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"That Would be Me"

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Frank's Awake, Kidna Just Details On his Condition Really....

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“He’s Awake!” Gerard Screamed down the phone, his younger brother on the receiving end.
“That’s awesome!” Mikey Squealed, ‘Hey Guys – did you hear that??” Gerard could hear Mikey’s Sub-Conversation with people in the background – presumable the rest of the band, “Frankie’s awake… HE’S FUCKIN AWAKE!”
Gerard Laughed – For what felt like the first time in years.
He had yet to see Frank , the doctors had insisted he leave the room while they made sure he was actually awake. He couldn’t wait.
“Hey, Mikes – I’ll phone you if there’s any more news from here” Gerard interrupted the Guys’ Squeals of joy from the other side of the phone.
“Yea, Sure!” Mikey Replied, Gerard could hear the happiness in his voice, “See Ya, bro!” Gerard heard the click of the receiver and let out a sigh of relief and placed his phone in his pocket.
He’s awake He thought to himself, whilst walking back up towards Frankie’s Hospital room, He’s Gonna make it!
If he had been in a less public place, Gerard was sure he would’ve began skipping, like a little schoolgirl, but he restrained himself, after all, if he did it would be posted on YouTube within the hour….
He made it all the way to Frank’s room without a single skip, and collapsed heavily into one of the vacant, cushioned chairs in the waiting room, the Doctor would be sure to come and update Gerard with news on his friends condition sooner or later.
At that precise moment, a tall, balding man wearing a white jacket with a badge that Read “Dr. D Workman” Came out of the hospital room Gerard had spent the past 3 weeks visiting. Gerard Still pondered as to what the D In His Name stood for.
“Mr….. Way?” He asked, Gerard Nodded. If this had been an average situation, Gerard would’ve been angered by the fact that he had spent 12 hours a day in the Doctors Company, and yet the doctor struggled to remember his name, but he was just glad he could hear news of Frankie’s health, so he shrugged it off and began listening intently to the Doctors Explanation.
“Well…” the Doctor Continued, Reading from his Clipboard, with an air of importance in his voice, “We are very pleased with Mr Iero’s improvement… but we need to be sure that you understand Frank’s situation at the moment, Okay??”
Gerard nodded eagerly, feeling like a small child gazing up at his teacher.
“Good, Well, Frank has been through quite an ordeal, and at the moment he is unable to do…. Things an average person needs to do in an Average life” Gerard Noticed the fact that Dr. Workman Avoided using the word “Normal” very often.
“So..” Dr Workman Continued, “He is unable to use his limbs independently, or communicate, but he can hear you. He will probably be a bit confused at the moment, as to what happened to him…”
Gerard Could remember every moment, the instant Franks expression had changed as his failing body fell towards the floor, in a crumpled heap. It Swam in and out of his dreams at night, the moment that changed Everything….
“I Understand” Gerard Muttered.
“Ok.. Good” Smiled Doctor Workman his hand gripping Gerard’s shoulder attempted comforting, “Just a few more things. Firstly, Mr. Iero Will Need to Spend slightly longer in here, he will need physiotherapy and a lot of support to gain fundamental abilities. Also – When he leaves our care, he will need a full time Carer-”
“That would be me” Gerard Replied instinctively, he would care for Frank, whatever he needed, Gerard would be there, and he knew that.
“Caring For Mr. Iero will be quite difficult” Dr. Workman Warned, “It will take a lot of time- are you sure?? It will affect not only your life but other people close to you.”
“If People don’t understand that Frank comes first, then their obviously not people close to me” Gerard Insisted, nothing would make him stop caring for Frank.
“Of Course, Well, Mr Way, you can come in and see Frankie now, he’s ready”
Gerard beamed with joy and followed the doctor into the small hospital room.

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