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All he wants from her, is to grow up. Read and review. I hate updating without reviews.

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"Hey, there." one of Mikey's friends said as I joined them in their lunch table, "Where's Mikey?"
"I was actually going to ask you that." I said sitting down.
"Oh, Mikey? Yeah, I saw him with Janet earlier." another one of Mikey's friends joined in.
"Hm..He's right over..there." He said scanning the cafeteria, then pointing at a certain table where I saw Mikey laughing along to Janet and some of her friends.
"Wow. He's really into her." Mikey's friend, Jack, said.
"Not as much as she's into him. She's actually /in love/." I said.
"Haha. Score one for Mikey's team." Jack chuckled.
"Yeah, score one." I mumbled, looking down at my food. Mikey was everything I've ever wanted. But now, could you actually believe he was /taken/? Throughout our teen years, I've been pushing Mikey to go for that girl, but he never would. Then now, I'm the one that needs the pushing, but I can't anymore. Not because I'm too shy, but because I don't want to ruin our friendship. I didn't know what to do, but get a date to that Christmas dance.
"Jack?" I called out to him.
"Yeah?" He answered.
"Do you have a date to the Christmas dance?" I asked. I couldn't take it. I needed one. Everyone else in the table just suddenly stopped their talking and laughing, and stared at me.
"Are you asking me to the dance?" He laughed lightly. My cheeks were blushing a bright red. I blew it.
"Uh.." I stuttered nervously.
"Sure. With a girl like you, and a skirt like that, I'd go anytime." He smiled. I felt a little lighter now.
"Thanks." I said getting up.
"Where you going?" one of Mikey's friends asked.
"I'm not hungry. I guess, I'll just head on to the library." I replied. As I was getting up, I caught a glance at Mikey. He smiled, but I scowled and looked away. "Pfft. Go drown yourself in preppy asses like those girls." I thought to myself.
After school, I walked home alone. Well, before that, I was walking behind Mikey and his 'girlfriend'. The scene made my stomach churn, and through the whole time, I was clenching my fists. They locked each other by their arms, and she leaned her head on his shoulder. I caught some of their conversation.
"Oh, Mikey, I can't wait for the dance." she said in a girly, shrilly voice.
"Yeah, me too." He replied. I think they didn't notice me trailing just a couple feet behind them.
"I am going to wear that new green dress my mother got me for my birthday." Pfft. What a baby.
"That would be wonderful." He answered. God, whenever I told him I was going to wear a dress, he'd laugh hysterically, and call me a prep.
"And maybe you could wear a nice suit. I'd love to see you in one." Janet said.
"Yeah me too. I don't remember the last time I wore one." Mikey told her. He wore one just a few weeks ago, at our neighbor's 50th wedding anniversary! He was there with me! And he told me that he'd never want to wear one ever, again. That jerk.
"Oh it's going to be fantastic!" She exclaimed.
"Yes. I'm excited, too." Mikey smiled. Ugh. That smile. It should've been mine.
"Oh, Michael. You are so romantic." Janet placed a kiss on his cheek. And that was it. That was all I could hear. I couldn't take more. I turned to take a shortcut home. On my way there, I bumped into Gerard, who was sitting in his back porch steps, smoking. He's Mikey's older brother. I speak to him, only when I need someone else to talk to, or when he feels like it.
"Hey Gerard." I said joining to sit down with him.
"Smoke?" He said offering me a cigarette.
"I told you, I don't smoke. " I said waving it away.
"Hm..Must've forgot."
"So, how you doing?" I asked.
"Fine." He answered simply.
"Mm.."I mumbled.
"Where's Mikey?" God, I heard that too many times today.
"He's with some chick. Oh, let me rephrase that. His 'girlfriend'. Ugh." I answered.
"Jealous, aren't you?"
"No I'm not. It's just that, he'll hardly have time for me." I wrapped my arms around my legs, and laid my head on my knees.
"Looks like jealousy to me."
"No. It's not. Geez.."
"Then why don't you go find someone new."
"Yeah I did, I just asked his friend out to the Christmas dance."
"So, you like Mikey, don't you?"
"No! How would you know that?" I retorted.
"You asked out his friend to the dance. He has a date to the dance. Looks like you're trying to make him jealous, because..." He tried to say but I cut him off.
"I don't like him. I don't like anyone." I said getting up. Gerard opened his mouth to say something, but just stared at my skirt.
"Why are you wearing that?" He said pointing at it.
"I'm not sure. I just saw Mikey wearing a polo shirt this morning, so I decided if he can dress like a prep, then might as well I can, too." I replied.
"Well, you don't look like prep to me." He smirked. "You actually look pretty hot."
"Yeah, right." I said dryly, walking away. I reached my house, when I saw Mikey and Janet hugging in his front yard. I picked up a pebble and tossed it at Mikey. It hit his back.
"Ow, what the--" He broke away from his hug, and turned around to meet the eyes of his predator, "Cass, what was that for?"
"Sorry, just practicing my pitching. Guess I was a little to weak." I said. Mikey turned back around to Janet.
"Sorry, but I got to go. I'll catch you tomorrow." He told her, and she nodded and left. Mikey turned back to me.
"What the hell was that?" He looked at me sternly. He looked like he wanted to strike me. But luckily the only thing between us was our white picket fence.
"I'm sorry, gosh, get a grip." My tone didn't seem that sorry.
"Cass," He sighed, shaking his head, "Grow up." And that's when he walked inside his home.
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