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Cooking and some Spanish words

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The guys get hungry waiting for the repair. Bonnie, Bri, and Frank decide to cook. But then some occurs where Frank and Bri get held hostage byt the rest of the 2 bands. Gerard also starts to speak...

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Gerard was going to be okay we talked for a bit. But we didn’t get really deep into conversation, it’s his personal life anyways. Ray later came to tell us that the mechanics were going to be another hour. He also told us that the guys were getting hungry and Mikey & Kevin wanted to cook something to eat and to feed the whole group.

I got up from my seat and told Gerard “And that is my cue to et into the kitchen and start cooking.”
Gerard started to laugh and so didn’t Ray.
“Kevin seems like he can handle it” Ray said.
“Tell that to my now black ceiling and half melted oven. He seems innocent but is truly filled with pure kitchen evil” I said laughing a bit.
Gerard, Ray, and I left their bus and went on to mine. Jeez it looked like a party was going on.
“Michael & Kevin please step away from the mini kitchen! Kevin we know about the past incidents! The oven & the black ceiling! Mikey we all know what you can do!” Ray called out using his hands to make his voice sounds like a megaphone. The bus burst into laughter.

“Bonbon, what should we make?” Bri came towards me and ruffled my hair.
“I don’t know get the recipe box out” I said pointing to one of the cabinets.
“Bonbon, I’ll help out!” I heard a call out but with so many people on the bus I couldn’t see who said it. Then I saw Frank appear and smiled at me.
“I’m guessing you are the chef for your band?” I asked
“Yes, ma’ma, I am Chef Frank at your service” he bowed and laughed.
You really got to love his laugh. Makes you smile.

Bri, Frank,& I sat in the back lounge area to get some peace and quiet, so we could choose what to make.
“What are we going to make, they are getting out of control now, they’re hungry” Frank said pointing to the front of the bus.
“Well let’s see what we got, this is our recipe box. Bri and me made this, every good dish that we have came up with put into cards, and all into this little box.” I explained.
Bri opened the box and there were several index cards. Frank reached in and picked out a card.
“Fresh Garden Salad w/ choices of toppings? Sounds kind of good” Frank said with pleased smile.
“Yeah it’s really good. Our band really loves that dish, they can’t get enough of it.” Bri explained.
“Well if it’s that good then we’ll make that.” Frank said
“Alright how about we make some alfredo pasta?” Bri asked look to both sides of him, where me and frank were sitting.
“Sounds good” Frank and I said in unison.
“Frank what do you have to offer?” I said , jokingly.
“Umm….coffee? And….. Mum…. Oh we’ve got tons of fruit!” he exclaimed. I could almost see the rightful go off above his head.

We left the back lounge area and told the two bands to leave our bus so that we space to cook. We couldn’t be bothered either, no one other then Bri, Frank and I were to be on our bus.
“Why can’t we come on/ Why can’t we know what you are making?” Kev asked, complaining more than asking really.
“Kev just listen to Bonnie and the food will be a surprise” Bri said defending me.
“Bonnie I’ll ask one more time what are you guys making?” asked Matt and Gerard.
“Comida” I said proudly.
“Jeez, your just like your mom in the kitchen” Matty said while turning around and leaving the bus.
“Comida?” Gerard asked.
Luckily Matt could translate for him.
“Food is what it means. Comida means food in Spanish, get it?” Matt explained to Gerard.
He nodded and left the bus.
Finally we got all of them off the bus, but keeping them off, well….I don’t know.

Well in any case Bri and I got out the ingredients and got the pot of water on the stove so we could start boiling water for the pasta. Meanwhile Frank was already cut up some lettuce and tomatoes, along with some onions, cheese, & green peppers. Bri got our tiny wooden bowls that would hold the dressings. The water was finally boiling and I went and placed the uncooked pasta in the pot. Bri went and got the alfredo sauce and started to add a bit of cheese. We decided to work on the fruit salad so that it would be fresh when served. Everything was going great until I saw that we had no tuna for another idea for the salad or oil.
“Shit we got no oil or tuna for the salad what are we going to do?” I asked kind of worried.
“Wait we got that stuff on on my bus” Frank said comforting
“Alright way to go , Frank” Brian said giving Frank a high five.
“Ok then, thanks Frank. Bri go with Frank and get the fruit and that stuff” I said while checking on the pasta.
“Ok we’ll go get the stuff and we won’t let them know what were making” Frank said while leaving.
“Thanks!” I called out after them.
I went over to the cabinets and got out some plates, cups, and silverware. I took all of that stuff to the back lounge to set up the table. I heard the door to open , someone breaded the bus. I thought it was either Frank or Bri so I called out instantly.
“Hey good thing your back can you get me the napkins? I left them right near the sink. Oh check on the pasta see if it’s fully cooked. “ I called out.
I heard the lid of the pot lift and put back on. I heard footsteps move towards me. I turned out to get the napkins and I turned to Gerard holding the napkins in his hands.
“Gerard, what are you doing back here? You should leave before Frank Bri get back, they will be mad.” I warned him.
“Sorry, I got curious” he said like a little kid caught in the act of taking a cookie before dinner.
“You know what they say. Curiosity killed the cat” I warned him again.
“But satisfaction brought it back” He shot back.
“Well aren’t you just a very clever person, Mr.Way”I said
“Madam, please. Call me Gee” he said but in his British accent.
“I thought we had are conversation about nicknames. When you call me Bonbon I can call you Gee” I smiled.
“Ahh yes I do remember that conversation we had. I will have victory, madam.” He replied still using his British accent.

