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Chapter Three

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Frank was sick.

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Jason had another week to stay with his family. It had already been two, and he was skipping some of his classes to stay one extra.

Frank was sick. It was obvious in the way he acted. Gerard wouldn’t let anyone near him. They hardly left the basement, but no one really minded. Except Jason.

“Just let me get him to the hospital, and he’ll be fine,” Gerard said, shoving past Jason and into the front doorway. It was two days since Jason had eavesdropped unsuccessfully, and Frank was almost always sleeping.

Gerard came back with Frank two days later, still carrying him in his arms as he had been when he left. But he looked just a little more tired and hopeless than before.

“What is wrong with you?” Jason asked, shoving Gerard one day when he caught up with him in the street. “I know you’re doing this. I know Frank. He was my brother. He was my parent’s son last week!”

Gerard stopped, glaring. “You want us to leave? Fine, I’ll take Frank and Mikey and we’ll get out of here. We’ll never bother you again. But, I’m trying to save you, Jason. I’m doing this for your own good, and that’s all you’re going to get. What you deserve and no more.” He stood for another moment, and was gone, walking briskly down toward the city.

Jason went back inside for the day. He didn’t see Gerard for the rest of the night.

That night Jason went to sleep early; his head hurt.
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