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Sleep, Just Sleep

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Frank learns of his condidtion.

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The Sunlight shone through the window down onto Frank Iero’s Motionless body, he stirred from his deep slumber and gazed around the room. One Thing was for sure, It wasn’t his Bedroom.
What did I do last night?? He challenged his mind, trying to think of what had possibly happened last night. He came to the conclusion that he had had a bit too much to drink, and settled his mind.
Yet that didn’t explain how he had gotten here, he tried to crane his neck around to see if anyone else was in the room, yet he was unable to, he tried to call out to someone – anyone, to tell him where he was, but no sound could be heard emitting from his chapped lips Why Can’t I Talk?? He began to panic.
He had already grown to hate the room he was currently abandoned in.
White. He hated white. Yet It was everywhere, the walls, the floor, the sheets on his bed. His Eyes darted around the room as his immobile body was getting ever more tired from his battle against his Current Paralysis.
Where was everyone?? Gerard, Mikey, Bob and Ray, He had been with them last night, he was sure of it. He attempted to call out their names, but his speech could only be heard within the four walls of his own head.
He lay there motionless for some time, unsure whether to cry or laugh – not that he could do either of those actions at the current moment. His Mouth felt so dry, he tried to swallow, but yet again, he was unable to. He felt angry at himself, for not being able to do anything about being stuck there.
Outside, he could hear faint voices, come closer he presumed, by the rise in volume of their voices,
“Here he is” Said the First voice, strangely Frank recognized the mans voice faintly.
“Thank You.” Replied the second, as the door clicked open. Frank’s heart soared at the sound of the latter man.
GERARD! Gerard’s here! I’m not alone, he’ll save me!
Frank had guessed right, he was filled with joy as a familiar face peered around the door frame directly in front of Frank. Gerard.
“Heyy Man! You’re awake, finally! We’ve been so worried!” Gerard Smiled, and strode over to Frank’s Bedside. Frank felt safe and secure under his friend’s relieved gaze.
Gerard immediately knew that Frank wanted to know what had happened to him, and Gerard felt obliged to fill him in on the details before the doctors did..
“Frank, It’s uhhhm, well, It’s a bit strange see… Well, Its July 16th” He stated, Frank’s Eyes widened with surprise. That was 3 weeks after the last date he remembered.
“So.. yea” Gerard continued, gazing directly into Frank’s eyes, “You’ve uhhm… Well, You’ve had a…. Stroke. You can’t really move much. At all really.” The last words were barely audible, yet Frank heard. Panic seeped slowly into every cell in his body, Gerard could sense the terror in his mind.
“Don’t worry, though. I’m here with you. And I’m not going anywhere” He assured, his gaze still meeting Frank’s, who lay there expressionless, but yet clearly filled with dread.
“It’s okay to be scared, Frank. You’ve been through a lot. Just Don’t forget that I’m here for you, and I always will be… we’re all here for you, the guys aswell. ”
Frank Lay there, taking in what Gerard had just said, would everyone still like him?? Would They be able to tolerate his incapability?
Gerard broke Franks trail of Thought with “Well, Mikey almost Pissed his pants when you fell..”
If Frankie had been able to he would’ve possibly laughed at this point, Mikey Panicking was always a scene worth watching. And When he’d wet himself in 9th grade His face had been Priceless. But at that moment, Frankie didn’t want to remember happy memories.
Frank wanted to leave, run home, shut his bedroom door, be alone, listen to music, play guitar - everything a normal person could do. He tried pulling himself up, using every remaining bit of energy in him to do so. He failed, and just lay there, overcome with worthlessness.
“Hey, hey! Don’t try and move, not just yet. You’ve been enough for today. Just Sleep” Gerard soothed.
So Shut Your eyes, kiss me goodbye. And Sleep, Just Sleep
Gerard stroked Frankie’s pale cheeks, and sang to him. Losing all track of time, just soothing his friend into a calm, non drug-induced sleep.
Have i Runied it yet?? I can't help but think my story lacks something.... Probably a good author.
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