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Sesshomaru's golden yellow hues stared at me intently as our fathers left, closing the door behind them. I could hear a growl humming from his strong throat. I crawled to the other side of my bed, ...

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Chapter: Two
Genre: Fantasy, action, romance, incest o.o;;
Rating: R for cursing
Disclaimer: Sorry I do not own the Inuyasha charaters... although I wish I did.
A/N: Oi... My brain completely stopped when I was writing this chapter. I Couldn't really think of anything so I just made it a flash back... so please excuse my newby-ness, lol

Good habits die when you've had sex

Sesshomaru's golden yellow hues stared at me intently as our fathers left, closing the door behind them. I could hear a growl humming from his strong throat. I crawled to the other side of my bed, trying to ignore the pain in my body.
"Rehabilitation is going to be a bitch." I grunted; my body sore and muscles tight... Ugh, this feeling? I despised it.

The young inu-yokai lied next to her, his eyes seeming so innocent. I stared at the handsome demon; I knew I wasn't going to hear the end of it... Oh well.
"Jin did this to me..." I closed my eyes, "He forcibly put his hands on me when he did not want to..."
"What do you mean? Tell me everything." His deep voice succumbed me, soothing me into a trance-like state. I told him everything... Everything he wanted to hear.
I could remember it, even though I did not want to. It was a memory I wanted gone.


The smell of blood had lingered in the air, dancing throughout the trees. I shrugged it off. The death of someone I did not know was not my problem, but the killer was. I grunted then sighed lightly, glancing up to see the sun sparkle through the leaves of the tall trees above. Grasping tightly onto the hilt of my katana, my legs froze in place.
"Missed me?"

It was a male. He stood just as tall as me, his hair jet black with silver highlights. How I disgusted this man. He took a swift step towards me; I crouched back, gripping tightly onto my hilt. The scent of blood drifted from his breath, his lips, he was the murderer that lied nearby.
"You need to feed more, sis." I rolled my eyes, "Give into you vampiric side, stop relying on your demon traits." He licked his blood stained lips then snapped his fingers. I was then surrounded by ninja dressed assassins. Great... just fucking great. "Let's do this quick, I'm busy today. I have a wedding rehurseal to attend."

Rubbing my eyes, I laughed. "Looks like you will not be attending then... Once I kill you and your goonies with your blade."

His assassin's attacked with no hesitation. Each one attacking from every side of me. Thrusting their katana's at my body nonstop, so I decided to let them attack each other. Never did I have to unsheathe my sword. All I truly needed was my legs. Moments later I was down to two, letting my brother grow with impatient. The last two were a female and male.

The woman charged towards me, advancing her blade to my throat. Quickly, I moved to the side, letting the weapon dig into the flesh of my shoulder. I showed no pain. She snarled, twisting her long blade out of my arm as she started to swing at me again. I ducked, spinning to face the man behind me. He stared at me, his eyes glowing red.
This is and was not a good sign.
I cursed under my breath, averting my eyes from his. The girl behind me drove her sword toward my chest this time, but I dogged her attack and she hit her own companion. He froze, my brother shook his head. At the end of her katana, his blood dripped onto the ground.
"I'm so sorry..." she whispered, removing her mask.
The guy made no sudden movements, slowly moving his hand up to remove his own mask. He said nothing but mouthed:
'I love you,' when I thought he said, 'Olive oil.' Bad moment for that thought.
"Ugh!..." Jin groaned, "This is taking to long!"

He lightly placed his hand on the woman's shoulder, killing her quickly before her lover’s eyes. He growled swinging a punch at me; it connected with the side of my cheek. How I didn't notice it... I'll never know. My brother was pissed. His snarls hummed from between his lips as he walked over to me.
Deep down, I knew I was going to lose to him, that’s only if I gave up.

Moments later, I was being tossed around like a small rag doll. My body; crashing with the ground with a heavy thud. I grunted then scrambled to my feet. Jin laughed, brushing his long feminine hair behind his ear. That cold laughter drove me mad. I roared with anger, dashing quickly to approach the man I intended to kill. My pupils were darkened to a deep black along with the whiteness of my eyes.
Power rush, perfect moment, wrong timing.
I snarled as I lunged for him, just having a small time to react. Without notice, Jin unsheathed his katana, slashing towards me, slicing open my stomach. I yelped, falling back on my hands, throwing myself back to my feet.
"Such power and you don't know how to use it." I stared at him, "What a tragedy."
"Fuck you, Jin..." I grunted, spiting blood from my mouth.
"You just will not give up, will you?" I shook my head. "Damn, I'm running late... So let’s finish this."

I stepped back, my brother is a trained killer, and I wasn't. Something in me screamed 'Run, get the hell away from this crazed madman.' A smile crept onto his devious lips. I blinked just once and there he was, clutching my silver hair in his pale tan fist. Jin purred, leaning in closer to where to me, tilting me back as his lips brush against mine. It was my blood he wanted.
"I love you, Nat, you know that right?" I had fallen into his plan, "You're a beautiful paragon."
"No, get your slimy lips off of me!"

I could feel his breath against my lips as his tongue flicked across my lips. I felt so dirty. So disgusted with myself. I wanted to just cry. Jin's left hand was crawling up waist and along the wound on my stomach.
"My poison will kill you," Jin's sapphires blue hues studied mine, "Slowly, painfully. It's not like all your scars are gone."
"Please, Jin. No!..."

He shook his head, still holding me tightly within his grasp. Although I could have attacked sooner, I was locked under a forbidden spell his sensei taught him years ago.
This handsome young man was to never use it, unless it was a last resort.
My body felt if I was on fire. The many scars along my body had busted open. I screeched as Jin grasped onto right shoulder and left wrist. His grip was tighting with every squeeze until it was heard. One was a snap and the other was a crunch. It was torture. I shrieked an inhumanly scream that could deafen any person nearby.
I went numb as he finally dropped me to the ground. Jin purred another growl; cupping my chin and caressing my cheek.
"Aww, seems like we can't do anything at this moment." His hands roaming my legs, "But, I cannot let you die... Not before my wedding. I want you there, making sure that you're still healing."

His right hand had hovered above my left knee. Jin flexed his talons, digging them into my leg. I didn't flinch, I couldn't even feel it. Strange though, my leg started to tingle as if it was asleep. The unscented, transparent poison that emitted from his claws was taking effect, breaking only few of the bones in my leg.
God... what next?
He stood up and laughed, "I'll see you in two weeks."

As he turned around, I could feel the rush of power again. I had the strength to jump back up to my feet, still not being able to feel the pain shooting through my body. I went for the attack again, slipping a small dagger from my sleeves. Jin spun around, his eyes widened as the blade slid across his chest in a diagonal form. He cursed and I fell back to the ground, on my stomach.
"Stop it! Just stop it now!" He yelled holding on to his chest, "The more effort you use up, the quicker the poison will spread. Once the numbing disappears, you will feel the anguish."


"..... He left afterwards, Sesshomaru." I finished.

Quietly, he started to laugh. God... It sounded so deep and manly, gave me shivers. Sesshomaru lied next to me, on his side to face me. I smiled and giggled, my face turning red. Swiftly, I felt him pull me on top of him. Strangely, I squeaked another giggle.
"Don't deny it, love. You want me." Sesshomaru smiled.
"You're damn right but, all I want is a taste."
"Is that what's going to get you better?" I nodded and he rolled his eyes, "A taste."
I groaned, nuzzling against his neck. Just as I bit into his flesh, Sesshomaru wrapped his muscular arms around my hips. He licked his lips just as I licked his neck. I laughed, licking my own lips.
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