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These friends are, new friends are golden

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When I met this girl I had no idea how close we would become. How much she would change my life. How much she would change me.
I still remember the day that I had met her.
First day of high school is never easy for anyone. I know it wasn’t for me. The bell had just rang for lunch, and some senior Jock had pushed me into the lockers. My books fell everywhere.
I heard them laugh as they continued on their way. But I kept my eyes glued to the floor and my tongue bitten between my teeth.
“Those guys are such assholes...”
My head popped up at the sound of a soft voice, only to come face to face with her; my future best friend.
“Here let me get those.” Together we picked up my books.
“Thanks, for you know the help.”
“You’re welcome,” She had a shy smile and soft blue eyes. “I’m Ash by the way,”
This girl has changed me more than she will ever know. She opened my eyes and my heart. She made me who I am today. She’s the reason you know who the fuck Pete Wentz is.

In many ways we were different people. I played bass, she played the violin. I was messy; she was almost an OCD neat freak. Before she walked into a room she had to turn the light on. I loved the dark. She was always there for me when a girl broke my heart. And I was there when she was depressed. We were slightly opposite but for the most part I felt like we were the same person.
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