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Gerard tells Bonnie what he thinks about love.

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Author Note - Hey guys wow I can't believe it's been so long and I feel so bad for leaving out a chapter. I'm so sorry =(. Well like before said that now characters might seem a bit mean or portrayed differently no not the band members or main characters but people coming up. But just remember that this is a fanfiction. And this probably not how it went down in reality.
So tired my head is not pounding so hard now. Wait a second I got hurt and went on laptop, Gerard was holding me. So that means that I'm still sleeping in Gerard lap. Shit! I better get up his legs are probably asleep and someone might think somethings up!
I opened my eyes to find noone. Gerard wasn't there. What a relief though it would of been kinda akward to be in his lap. I looked at my laptop and it said 11:00 a.m. Oh ok...WHAT?!?!?! I slept through all of yesterday?!!! The concert! The photo shoot and interview! The interview is at 11:45 and photo shoot at 12:30! I got off the couch and ran to pick out some clothes. I moved pretty fast and I was still a bit dizzy I didn't even notice that Gerard had come on the bus. I bumped right into him when trying to get my hairbrush.
"Ouch!" I said."Bonnie, are you alright? Where's the fire?" he asked."Gerard! We have to get ready for the interview and the photo shoot."I explained to him. Gerard laughed a little. "Bonnie Bonnie, by any chance did you notice that the bus isn't moving and we aren't in London?."I looked at him questionally."Bonnie we are close to London but both buses engines are messed up. The engineers are here and working are it. Both our managers called Kerrang! and the interview is going to take place at 5 along with the photo shoot." He explained to me while escorting me to the couch in the bakc of the bus. I sat down and sighed deeply. " Hold up! what about the concert!?""Well we got a call from the owner of the venue and turns out that the venue went through expection last night and they didn't past so the show was cancelled." he explained."Dude that sucks. I got to write an apoligy letter to the fans." I said I was sad that the show was cancelled, i hated that fact that some kids wait and wait for the show and then the day comes and people say' the show is cancelled'."Bonnie you can do that later but you still don't well enough to me. Wait here." Gerard said and went to the kitchen and came back with a cup of coffee in his hand along with a bottle of advil.
He handed me the coffee and I took a couple of sips."Thank Frank for keeping it warm for you" he said and handed me two pills."Thanks" I said and took the pills. Then I heard a cellphone ring. Gerard took out his phone and sat, I guess it was a text message. He closed his phone and his face looked like horror had struck him."Gerard? What's wrong you seem well not well"I asked I was really concern."Nothing is wrong. Well... actually I don't know Bonnie. I should be excited and happy but I'm not." he said to me but kept on looking forward."I..I don't understand Gerard. Please explain. I want to be of help but I can't if you don't talk." I said. Gerard kept staring forward into space and began to explain."Bonnie, my girlfriend well she is actually my fiance. Amanda is her name and she coming on tour with us. She gave me a call and said that she was lonely and bought a ticket to paris. She is going to meet us at the festival we have over there and will stay with us until we go the break before Projekt Revolution. When she told me I just.. I don't know I felt like the fun was over. I feel like a storm is about to hit and I have to stay and deal with it." Gerard turned to face me and his expression on his face made me sad and helpless. "Shouldn't I be happy I mean she is my fiance and soon to be my wife. Why am I unhappy?""Gerard maybe your just scared. Some people are scared of being tied down and just the word marriage makes them tremble. Who knows maybe when she gets here everything will be fine." I said patting his head. Gerard touched my hair and pulled me into a hug."I hope your right Bonnie" he said. All I could do is comfort him and hope that all is fine. I wanted Gerard to be happy he deserves after all.
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