Then my cellphone rang.

“Hold on one second, please ,sorry” I said to Gerard before I picked up my cellphone.
Gerard just nodded.
“Bonbon, it’s Frank. We’re kind of in a jam” he replied
“In a jam? What do you mean?” I asked, kind of worried. What the hell did they get into?
“Well Me and Brian are being held hostage until we tell them what we are making for them” He replied, it was obvious that he was on speaker phone.
“Ok then don’t tell them I need to think about what to do. I’ll all you back with my answer.” I said and hung up the phone.

I looked up at Gerard and I knew I was going to need his help.
“Can you mister, take directions and not question anything I say?” I asked him.
He gave me a look that said ‘ what are you planning to do?’ but he replied with “Yes, I guess so”
“Good then let’s finish up this cooking, shall we?” I said walking past him back into the kitchen.
He followed me and went behide me as I was finishing to chop some green peppers Frank had missed.
“So what do you want me to do?” he asked stared at my hands and the chopping movements I made.
“Ok.See those chopped up onions, cheese, and salad dressings?” He nodded “ And see those tiny wooden bowls? He nodded again “ Well what you are going to do is in each bowl you are going to put one of the various toppings, separately of course.” I explained to him.
He nodded again and went to work, I finished chopping up the last green peppers and then went to drain out the spaghetti. While I made sure all the water was out of the spaghetti and I went over and put the lettuce and tomatoes in a large bowl.
“Hey Gerard can you toss that salad a bit please?” I said while I placing back the spaghetti into the pot again.
“Yeah, no problem” he replied.
Damn it, when I thought all was going well, I forget about the fruit salad. Luckily since Gerard was working with me he could be my ally in this hostage situation.
“Hey Gerard?” I tried to make my voice sweet as can be. “ Do you think that you could get me some fruit from your bus and bring it over here so I can make a “fruit salad?” I added a wide grin to top it off.
“How they will find out I’m working for you” he said .
“Well…. , luckily you are an artist. You can goon the bus grab your sketch book and a bag and a bowl. Now if they ask you about the fruit, you can just say you want to try the fruit bowl drawing. You are an artist” I smiled at him with my well thought out plan.
He smiled back and left the bus.
I went back to the spaghetti and added the alfredo sauce and mixed it together. Then I heard the door open but this time I decided to look. Gerard had gotten the fruit.
“Delivery!” Gerard called out
“Did they ask you anything?” I asked, they probably did.
“Nope”he said simply.
“No? Did they see you?” I had to ask
“Yeah but they looked back at Frank and Bri who were blindfolded.
“Wow, they just let you take a bunch of frit and a bowl. But they also had Frank and Bri in blindfolds? Our bands are weird” I said in amazement.
“So true” he sighed.

Me and Gerard at up the fruit and tossed it in a bowl. Now we had set the table and finished everything. I got out a 2 bottles of soda I filled two cups and gave one to Gerard.
“Well I think we did a good job. Thank you” I said with gratitude.
“Oh yeah, because chopping and tossing is cooking. Bonnie I looked at you and were add herbs, stirring, using the stove” He said.
“Hey we wouldn’t of had a fruit salad or any of this with you didn’t sneak in. So….salut!”I said raising my glass.
I saw Gerard’ confused face. “Salut?”
“It means cheers, in Spanish” I sighed
“Salut~” he repeated
Then we had our drinks. After we left my bus to head of to his so we could tell the rest of band our decision. We knocked and boarded the bus.
“Men, I have…well…/we/ have made our decision” I announced
“we? Gerard you helped her out`?” said Bob
“Yeah, she needed it” he said
“well..anyways we have to tell you that the food is ready and that the mechanics are here” I said and left the bus with Gerard and then 30 seconds after the rest of the bands followed. It was very, very crowded. Luckily, a good amount of people were able to get in the back and only a few in the front.
Many compliments were given out to Gerard, Brian, Frank, and I. Gerard and I took a sit in the front eating area. He was about to take a bite of his spaghetti but then stopped and raised his fork with spaghetti on it.
“Bonnie? Salut?”he said smiling.
I laughed a bit and raised my fork “ Salut!” I said in reply.
Only Ray,Kev, and Bob were in the front and they looked confused.
Hahahaha! Salut to them!
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