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Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

"Quick, Come on in." Gerard said pulling Mya into his house.

As he shut the door behind her, Mya swung her arms around his neck; never wanting to let go as he pulled her closer towards him.

"Hey gorgeous." Gerard said pushing her hair back out of her face.

Mya smiled, just staring into his eyes.

Roughly his tongue crashed into her mouth, moans came from both of them; very passionate!

"Woah!" Was all Gerard could say.

He was in love, you could tell by the look on his face, this wasn't just a fling anymore.

Mya giggled; "I love you more then I love life itself!" She smiled.

Gerard took hold of her hand and was about to start walking up the stairs.

"And where exactly do you think your taking me?" Mya said with a smirk.

Gerard winked; "To the place where all the magic happens..."

Mya loosened grip on his hand; "Gerard don't take this offensively but I don't wanna have sex in yours and Irina's bed" She paused. "It's just weird..."

"Yeah I guess your right..." He understood. "Lets just go to the sofa instead!" Gerard said smirking.

"Gerard!" Mya giggled.

"What?! I've missed it a crime just to want a little bit of fun?" He said sticking his tongue out.

"'s just weird doing it like in your house...the one you share with Irina..."

"My don't worry about it...we've done it here before, it's nothing different." He said be grabbing hold of her hand. "Anyway, we'll have our own place soon, it's gonna be good can fuck me when and where ever around the house!" He smirked.

Mya laughed and hit him; "You such a perv!"

"Well you love it!"

"Maybe I do" Mya giggled. "Come on lets go watch some TV."

Gerard looked shocked; "You came here to watch Tv, when you could be doing something much more interesting?!"

Mya laughed and hit Gerard; "Yes, is that a problem?"

"No, of course not." Gerard rolled his eyes, but Mya knew he was only joking.

Mya giggled again; "Come on then." She said taking hold of his hand and walking him into the living room to watch the TV.

"Fine, if i have to!" Gerard said in a depressing voice.

As they sat down Gerard put his arm around her.

"Aw." Mya said.

Gerard didn't know whether she was being sarcastic or not.

"Where did you tell Matt you were going to?" Gerard said starting off conversation.

"Oh just to my mates Isla. His girl mate Sarah was flying in tonight and he was going to pick her up."

"Oh. She's staying with you or something?"

"Yeah unfortunately...Oh well, when she's gone i'm gonna tell him about us..."

"Are you defiantly sure? You are ready?"

"Yes. Gerard we need to be together, we have to be together; and we won't be unless we tell them. If I tell Matt then at least it's a start."

"I guess your right." He said; "Then hopefully after that I can tell Irina and we can finally be together..."

"Good." Mya smiled. "Can i just ask you something?"

"Of course..."

"Well we're going to be together." She said; "And well I wanted to know what your going to do about your baby with Irina?"

"Oh...well i've hardly been thinking about it to be honest, but I would like to visit it, you know see it on the weekends and stuff like that. Well as long as your okay with it and that's if she lets me, which I actually doubt she will after she finds out..."

"Well if she does let you then I will be fine with you seeing it. I mean if it was the other way round and you two were together then I would still want you to have time with our baby." Mya smiled.

"I'm glad your okay with it; but she probably won't let me when she finds out..."

"You never know till it happens; that's what I was told."

"Yeah your right. Anyway can we kinda change the subject now?"

"If you want." Mya smiled again.

Right now she couldn't stop smiling whilst being around him.

Slowly he pushed her hair back, just like when she arrived. She had been here about half an hour now, she wasn't in any rush to get back, obviously Matt wanted time to catch up with Sarah so she might as well stay.

"Babe, lets do something..." Gerard said slowly, his hot voice on her neck made her shiver.

Mya just could resist, she wanted him; she wanted to do stuff with him, even after everything she just told him about the weirdness of them two doing stuff in Gerard and "Irina's" house.

"Like what..." Mya whispered back.

"Lie back..." Gerard said taking his arm from around her.

Mya wondered why he wanted her to lie back for, but she thought she ought to go along with it though.

"Okay then..." She said lying backwards.

Gerard got on top of her and started kissing her neck.

Slowly he tugged at her trousers till they were loose, and slid them down.

"I knew you just couldn't resist doing this..." Mya said.

She never got an answer back though.

After tugging her trousers down, he tried it with her underwear, Mya let him; she didn't even bother to stop him, there wasn't any point.

Suddenly she felt his hands "down there"

He let his hands just fiddle about, touching her over, nothing too major.

"Your wet..." He said.

Mya didn't answer.

Gerard lowered his head.

All off a sudden Mya felt his tongue against her walls, slowly dipping inside of her.

The feeling was just sensational!

She grabbed hold of his head, moving it about with just her hand.

Gerard pulled back; "You can have something else inside of you now..." He said winking at her.

She got excited, she never wanted this to stop. Her and Gerard together, it was the best thing imaginable.

He forced one of his fingers into Mya's mouth, she knew what he wanted to do. Her tongue rolled around it making it real wet, just before he took it out.

Gerard placed it between her legs and then pushed it in.

Mya arched her back up, it felt so good.

A few more times; in and out.

Suddenly they heard the front door go and a voice spoke up.


"Shit it's Mikey." Gerard said quietly pulling his finger out.

"Don't come in!" Gerard shouted back.

"Er why?" Mikey's voice said, sounding closer.

"I have Mya here, so wait!"

Gerard made it pretty clear to Mikey on why not to come in.

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