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Chapter 1.

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Claire's Pov.

I'm a little nervous, I admit it. This is my first day here and I don't really know if I'm actually good enough to be working in this really huge spa.
Yeah, that's me, I'm a massager, I've studied it in college and I was so good at it, they transfered me to New York as soon as I finished.

Why New York? You ask. Well, this is where the biggest and most important spa takes place.
Practically all the celebrities and famous people go there. This place is known for its professional massagers. I don't know about me though, they have trusted me, and I was one of the five people they have chosen at college to come here.

Here comes my turn, they are calling my name, I have a feeling I forgot every single thing.

So I'm in now, I can't really see the client laying in front of me, I can only see his back. And man, he has so many tattoos. That's hot...!! No! What am I saying, I don't like tattoos! I'm a professional massager, I better start acting like one.

"Hello sir, I'll be your massager for today." I said.
"Hmmm." That guy mumbled. I could feel he was just too tired to speak.
"Let's get to work then." I added. I didn't really know what else to say, it's my first time here and, I wasn't really planning on messing things up.

So I started my work, and he seems to be getting relaxed, well, I can tell from the moans he's been making.
It's actually surprising, because with all those tattoos on his back, I could still feel how soft his skin was. I like that...What am I talking about? Back to work please.

I really shouldn't get distracted, I haven't even seen his face yet.
Besides, I have a boyfriend back home...Well, it is more like an arranged marriage that my parents are planning for me.
So, me coming to New York could actually save my life since I really don't know what I want yet.

"Do you mind?" The guy interrupted my thoughts. Appearently, I got too drifted away thinking that I forgot to keep on massaging, it always happens to me. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Now do something before you lose your job and be obliged to get back to Lebanon to your so called 'fiance'.
Yeah, I'm from Lebanon, the worst place to be, trust me, you should probably google it to get what I'm talking about.

"I'm sorry, but what are you doing?" The guy said turning to look at me. Man he had an amazing figure, but must NOT get drifted away with my thoughts again.

"Sorry, won't happen again." I said, hoping I haven't pissed him off.
I wouldn't want to do that, I don't want to go back to this rathole again. No.

Was my final thought before I started my massages again.
And I should say, even I have enjoyed it, somehow.
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