain; Enjoy my suffering. Stop being a bitch and fuck off.

The rain poured down around my motionless body. It stung me like acid being washed into my wounds. I could feel my body just melting away. My arms and legs weak. My body heavy. My lungs inflating slowly. I was dying. Dying under the cold spring rain. I guess it was my time to go… No. I have someone I need to protect. I have a man who intends to marry me.
I will not die... not to the man who intends to kill me.

The rain grew louder; storming harder, thundering and lighting. It just made me feel even worse than I already was. My right arm was numb but I could still feel the pain tingling through my crushed shoulder. My eyes closed and tightened as I pulled my heavy, dead-weight of a body up. I screamed in anguish, crawling up to my knees... my left leg was broken... Did I care? No. I just wanted to leave. Clutching onto my over-sized katana, I balanced myself, panting lightly and wobbling tormently. Even as a mixed-bred youkai, I couldn't take this excruciating pain... Truly, I don't think anyone could.

Miles away was the castle of the western lord. Lord InuTashio, the eldest lord known, that was still alive, was a close friend to my father. They were like brothers. Nothing could set them apart but controversy. And if I knew him well enough, when it rained as bad as this, then is when he sparred with his son and the rest of his army. Something told me to get closer to the gates of his castle. Even if dragging my body became an option. I heard whistles echo around me. Finally, I was here.
"You there!" A male screamed, "What's your purpose?"
I said nothing.
"Are ye deaf or mute?!" another one yelled.
Still, I stayed quiet but, my knees started to buckle underneath me. My vision started to blurry and I lost all complete balance in my legs, falling to the ground...


My ice blue hues started to reopen slowly. Quickly I took a sharp breath in, sitting up. I screamed once more as pain spiked up my spinal chord like a million needles. I fell back.
"Shit..." I growled.
"So you're awake at last?" A male's voice echoed throughout my chest. He sat next to me. His golden eyes staring into mine. He smiled, "You gave me quite a scare, Natsume."
"My apologies, Sesshomaru."

My cheeks lit to a dark red as he placed a hand against my cheek. This was the man I was intended to marry... Hopefully. Lightly, his lips met with my forehead.
"Who the hell could have done this to my bride."
I shook my head, "Nothing for you to worry about."

Sesshomaru snarled as his pale peach hands yanked me from the bed I had been laying in and up to my feet. I yelped. Losing my balance and tumbling backwards along with the young soon to be lord. He cursed as our bodies collied to the bed, my bed. My along my pale tan cheeks, they burned a bright red, so did his.
His body was pressed against mine. My breast smashed against his bare chest, I laughed.
"How naughty, Sesshomaru-sama."
"I didn't mean it!" he snapped, still not moving from where he layed.
"Then get off me..."
"Why should I? You've never complained about me before."
I giggled again, "You seem to be right about that part."

Sesshomaru smiled (which shocked me) then leaned in closer to me. His lips brushing against mine; his breath warm. Slightly, his talons ran up my sides, along my curves as his lips locked with mine.
Neither one of us had noticed that the bedroom door was still open and his father was standing in the doorway. He cleared his throat.
"Are we intrrupting something?"

Our kiss broke and I groaned. My chest jumpped, my breast bouncing lightly as the young silver hair inuyokai stood to his feet. He laughed, his silver hair lingering over his broad shoulders.
"We weren't doing anything like that, father." my mate spoke smoothly. Those golden hues of his gazing at me, eyeing every inch of my body. He chuckled, his beautiful, muscle-toned stomach rising then lowering.
"But!..." he hinted, throwing his gaze to me, "I will find out what happened a week ago."
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