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Chapter 7.

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Claire's pov

I was about to fall asleep as the door finally opened and Iero came in.
It was true, I was sleepy, tired, mad and could still feel the bruise's pain George left on my face. I don't know how I could still do it, but my lips curved up in the form of a smile at the sight of him.

"Hey..." He said softly, hands in pocket.
"Mr Iero!!" I added excitedly showing my teeth.
"Ummm.." He then said, standing by the door. I don't know if it was because he's kind of shy, or he maybe just didn't want to come in.
"Shall we?" I then said, pointing to the massage chair.
"Umm, no..." He replied looking at it. "I'm kind of in a hurry..." He then added stepping in, closer to me.
"What? You have an appointment." I exclaimed.
"I just came here to wish you a happy birthday and..." He was about to continue, but I couldn't help but interrupt..
"You didn't have to take an appointment to wish me a happy birthday! That is so sweet!" Yeah, so sweet, unlike the way of treatment I'm used to with George.

"I kind of attended your birthday party yesterday with no present so.." He paused as I watched him reach out some kind of a card from his pocket. "Happy

birthday." He added handing it to me.
"Oh...You didn't have to..." I replied looking at it closely. He could see I didn't even know what it was...So he stepped closer to me and pointed to the word that said

"Backstage Ticket."
"Backstage ticket?" I asked looking at him. "What for?" I then added trying to check it out, looking for more information in it.
"We're having a concert tonight and I couldn't think of any other thing to give you as a present so I thought this should do it..." He explained as I stared at it.
"So...You're in a band or something?" I asked as he laughed lightly. I felt a bit stupid, apparently he was, he's probably one of the famous people that come to this spa.

"Yeah..." He replied softly. "The appointment I took is a part of the present so...I hope you enjoy the free hour you have." He added beaming lightly.
I can't believe he did this, took an appointment he wouldn't use just so that I'd have a free hour. I wished I could spend that hour with him, but I wasn't the kind of girl Ashley was. She's a city girl, I'm not. Well, not until I moved there when I got to college.
"Wow...Thank you." I then said. I was kind of speechless too, no guy has ever been as nice with me as Iero barely even knows me too.
"Y-You know they make you pay for the appointment you take, right?" I then added looking at him.
He nodded to then say: "You looked a bit tired yesterday, so I thought..."
"Oh..." I interrupted laughing. "I didn't even have any make up on..." I then added as I remembered I looked like shit yesterday...
He smiled a bit to then add: "I need to go now, hope you enjoy the concert."
"Wait...." I said making him stop at the door to then turn and look at me as I then added: "What's the name of your band?"
"It's My Chemical Romance." He said holding the door half open, waiting to see if I had something else to add so I said: "Ok, I'll see you there."
"Uhh...I don't think we'll be seeing each other, it'll be too crowded and I'll have a lot to deal with..." He replied. I do admit I felt disappointed as I heard him say that, the only reason I might want to go there is because he'd be there.
"You enjoy your time though..." He then said as I simply nodded faking a smile.

So he eventually left as I took that free hour for myself. Actually I slept through it until it was time for the next appointment and the next one and the next....
My day was long and tiring I wasn't sure I was going to go to this concert...I've never been to a concert before, and this is only one backstage ticket, which means

I'm going to be all alone. I was having second thoughts about this issue....Until Ashley found out about it with a reaction like this: "Shit, shit, shit! You bitch!"
"What? You want it, take it." I said looking for it.
"Did I say bitch? I meant IDIOT!" Ashley then snapped at me. "You're giving me a My Chemical Romance backstage ticket? Are you fucking out of your mind?" She added as we were walking towards the parking lot, where she had parked her car.
"What am I supposed to do with it then?" I asked. I didn't really want to go to that concert since I didn't know what was waiting for me there.

"You're supposed to go to that concert you idiot!" Ashley replied as we got in the car.
"Will you stop calling me an idiot? I just can't go there by myself." I then said as we drove off.
"Who said you'll be there by yourself." She answered with a beam on her face.
"Ashley? What are you up to?" I asked suspiciously knowing she was thinking of going there with me.
"I only have ONE backstage ticket, that couldn't get both of us in." I explained, hoping she'd understand.

But Ashley being Ashley, she laughed at me to then say: "Oh we're both getting in honey."
"Ashley...You missed the turn..." I then said watching us drive past the road that led to my appartment.
"I know...Good thing I have some sexy clothes in the back seat for you to wear." She then added as I got the picture. She was driving right to the concert. She

didn't even stop to think of it twice.
"I'm fine this way, leave me alone, I don't even want to go there." I replied getting mad at her, making me go there.
"You're going, you're wearing this hot stuff and you're going to shut up for the moment, I'm still trying to find out how I get to that concert." She then said firmly focusing on the signs of the road.

