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Chapter 4.

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Frank's Pov

This phonecall was kind of weird, where the hell would she get my phone number from?That didn't matter though, I really wanted to get this wallet back, I have some really important papers in it.

"Gerard!!" I shouted to Gerard sitting with his wife Lyn-z in the other room.
"What?" He yelled back.
"Come." I wanted to send him instead of me, I wasn't really feeling like leaving the hotel at the moment.
"What do you want?" He shouted. Damn him, if he didn't come I'll seriously shoot him, I've been covering his ass so much lately he has to at least come over when I ask him to.
"Get your ass over!" I yelled as he walked in the living room.
"What the fuck do you want?" He said angrily.

I smiled childishly, he knew I wanted a favor from him.
"Don't fucking think about it!" He added pointing his finger to me. "I don't have time for you now!"
"What the hell!" I replied, he got me so mad. "I know you like starbucks." I added insisting on making him go get me my wallet.
"Frank just deal with it on your own." He said turning away. "I have my own shit to deal with." He added going back to join Lyn-z in the kitchen.

What a fucking asshole, he just pissed the shit out of me. I get him out of so much trouble, what a way to freakin' thank me. I seriously need a drink now.

So I headed to starbucks sat by the bar, waiting for my wallet.

I thought she said it'll take her 10 minutes. It's over 30 minutes now and I'm still waiting which is getting getting on my nervs.

Claire's Pov

"I can't believe you Ashley!" I said in anger. So we were on our way to starbucks, everything was just so perfect, until lady Ashley here spotted some college guys checking her out from their own convertable, they were at the same stop sign as us. And yes, she had to follow them and feel like a 16 year old again. God knows what she'll be up to next.
"TAKE ME HOME ASHLEY!!" I then yelled, she really upsets me sometimes, behaving like children. I understand she's an attention seeker but "COME ON!!!" I yelled.

"Come on Claire! Remember when we used to be spontanious!?" She said speeding up.
"NO! no no no ! I don't want to die!" I screamed holding on to my seat as she started laughing and winking to those boys.
"Ashley I swear I'll never talk to you again!" I said. "Let me OUT!" I added glaring at her.
"Fine." She accepted slowing down. "You don't know what you're missing!" She said grinning as she pulled over.
"I don't want to know!" I replied angrily as I got out of the car.

I admit it, I was a little worried about her, maybe I shouldn't have left her alone with those guys to chase, but who am I kidding, she's the one who started it.
Nicely done, Ashley, the only good part in my face today was my hair, and thanks to her reckless drivings, it simply messed it up as hell. I don't care anyways, that guy probably left and I'm left to walk there.

So I did, it was dark and scary, but I couldn't have just stayed there, the neighborhood frightened me, there was no cars passing by, no lights, no people, complete silence and some cats.

When I got to my building, where starbucks was, I thought I'd come in to check for that 'mr Iero' and see if he was still there, because right now, I was almost an hour late.

"What happened to I'll be there in 10 minutes." He said as he spotted me coming in.
"I'm....I'm sorry..." I replied. I didn't know what else to say. I was tired, my eyes were red, I had no make up on, and now my hair is ruined. So all I simply reached out for his wallet and handed it to him.
"What happened to you?" He asked, stopping me while I was turning to leave.
"Umm..." I said thinking from where to start.
"That bad huh?" He replied as I simply nodded sadly. It was actually bad. When I was coming here, I never thought I'd end up like this. I thought it was going to be fun, but all I'm doing so far is working, and now I'll have to go to this shitty place I'm starting to call home and probably hurt my back along with my neck this time because I'm definitly fall asleep on the couch because my so called 'fiance' doesn't stop talking shitty boring stuff about himself.

"You know you get drifted away with thoughts a lot." He said with a light beam, interrupting my thoughts.
He was right, he was the only one to notice it though, it made me, somehow smile and then, stare at him, I never really noticed how beautiful his eyes were, maybe it's because this time he was looking back at me.
Yes, I was being drifted away again, but the cellphone then rang breaking this whole moment of silence.

"Sorry." I said as I got the phone out of my bag to answer. It was Ashley, what could she be up to now.
"Yes Ashley." I replied looking at that guy Iero in front of me, I really hoped he wouldn't leave now.
"Claire.." Ashley whispered.
"What? What do you want?" I said firmly, I admit it, I was a little mad at her.
"Help, Claire, help!" Ashley whispered again.
"What? Why are you whispering." I said, confused. This better not be one of her pranks.
"They locked me in." She added crying.

My eyes opened wide as I heard what she said. Those damn boys, I knew she shouldn't have messed with them.
"What the fuck Ashley!" I said loudly. "Where are you?" I then added.
"Remember where I dropped you off?" She said.
"Yeah I remember that old, filthy, dark, scary neighborhood." I answered. "Wait, I'll call the police." I added.
"What! No!" She replied. "My parents will find out!"
Oh god. She's about to get....God knows what....And the thing she's afraid of the most is her parents finding out. I don't blame her though, her parents may have given her all the financial supplies she needs and more, but they are still so harsh on her and so strict it gets scary sometimes.
"All you need to do is to open the red door there, I think it's the only red one in, it's to the left of where I dropped you off. I'm locked in there." She added. "No one is here now so hurry before they get back." She then said.
"Ok, I'll be right over." I said hanging up.

"I'm sorry but I have to go now." I said.
"Is something wrong?" He asked.
"Yeah..." I replied. Ashley was somehow kidnapped and I had to walk back to this frightening place where I was before.
"Oh my god!!!" I said loudly. Well it came out by accident, I had realized that it takes me around 30 minutes to get there.
"What?" He replied.
"Do you have a car?" I asked. I felt so cheap when I asked that, I usually don't like asking people's help with anything but that was urgent.
"Yeah, you need a ride?" He replied.
"Yes, PLEASE!" I said. "We need to hurry." I added.
"Ok, let's go then." He added picking up his keys to leave.

I followed him to his car thinking if I should tell him the story with Ashley or if I should simly call the cops. Nevermind her parents, her dad will probably forbid her from working here but that would save her life, wait, if she doesn't work here then I have nobody, it's simple, I'll just go, somehow open that 'red' door she was talking about, get her out to then we go back home and never step near this place again. Yeah, that sounds like it. Right?
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