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Chapter 3.

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"How can I help you mr Iero?" I said. It felt kind of weird talking like that, but I had to sound 'professional.' that's how they trained us to be.

"I lost my wallet, I think I dropped it here somewhere." He said.
"Oh." I replied. I was, somehow, disappointed, I was kind of hoping he was back looking for me. That was childish I know, he doesn't even know me, but I've always dreamed to meet my prince charming just like in fairytales. Wait, did I just call him prince charming?
Stop wishing and hoping for none sense! I made another mental note to myself. But god he looked so cute, since when did I think piercings are hot?

"So have you seen it?" He interrupted my thoughts.
"No." I replied looking away, as I remembered I looked horrible today.
"Can I just look for it then?" He added scanning the ground with his eyes.
"You can go to the lost and founds section sir." I said. sir? What was I thinking? He's almost my age! God I hate being 'professional'.

"Right, later then." Was the last thing he said before he turned and left.

I didn't really think much about that as the next client went in right after 'mr Iero' left.
So I went on working. I worked so hard my hands were killing my at the end of the day.

"Claire are you there?" I heard Ashley scream from the other end of the door as I was putting everything back to place and getting ready to leave.
"Yeah come in." I said as she pushed the door excitedly and went in.
"So, guess what!" She said with a large beam on her face trying to help me rearrange everything.
"What?" I said tiredly.
"So the owneeer..." She added with her grin getting larger. "Actually likes me!"
"Right, where's the interesting part?" I replied in a low tone. I was really exhausted and she looked as if she didn't hadn't done anything today.

"No I mean..." She explained. "He really likes me."
"Wait, he's like..." I paused to think as I realized the rich owner of this whole spa is into Ashley to then repeat in shock: "He's like..."
"64!" She interrupted. "He's so funny though." She added putting the lotions back in the closet.
No wonder she didn't look tired, the owner likes her, the owner doesn't give her much work.
"But Ashley that'!" I said frowning.
"I like him too!" She then added.
"Remember Sam from last time?" I said trying to convince her what she was doing isn't right.

"That's interesting." She said as she was still kneeling next to the lower closet.
"Yeah, Sam turned out to be married with grandchildren!" I added.
"No, there's a wallet in here and I don't think that's yours." She said picking it up from the floor.
That guy 'Iero' immediately hit my mind. "So it was here all the time!" I exclaimed trying to take it from her.
"Wait!" She said moving her hand away. "I want to see what's in it!" She added opening it!
I can't believe her! She's going through his stuff, that is so like her!
"Give it to me!" I said as she had already got some paper out of it.
"Ashley, give it to me!" I repeated aggressively but she didn't listen, instead, she kept going through it.
"Ohhh, a phone number!" She said holding a card in her hand.
"Just put it back!!!" I shouted as I finally managed to get the wallet out of her hand.

She still had the card with the number though. Wait, what is she doing?
"Ashley no, come on!" I said as I saw her getting her cellphone off of her purse. She's going to call this number! She is just too random and crazy! we weren't allowed to touch clients' personal stuff!
"Ashley!!!" I repeated as she put her hand in front of my face shushing me: Someone had answered the number she dialed! and she was actually going to talk to them! She's going to get both of us fired I was sure! That didn't stop me from listening, I could only hear her end of the conversation though as she was saying: "Hello....Who is is?......No, who's talking to me.....No, I'd like to know first.....I won't say until you do...." It was annoying and I knew she would go on like this forever so I just snapped and took the phone from her saying: "Just give it to me!"

"Hello?" I heard a voice say. "For the last time, who is it?"
"I'm sorry." I apologized realizing I had nothing else to say as the only thing that hit my mind after that was the question I had asked: "Is this mr Iero?"
"Yes." He answered. "Do you mind explaining what's going on?"
"Umm..." I hesitated, I didn't know if I was supposed to say who I was, he might get pissed off if he knew we went through his stuff.
"Hello?" He added.
"I found your wallet mr Iero." I said as Ashley was trying to stick her ear on the phone to listen to the whole thing.
"Oh good, cause I really need it at the moment." He said to then add: "Can you meet me at the starbucks cafe? You know where that is?"

Ofcourse I know where it is, it's in the same building where I lived.
"Yeah, I can make it there in about 15 minutes." I answered as Ashley poked me frowning.
"Make that 10." I corrected as I knew she drives like crazy.
"Ok, I'll be waiting by the bar." He added. I can't believe I'm going to see him outside the work place!
"Alright, see you then, bye." I said hanging up.
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