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Sweet Nice Jewish Guy

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Sweet Nice Jewish Guy

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I'm guilty in the first degree. I'm such a loser and I hate it when Chester hurts me with all those sexual come-ons. The guys know I am a virgin and being Jewish, I have my own self-doubts and fear threshhold already. I'm a time bomb ready to explode. I need someone who just understands with no questions. ME, okay. Yeah, that's hysterical, Sweet Nice Jewish Guy, that's Rob Bourdon of Linkin Park, drummer and single: looking for attractive female, preferably older between thirty and thirty-seven. Shit, I'd even be contempt with a cute gentleman. Someone, just someone... make me feel... like I have something worthwhile. Do I have the equipment necessary for this photoshoot? I am always questioning matters and half the time chicken out when push comes to shove. All right Bourdon, remember what mom said: " No prayer is ever wasted. No good deed is ever done in vain. No tear is ever ignored in heaven. " I pray today that God will give me the answer I am looking for. Amen.

sighs Standing and waiting...

I don't know if I can go through with this. No, I should back out and respectfully decline. I know what mom said, but what is my good deed? If she means Linkin Park and making people happy with music, well, I never would have done that without her. She's responsible for my first drums and I will never forget it! What am I waiting for? Sit down Rob.

anxiety level increases; heart rate is through the roof, head spinning and eyes closed from the world
legs restless and arms twitching

The gentleman in front of me wore black sunglasses, a white tshirt and sweatpants. I couldn't see much else, let alone cared anymore.

I get up as the gentleman bumped into me at the same time.

" Ah man. I am so sorry. Are you okay? " the gentleman asked politely.

with deep concern and extreme generosity " Woah, you're not okay. "

" Sit. Come on, just sit back down and let it out. "

For some reason I felt compelled to really let it out. I broke down in front of a complete stranger. Ah Christ, what's wrong with me?

This gentle stranger was kind enough to place his hand on my leg, brushing and carressing my knee in comfort. He didn't say a word, just listened.

I don't like being forced to do anything but I made a commitment to the group. I don't want to let them down, they're my best friends.

" There is help for a donation. I do it once a week. "


* eyes closed, speaking to the stranger, who's voice was incredibly familiar.

" Videos, magazines... "

Oh God, I.... am here for a photoshoot and can't go through with it. I don't know how some men can do it. I am conflicted because of my overwhelming desire to fit in. I'm confused about my sexuality... oh for... I'm a virgin and can't even keep a girlfriend, they run away from me like I'm from a leper colony.

" Let me tell you something. Most men are full of it, putting on a show but no words come out. Words are power, divine and extremely sensual. Some of my best buds are virgins and they have the deepest respect for women and men because of it. It's spiritual intimacy. It's really beautiful when you think about it. Shit man, there's a lot one can do and explore. "

The comfort coming from this guy!, I can't believe it. How did I get so lucky. It's okay Rob. You're gonna be okay...

" Bourdon ? Rob Bourdon ? " an attendant said.

" Follow me. "

" Just wait! Can't you see he needs time, besides he's not alone and will be there shortly. Just give the room number. "

- the gentleman had remarked.

" Room One " ice cold tone, freezing like a cube

As I was about to thank him, my glossy eyes fixated for a brief moment.

" What? "

You shouldn't wear sunglasses indoors.

" OH.. hahaha, forgot about them. Thanks. Before I take them off though, do you want me to be with you? You know, help out? "

I couldn't believe my ears.

You'd do that?

" Yeah, sure man. Why not! You're a looker. "

Okay. We walk together to room one. As I am behind him, I breathe in his cleanliness. He smells wonderful, like crisp fresh soap. His long brown hair with red and black highlights, had brisked in my face, tickling my nose. I loved it but then got scared. Am I falling for this guy? As we make way, he leaves the door half-open and motions for me to sit on the chair.

" Look... I uh, couldn't help but hear your name. Rob Bourdon? "

Yeah, embarrassing.

" Why?! I love Linkin Park, you guys don't get enough credit, especially you! "

I stare at the beautiful man in front of me, his sunglasses off and smiling.

" I'll suck you off any time.. I can give you my cell number too, I have an obligation this week with Joey but we can hook up and lay it all on the line: You... me... and nothing else, complete trust and total peace.

I finally found my voice. cry

Can you do me a favor Steven?

" What? "

Leave the sunglasses on.

smiles " Yeah I can do that. "

deep sighs turn into complete relaxation as my idol presents his beautiful mouth

Awwwwwwwww ooooooo man, I... I... OH NO, what happened?

" You came too soon. It's okay man, don't fret. Let me give you a hand job "

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh sweet Lord, there is a God and... and... and... OHhhhhhhhhh. I couldn't believe it, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith stroking me and giving me the most wonderful experience in my life and... OH SHIT, WAS THAT JOE!!!!!!!?????? NO WAY! If I told someone this, they'd call me a liar and wouldn't believe it.

I was erect and he continued stroking me like this was a mundane activity.

" What about the photoshoot? "

Fuck the photoshoot! I want you!

* what, what did I just say?!!!!

Oh man, I'm getting agressive, where that come from?! *

" Well, I'll tell you what. I'll give you that number and you get on with that shoot, I don't think you'll have a problem now. "

I smile, chuckle, my eyes glistening in pure delight. After we exchange cell numbers, he kissed my forehead and then my left cheek. He left and couldn't have happened at a better time as the photographer was ready for me.

I walk into the room with confidence I never knew existed within myself. I was on a power surge and willing to put my best foot forward. Okay. WOW. This was so not what I expect. Laid out in front of me on the floor was a silk scarf, feathers, a blanket, a bottle of champagne, glass and a bowl of strawberries. As I went to sit on the blanket, the photographer motioned for me to put the scarf on. I did, then went to it and sprawled out. I was really comfortable. Here I lay, naked and in a silk scarf. I smile.

loud pop

I take the feathers and proceed to touch my skin with them, ever so flirtatiously. Up, down and across my arm, my stomach, bellybutton and my erection. The sweet tingle made me moan. pop pop pop

I fill the glass with some champagne and take a sip. I get naughty and spill it as it flows down my chest and onto my erection.

pop pop I lick my lips. I take a strawberry and circle my nipples, arching my back. pop pop I eat it. I then take another one and proceed to stroke my stomach with it in light touches, then quickly tap the tip of my erection with it. pop pop

I amazed myself.

Ohhhh Steven, can you feel me now?

I would have some candles lit, a nice dinner, some oral for dessert. Phew.

Damn, who knew Sweet Nice Jewish Guy was so hot!
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