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Phat Rapper

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Phat Rapper

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Strange creature that I am. - My face tells a story.

Here's what you need to know, so be on your toes.

1. I'm cute.

2. I'm cuddly.

3. Love me.

4. Feed me.

5. Great kisser.

6. Get me wet.

7. I'm nasty.

8. I'm foul.

9. Fuck me.

Remember the name: Mike Shinoda.

I'm a kinky shit. Chester rubbed off on me when I first laid eyes on him. Ahhhhh his sweet smell. Unfortunately as I prepare for the photoshoot, he didn't need my help as his anxieties levelled off. My expectations run high as my erection has already been fueled by this mornings masturbatory activity in the shower. I can go because I am a seasoned vet.

You know my shit? Well, if you don't want to believe me, you're on your own now. I'm petrified.... you ready?????

Like that... like that... drop that ... drop that... I got a friction addiction, show me that you know me.



Will you walk with me to the edge?
The stress got to me as I enter a room filled with people. Shit, too busy. Watch me crumble. Okay, so maybe I'm not a seasoned vet or am I blowing smoke up my ass? I can picture Chester coaxing me- " Baby Mikey, you're know your ass is worth it. " And I respond with my usual Shinoda smile and say, " how much is it worth. " Dick, he'd probably wander alone in his evil thoughts and say " 2 cents. " SHIT CHAZ! Damn, even when you're not with me, I am aroused.

On my own, would I wander through this wonderland alone? I'm foggy and too much in love. FUCK IT, I'm gonna live it up.

The room clears as I wait for my name to be called. I listen to the music in my mind, decibels too high. I sure know how to entertain myself.

" Shinoda, Mike? "

That's me.

" Follow me. "

Yeah, yeah yeah. I know the masturbation drill, you don't need to drill me- unless, your name is Chester and have a tight ass and thick juicy cock. The attendant is still talking, now fading as I sit in front of a bunch of porno magazines. Hehehe, Chaz and I could make our own magazine, shit, we'd have them eatin' out of our hands.

Hmmmmmm, what would we call it? We're bi and that's no lie???? Nah, too long. So, like whatever. What's inside that room? I remain still with my erection and fantasize about Chaz- my beeyatch. Just can't get enough of him. Aw shit, I'm so wired. Oooooooooooooookay. Should I fantasize what type of nasty things I will make Chaz do this evening after dinner after the guys leave? Hmmmm, oh let's see. I could smack his ass for mouthing off the other day. A nice red, sore one.... ahhhh, now that's more like it. He won't be able to sit for days when I'm done with him. He can shine my shoes, I know how much he likes to clean. Lots of kinky shit, oh Mike, you're good. Ah, and...

knock on door " The photographer is ready for you Sir. "

Thank God. I did my thang. I brush up against the attendant as I leave the room. Let's see what he will do about it, if anything.

Hmmmm, no response.

Fuckwad. All right, let's see what awaits for me. I wonder...


How the hell did my secret get out in the open? Was it those Linkin Park authors over at I can't tell you how many times I get off on the Mike and Chester slash stories. Linkin Park fans really are da shit! Awww man, yeah I can do this. I lay my eyes on the gorgeous man in front of me; his posters are plastered all over the place. I drool uncontrollably as I make way to one of him wearing tight pants and almost step on some props.

OHHHHH MAN, do I have to wear that?????? I hope the hell not! I nod my head in the 'no' position but the photographer smiled 'yes'.

tisks Here I go, yeah I can see it now, my adoring public and me wearing..

Hey, I wonder if my attitude would fuck up the photographer. Nope, shit- he was pissed and not amused.

I reluctantly put the red rubber nose on top of my regular one. I am told to pick it up. Pick what up?! AWWWW, I look down and OHHHH. I hold the gold horn up and as he was about to pop the camera for a shot, I honk it and give the middle finger on my left hand. HA HA pop pop Wait, what? He liked that! Da bomb!

All right then, what else we have? Hahehehe, I bend down to pick up another prop. I turn around and bend over, shoving my ass in front of the camera and using them, some colored party streamers and push and pull them back and forth, wiping myself seductively.

pop pop

I compose myself and ahhh. This one's going to the homie who's face is plastered as I pose for these- Chester. I get on the floor to put them on and stand back up. LOVE YA BABY! Here I stand, wearing oversized red clown shoes in my birthday suit.

pop pop pop

I was having a blast until.... oh no. Uhmmm, Mr. photographer, what do you plan on doing with that? Don't you dare think about it! Nuh, uh. I try my shinoda smile to no avail. Get ready. He threw it and clicked the camera. Nice shot! Right in the kisser.

Ha, that's a great one- Mike, dripping in pie filling and a breadcrumb crust. That better not be it. Oh goodie, another pie. Only this time I get to hold it, pretending to throw it.

pop pop

I'm still hard too, that's wicked shit.

Remember the name or should I spell it out.
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