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Chapter 2.

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Claire's Pov.

"We're done mr..." I paused, waiting for him to tell me his last name, as the paper of schedules wasn't ready yet, but I have no idea why I even wanted to know.

"Ok, later then." He simply said heading out of the door.
What was I expecting? He was probably one of those celebrities that come over here.
Too arrogant to say something to the staff, thinking we are beneath them.
Anyways, I should act professionally, and so I did...

My day went fine and I had massaged around 5 people, I couldn't feel more proud of myself. I finally felt like I had done something in my life.

So I went back home, actually, it was this small apartment in this crowded city, that the spa had offered me along with the job. It was kind of generous of them, to take care of us this way, but I couldn't shake the idea out of my head since I hated this apartment, it was so lifeless, so dirty, it barely even had a kitchen and a restroom.

I walked in the living room, throwing my handbag on the couch to then head to the kitchen to make me some hot cocoa as my favorite show on tv was about to begin and I really wanted to relax.

Well, at least I tried to, until he called.
"Hello?" I said tiredly.
"Hello!" He added. His voice made me feel so sick, yet I somehow, had to answer him, my so called 'fiance'
"Yes, what is it George?" I replied trying to be as nice as possible.
"Hello!!" He repeated. God he was stupid, he barely knew how to use the cellphone.
"I'm here George." I said, waiting for him to realize the whole process.
"CAN YOU HEAR ME?!" He then shouted. He, somehow, that if we were in different countries, he'd have to shout so I would hear him, he never got the hang of technology, poor guy, I always thought he was too old for me.

"Yes, I can hear you perfectly." I said, sitting on my sofa.

Conversations with him were really boring.
We went on this way for about 5 minutes, until he finally realized that I could actually hear him.
The last thing I remember was him telling me how he kicked some guy's ass, as I then fell asleep on the couch.

The next day I woke up at the sound of traffic, cars and busses going around this small building around the corner where I lived.
I was still feeling tired as my neck was really hurting.
Don't have boring conversations with George, laying on the couch so you wouldn't fall asleep there, I made a mental note to myself as I rushed my way to the bathroom to get ready for this big day.

30 minutes later, I was still in the bathroom, looking for my black eyeliner to make the final touch as I heard intense knocks on my door.

"Ashley!" I said beaming. Ashley is the dearest friend I have, she went to the same college as me and she was one of those 5 who got chosen to practice their jobs here.

The difference between the two of us was that her parents had loads of money so she didn't have to stay in a tiny dark place like mine.
"Claire!" She screamed hugging me tightly. I really love this girl, she's just so sweet!
"I got you some hot coffee!" She added handing it to me. "Now, come on let's go before we're late." She exclaimed as she got my bag and took me by the hand.
"But...My make up!" I said trying to get back in, I never went out without make up and I wasn't planning on doing so either.
"You'll use mine, it's in the car!" She insisted as she then got my keys and closed the door behind me.

I believed her and got to the car with her. Yeah, I go to work with her instead of trying to catch a train, I was too lazy and she was my best friend. Besides, I really loved her convertable car, my parents couldn't get me one, so I might at least enjoy hers.
"Where is it?" I asked, I really needed something to at least cover my eyes, eyeliner, shadow, like almost anything.
"Somewhere in the back, in one of my purses." She answered putting her shades on.

I tried to turn and get them, but she had too many purses to go through as the loud music of her new radio, the crazy way she drives and the amount of air hitting my face didn't help. I failed to have any make up on before we got to the spa. Well, actually, I was able to find her eyeliner, but the speed she was going with and her sudden turns, just made me look even more...messy!

"You look great, come on." She said, hastily getting out of her car.
"Shut up." I said as I walked in with her, trying to cover my face. It was bad enough for me having to sleep on the couch, my face was pale and my eyes looked swollen. Gosh, I wished this day would end really fast; I was too tired before it even started.

Ashley and I then got seperated as each one of us had her own room, her own stuff and her own clients to deal with.
I walked into mine, to see someone was already standing there and waiting for me.

I was in such a hurry I didn't even look at him, not to mention trying to hide my now horrible face.
"Hello there mr..." I paused to look at the paper of schedules in my hand and added. "Parker." As I then put the special outfit on to start my work with him.
"It's mr Iero." He corrected.
"Iero..." I said going through my paper. "There's no mr Iero for today." I said looking at him suspiciously. Wait, I have seen him before, he's the first person I massaged yesterday, what brought him back here? He has no appointment for today.
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