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Time of the Ghost

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Ghosts have no sense of time

Category: Final Fantasy 8 - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Characters: Fujin, Seifer, Ultimecia - Warnings: [!!!] - Published: 2006-01-23 - Updated: 2006-01-23 - 463 words - Complete

She walked in a Garden, and planted her SeeDs.

And they grew up and slew the sorceress that possessed her that planted the seeds that grew up and slew the sorceress that she possessed...

Only men think time runs like a river from the land's heart to the sea.

Sorceresses know that time just runs. Coming and going and backwards and forwards and sideways and upside down and moebius loops and spirals of silverlight wire that snarl and tangle...

Time doesn't run for her. She killed it, long ago, on the doorstep of her house, because of a fairy tale.


When she was six, her mother read her a fairy tale, one she said had been her papa's favourite when he had been young, about knights and dragons and something else. Every little girl wants to marry their father when they grow up; to little girls, papas are heroes.

Like knights in shining armour.

Her mama finished the story, and when the sun fell down and her papa came after doing his Work, she ran to the door to meet him, all shining and brave with his bright hair and red crosses on his arms. And she cried out, "Papa, will you be my Knight?"

And mama dropped a plate and ran to the door; and she cried "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Papa, I love you, I won't make you my Knight! PAPAAAAA!"

But papa went away, and her mother stared at space with her one good eye and the wind howled through the open doorway.


Ghost hair, the kids used to tease her. She used to run to papa and cry and he would say he would -- she doesn't remember. She won't ever ask of him again. She promised. Won't you come back, Papa?

But they were right and papa was wrong, because she killed Time and she must be a ghost because time is dead and she is dead and her papa is dead and her mama is dead...

Time is dead, it is ending it is beginning she is the ghost in the dark for time has come to an end.

All times must become as one, she sings to the darkness, waiting for her Knight. She will plant a seed, that flowers and grows, and he will become her Knight, and then she will bring an end to time and then she will have her Papa, or her Papa will have her, and she will ask him to be a Knight again and Papa will leave and she will bring time to an end again...

She sits in the dark waiting, because she is a ghost and has no name, or is it because Papa hasn't named her yet?

It's time to plant her seed and watch it grow.
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