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This is the story I did the casting call for.

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We see Natalie, Nickee, Leigh, Emmi and Angel(who is the twin of Zac Farro) all sitting on a bus just doing different things. Natalie is working with Emmi and Angel on some lyrics for some new songs. Nickee was updating the bands livejournal, MySpace, and Buzz Net. Leigh was drawing. Leigh usually did the bands art work for anything. Like their shirt, posters, and anything else. Angel helped her with some of the art work. Well these five girls are in a band Twilight Girls. There is a story for the name of the band.

Their band is names Twilight Girls because one time of the summer between their junior and senior year they were all together for a week straight staying at Nickee’s house (This included their friend Hayley too). And every night they would sleep all day and go out all night. Well Nickee’s parents called them the Twilight Girls. So they liked that and that was their nickname for their whole senior year. And that was also the year they made a band and decided to call the band that too. Hayley was in the band for a while but she was asked by Angel’s twin brother and older brother to join their band. Now called Paramore. So there is the story about the name of the band.

Back to the girls on the bus. They were on a tour with a lot of different bands. But all the bands had one thing in common; they were all signed onto Fueled By Ramen. It was kind of like Projekt Revolution but with out Linkin Park. The big band on it were Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, The Academy Is…, Cute Is What We Aim For, and Gym Class Heros. And there were some smaller bands like The Cab, Cobra Starship, Paramore, The Hush Sound and Twilight Girls.

Panic! At The Disco, Paramore and Twilight Girls are all really good friends. Hayley and Emmi are going out and have been for two years. Josh and Nickee have been going out for 3 years and they are engaged to get married later this year. Zac and Leigh have been going out for a year and Jeremy and Rachel have been going out for six months. (We know that these couples knew each other growing up so we know how they met.) Angel is engaged to Adam T. Siska of The Academy Is… (They met when Paramore got signed and hit it off. It was hard for them to keep the relationship going because they could not see each other that much, but they worked it out and they are now on tour together) Natalie is dating Brendon and they have been for 2 months. (They hit it off right when they met each other at the release party for Twilight Girl’s first CD.) With the other guys in Panic!. Ryan have been going out with Rosalie for about a year now. Jon has been going out with Allison for about 2 year now. Last but not least Spencer is engaged with Jamie and they have been together for about 4 years.

So is looks like we have three couples planning on getting married. But some of the other couples are thinking about getting married but they have not decided if it is right.
Ok, so enough about the couples.

Here are some things about Twilight Girls. Natalie is the singer. She is mainly an alto, but sometimes can get a little high. Nickee is the screamer and bass player of the band. Screaming is something she learned from her brother. Leigh is the drummer. Angel is the guitarist and Emmi is the piano player. Angel and Emmi both do some back-up vocals. They both are soprano and could hit some notes that the band wanted but Natalie could not hit.

So the girls are on the tour bus waiting to get to the next venue.

“Hey guys. We should think of some things to do for our stage show. What do you all think?” Nat said.

“Hrmm, I don’t know. What did you have in mind?” Angel asked.

“Well kind of like maybe go out there and doing a couple songs where we all switch places. Well like maybe Angel could sing and I could play guitar, or Emmi sing and Angel play piano and I play guitar. Something like that.”

“I like that idea. We should try it for the next venue.” Emmi said.

The rest nodded their head and went back to what they were doing. Then the band phone rang. It was funny for them to have a band phone. They all had their own phone, but Fueled By Ramen thought that they needed a phone so a message could get to the whole band. Nat picked it up. She nodded her head a couple times. Said yes and then said good bye.

“So that was Adam. He wanted to let us know that we have a couple days off when we get to the next venue. We will be in a hotel. And we have one photo shoot. Two interviews and one dinner that everyone has to go to. Other then that the time is ours.”

The rest of the girls did their own little happy dance where they were. They were all happy because they could spend time with their boyfriends or fiancés. Angel and Nickee both got up and went into the back to talk. With them about to become sisters they have been spending time with each other more and more. And Emmi, Nat and Leigh all stayed up front to work on lyrics.

(In the back of the bus.)
“Nickee I was wondering if you wanted to go to dinner while we have the days off. Like we can ask Josh, and Sisky to go with us. I think it would be fun for us four to spend some time with each other before we become family.”

“I agree. We can also talk about the weddings. I think it would be cool if we have a double wedding. What do you think?”

“I like it, but I don’t know if the boys will. Like I think it’s a really good idea. But, I know that Sisky wanted to have a traditional wedding and then a fun wedding in front of the fans. I don’t know what he really has in mind, but I think it would be cool. So we will talk.” She nodded.

“Hey lets get the other girls back here and let’s watch a movie like old times. Kay?” Angel jumped up and ran out of the room. “I take that as a yes.” She heard a laugh and then the rest of the girls came back and got comfy.” Emmi got up and put in Step Up.

“Dude I love this movie. Guys remember when we begged our moms to send us all to dance classes.” Emmi said as she sat back down next to Leigh.

“Yea and they sent us to them and we didn’t like the ballet we wanted to do some hip hop. My mom was like ‘NO! You will like ballet.’” Nat said. They all laughed.

“But we all ended up taking some cool hip hop classes and stomping class. I liked those classes.” Angel said. They all laughed and went back to the movie. About half way through it they all fell asleep. They slept the whole way to the venue. They we woken up by bodies jumping on them all. Some of the girls woke up screaming, and some just hit the bodies that were on top of them. The bodies that were on top of them and slowing getting up were the boyfriends, fiancés and friends.

So they got off the bus and made it to some vans and went to the hotel. They got their rooms and went back to the venue. Twilight girls were second to play. So they had sound check kind of early. The girls decided that their first song of the day would be the song they mix everything up. So they would confuse the fans. Angel would sing, Nat would play piano, Emmi would play guitar and still do back-up vocals and Nickee and Leigh would play bass and drum as always.

I hope you liked it and comments are welcomed and loved. Let me know if you want something special to happen on your days off, let me know and I will put it in. Also let me know if you want something else to happen too. LOL
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