We got there, it was all noisy and so crowded. There was this security guy standing at the gates, I rolled down my window as Ashley told me to show him my ticket which I did.
He pointed us to turn to the left as almost everybody else were taking the right turn.
"It's because we're going backstage." Ashley explained. "Not everybody goes backstage honey." She then added.
"Oh." I said, so this should be some kind of a 'special' gift from Iero.

Ashley finally parked the car as we both then got out. I could see the rush of people fighting each other, to get in this huge building, all at once.
I started to walk towards them as Ashley grabbed my hand and said: "Where the hell are you going?"
"Aren't we getting in?" I asked, confused.
"First of all, those are the people with regular tickets. We, my friend, are getting in using THAT door." She pointed at this small door with two guards outside at both sides of it. Good news was that there was no rush of people, no fights, no screams. So, this must be like a huge favor from Iero, backstage tickets.
"Second of all, what did we agree on, Claire?" Ashley then said as I stood there frowning.
"Come on, hop in, change your outfit, I'll wait here." She added. I didn't really want to start arguing with her as I knew she wouldn't let me get in there in my normal clothes. She already dresses like she goes to concerts everyday, so she didn't really need those clothes.

"I can't believe you made me wear this." I said trying to pull down the mini skirt. I wasn't used to wearing things like these, it was more like some jeans and a black

T-shirt but Ashley just had to leave me with this kind of a half top. I was also finding it rather difficult for me to walk to that door as she insisted on me putting on those high heels.

I did struggle to get to the door but I eventually did. Those two guards stared at us, it kind of scared me, I don't know why. Ashley, on the other hand, knew how to handle this as she took the ticket out of my hand showing it to them and said:
"Ok, so I know it says one person, but come on..." She then said trying to convince them to let us both in. "Try and add us together, we'd make one. Well, a fat one

like this woman over there, but who cares, as long as we could be one, right?" She then said looking at them beaming.
"Only one person in." A guard then said firmly.
"Here's the deal." She added.
"Ashley, let's just go." I whispered, trying to avoid any kind of trouble. Yeah...She totally, utterly, had to ignore what I said.
"When we were handed the ticket, we were considered as one..." Ashley started making anything up.."You see....We're actually....uh....soulmates? we'" She then struggled as she was getting out of ideas.
"You may leave now." The guard simply replied.
"We were glued together?" She then tried to explain, sounding more weird than she already is. "Like....The ones we see on tv?" She said as one of the guards then said: "You give us the ticket, we let you in."
"No, you see..." She, apparently, hadn't given up yet. "I know Iero...My friend here..." She said pushing me closer to them. "She massages him." She then added.
It sure sounded weird at the time, with me standing there, in the middle of the night, in my mini skirt and top showing my belly. I looked like I massage him for other know...
"I'm afraid we're going to have to ask you to leave." The guard then added.
"Fine, just....Just let her in." She then said giving me back that ticket.
"What? No!" I whispered to her. I really, really, didn't want to get in on my own. But she wouldn't listen, she pushed me in, waving as she said: "Have fun!"
Oh, the fun I'm going to have, I don't even know how I'm getting back home, I don't know where I was...What the hell did I know...
Wait...I know that Iero is there...I could see him as I looked towards the stage...That's when I forgot everything about Ashley and getting back home.
I walked closer to finally stand as close as I could, watching him play that guitar...He was sweating as his hair looked wet....With all of this, he looked even hotter than ever. The music he was playing...The beats...The rythms....That just sent a chill up my spine simply listening to it.

I couldn't tell what most of the words of those songs were as the vocalist was screaming and screaming....But I could see the audience just loved them, they were

singing each and every word along with him....So, Iero turned out to actually be famous. Great. That's another reason to make me get even more nervous when I talk to him.

"Boo!" I heard a voice coming from behind me, making me turn to see it was Ashley.
"How did you get in here?" I asked, looking at her surprised.
She grinned showing her teeth as she said: "Let's just say I have my ways." To then turn and send a virtual kiss to this guy walking past us as he winked to her.
"Oh, yeah, your ways." I replied turning to focus on Iero again. He looked amazing there, jumping up and down, moving back and forth. No wonder he needs so many massages.

I stood there, watching him the whole time. I glanced at the other members from time to time, but somehow, simply couldn't help but stare at him and wait to see what kind of movement he'll be making next.

I stayed this way the whole time, I didn't know what Ashley did, all I knew is that I enjoyed my time, it was awesome, I've never felt more alive.
"Hey, are you ready?" Ashley then popped in behind me again.
"Are we leaving? Is it over?" I questioned hoping she'd say no.
"Well...." She said grinning widely. "Not for us.." She then added as two big dudes came from behind her, both wrapping their arms around her waist, from both sides.
"Wh...Uh...Ashley?" I said getting scared.
"Don't worry, those guys are leading us to the gig, after the concert." She said
"What gig?" I asked frowning.
"Come on, stop asking questions." She added grabbing my hand and dragging me behind her.

