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Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

After the little coinsident with Mikey turning up, Mya thought it was best Gerard dropped her back home. He decided to drop her off outside her apartment block, obviously not going in with her.

"Well i'll see you probably before the end of the week, okay?" Gerard said smiling.

"Yeah of course." Mya replied, leaning in to kiss him.

Slowly they started making out again; until Mya pulled back.

"We really shouldn't, not around here anyway, it's to risking!"

"Your right, anyway bye!" He said with another smiled just like the last one.

"See you." Mya said getting out of the car.

5 seconds later he was gone; driven off down the road.

Mya sighed, why did such a good evening have to finish so soon; she thought to herself.

After getting into the bulding and lift, she got her keys out ready to go into the apartment.

As she was searching through her bag, she heard noises; noises from a women.

Mya knew Matt had Sarah around, but these weren't the noises she was expecting to hear...

"What the fuck?!" Mya said to herself.

She was confused, what exactly was going on in there?!

Frustratingly she searched for her keys quicker, and fianlly found them.

She put it in the key and turned the lock; whatever it they were, was just about to be revealed...

Mya walked in from the hall way, into the living room; nothing but she still heard those strange noises.

Suddenly it all came clear to her.

"Fucking scum!" She said to herself, as she stormed off to the bedroom, swinging the door open.

She couldn't believe what she was seeing...Matt and Sarah...FUCKING!!

"OH MY GOD!" Mya screamed; it definatly got both of their attentions.

"My!" Matt said; "It's not what your..." He quickly grabbed his boxers and pulled them up.

"Don't you fucking say it's not what i'm thinking! What else would it fucking look like?!" She screeched.

"I'm so sorry!" He said running over to her.

"Don't you dare come any closer to me!"

Sarah, wrapped the sheets around her and stood up; "And where the hell do you think your going?!" Mya said, increasing the volume on her voice.

"Er...I was gonna go into the other room. Leave you two alone..."

"Don't bother you dumb fucking whore; i'm going." Mya said starting to pack her stuff up.

"You can't go! You can't just walk on like that!" Matt said starting to take the things she was packing out.

"Leave them in there!" Mya screamed.

Matt didn't listen; Mya wasn't having any of this, suddenly she slapped him straight across his face, in which resulted in him falling to the ground.

Sarah ran over to him; crouching down checking he was ok...

Mya was quite proud, she didn't know she could slap so hard...She laughed to herself.

Matt finally started to get up; Mya didn't wanna stay around any longer.

She closed her case and started to walk out.

Matt ran after her as she got to the hall way; Sarah was no where to be seen.

"Don't go! Please My, I don't want you to leave me!"

"Well maybe you should have thought about that before pulling her pants down..." Mya said sarcastically with a smirk.

"It was just something that happen...I couldn't control it..."

Suddenly Mya though : She had been doing the exact same thing to him, why was she getting to worked up over it?! Plus she was feeling the same as what Irina will be feeling...maybe now was the time to give up and confess?

"Matt...I haven't been totally honest with you anyway..." Mya said calming down.

"How?" Matt said looking confused, or was that just his usual look, Mya couldn't tell.

"Well i'm just gonna come out with this." She said, telling the truth. "I'm pregnant, and no it isn't yours, wanna know who's it is?!" She said sounding like a total bitch now; "Gerard's! Yes Gerard and him have been having an affair behind your back, and you didn't even catch on, how fucking stupid are you?! That's where I was tonight, not Isla, he was also the person I was on the phone to earlier! Maybe you should open your eyes and ears a bit more..." Mya said smirking.

By that she walked out. Walked out on Matt forever; or had she?

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