She took me outside, followed by those two men to then walk me to this big van.
"What? We're going with THEM?" I whispered to Ashley as she laughed saying: "Don't be such a sissy, Claire, get in." Pushing me in to then hop in after me.

I don't know how I agreed to go with them in the first place. I was being calm, almost shitting myself from fear, all the way to the destined place as Ashley was giggling and flirting non stop with one of them as the other was driving.

I didn't believe that van finally stopped as I then hastily opened the door and went down.
"You know who's in there?" Ashley then whispered to me laughing, looking as if she had been drinking or something.
I looked to wear she was pointing, it was a big villa, surrounded with fans and reporters.
"Those guys are friends with the band so guess who's house is that!" She added following those 2 guys as they were heading towards the door.
"Wait, this is probably a private party, are we invited?" I asked getting nervous. As much as I loved the idea of getting in that house, I was afraid we'd cause some trouble since we weren't supposed to go there in the first place.
"Stop being such a nerd, Claire." Ashley then spat as we got to the door.

2 guards were there, unallowing anyone to get in without checking to see if their names were on the list...That's when I knew there was no way they'd let us in...
Well, until one of the guys wrapped his arms around me, as the other did the same with Ashley.
I seriously felt like slapping him right on the face. How dare he do this, I haven't even spoken to him yet. Yeah, I felt like getting away but I knew this was a new world I was being introduced to...So I had to just go with the flow...If this was the way they do it here then...I wouldn't want to stand out....As long as he doesn't try to do something else....

"They're with us." One of the big dudes said to the guard as he stared at us.
"Ok, in." The guard then said as we were led in.

I walked in scanning the place, it was so crowded, music was so loud as some people were dancing or simply freaking out on top of some table and others were drinking and chatting.
"Mingle Claire, mingle." Ashley then said as she grabbed a drink from the tray held by a waitor that was passing by.
I felt so weird, as if I was out of place. Everyone there seemed to be having fun and going crazy on each other as I was being calm and quiet.
"I'll see you later." Ashley then said fleeing with the guy she came with.

"Wait..." I tried to shout for her but it was too late. She had already disappeared.
One of the guys left with Ashley, so the second one had to stick with me...somehow. Or was he mistaking me for his girlfriend as he wrapped him arm around me, this time, tighter than before and got his face so close to mine I was able to smell his breath....smelling like alcohol mixed with smoke.
He then got closer to me as if he was about to kiss me....Well he was...Until I pulled away.
"Wh...What the..." I mumbled frowning...That didn't stop him though, he grabbed my arm and pulled me over to him again as he said: "Where's my reward for letting you in here?"
"Your....Your reward?" I repeated after him getting scared hoping he didn't mean what I thought he did.
"Come here baby." He then said placing his hand on my face, to hold it still...

"H...Heeey.." I added pulling his hand away...I was about to explain I wasn't the kind of girl he thought I was but then I saw anger being written all over his facial expressions....I knew then I made him mad....The only way I thought I could get away from him was to say: "Where's the bathroom?"
He stood there as I watched the madness on his face turn to a grin...."So you want it to be in the bathroom..." He then said with pleasure showing in his eyes.
"Wh....uh..." I didn't know what to say at first, how could he be so rude to me? As if he had no respect, at all....I was used to that kind of guys though, George was exactly like him...Which made it easier for me to figure a way out of this so I said: "I'll be freshening up in the bathroom and then I'll meet you here to continue from where we left off.."
"Are you sure you don't want me in there with you..." He added wrapping his arm around my waist again, making me feel sick...
"No, I'll meet you back here." I replied hoping he'd fall for it.
Fortunately, he was stupid enough to buy it as he said: "It's the door in that hallway.." As he then pointed to the hallway.
"Ok." I simply said walking rapidly towards that hallway. I'd go anywhere to avoid that guy...So I thought I'd climb out the bathroom window and find my way back home....
I thought I'd do that...But, the random door I chose to open in that hallway, didn't turn out to be a bathroom.
It was more like a bedroom, it was dark and only one person there, sitting on the bed, he seemed to be reading something, as he had a paper in hand.
"I'm sorry I was lost and..." I said making him turn to look my way. I had to open my mouth, I couldn't have just silently closed the door and left.
"I'm....uhh....I'm sorry I interrupted.." I then added getting nervous, hoping I haven't bothered him.
"It's ok.." He said as making me stop to think I knew that voice...
"Iero?" I then asked gazing at him.
"Yeah..?" He added putting the paper he had in the drawer next to him. Apparently, he hadn't recognized me. It didn't surprise me though. I wasn't even supposed to be there.
"Ok..I'll leave now." I then decided to say becoming speechless as my heart started racing, for some reason. Probably because this time, I was aware that I was talking to a rock star.
"Wait.." He added standing up to walk my way. "It's you!" He then added looking at me beaming lightly.
"Yeah.." I said beaming back. It kind of surprised me, he seemed a bit happy to see me...Or was it me?...delusioning as usual.
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