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Chapter 8

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"Hey..." He then repeated softly as I stood there like a freaking statue. I didn't know what to do...All I had in mind was...He's a rockstar, I have a rockstar in front of me...He's like a total...ROCKSTAR...
Yeah...That was about it, until he added smiling: "What are you doing here?"

"I...uh...Well...." I paused, I was trying to figure out a way to tell him how I got here as I didn't really wanted it to seem as if I somehow, barged in that party like the crazy fans out there.
"Well, you's uh..." I then added, damn, I was making a complete fool of myself. I couldn't even look him in the eye. Yes, you got it, the shy type of girl, that's me!
I tried to look away, that did help a little as I spotted that big guy coming my way, apparently he wanted to insist on joining me in the bathroom. That freaked me out, I couldn't let him see me, cause if he did then I'd be trapped with him again and god knows what would happen...

"Shit." I mumbled to myself getting so nervous. I then pushed Iero in the bedroom and got in after him closing the door.
"Do you have a key?" I asked looking around for it. Getting away from that guy had become my concern rather than being in the same room with a .....yeah....a rockstar.
"What?" He asked confused.
"The key!! I need to lock this before...." I was interrupted as the door was slightly opening.
I couldn't just let him in, I didn't think of it twice as I ran to it pressing my hands on it to close it again forcing him to stay outside.

"Iero, please, the key!" I said leaning my back on the door and fixing my feet to the ground as that person was trying to reopen it.
"What are you doing?" Iero asked frowning.
I made sure I'd tell him later what was going on, not that I'm embarrassing myself or something, I had a completely good reason why I was doing this.

"Frank?? What's going on?" A voice then came from the other side of that door. A soft female voice that is.
I rounded my eyes getting my back off that door as I realized it wasn't that big dude trying to get in.

"Can you please stand back?" The so called Frank then said as I stepped away getting all red.
"Frank?? What just happened?" This girl said getting in as 'Frank' had finally opened the door. "Who the hell is this girl?" She then added looking at me in a strange way, making me feel as if I was so weird.
Frank then seemed to have opened his mouth to say something as she interrupted adding: "Are you getting whores over now?"

Ok, I admit it, that was a huge insult, she didn't even know me, I've never been called a whore before.
"Hey, I'm no whore." I then said glaring at her. She made me so mad I just had to shout again: "You...You....SLUT!"
It felt like a big accomplishment when I said that...Well, it turned out that she was better at me when it came to this so she added: "Oh, I'm going to make you wish you were never born you little scumbag."
I could see her pulling her sleeves up and taking her watch off as she stepped closer to me.

I didn't know what she was up to first, she kind of reminded me of George...He used to do this when he used to prepare himself for a fight with someone....Wait, a fight...She wants to fight me?

I stood there and couldn't help but giggle somehow. She's a girl, what could she do? I've taken hits from a big huge full of muscles guy, is she seriously thinking of hitting me?

Frank stood in her way, trying to keep her away from me.
"Let go of me I want to teach that bitch a lesson." She said trying to get away as he forced her not to step any closer.
I laughed again, I couldn't help it, what is she going to do? Scratch me with those huge nails of hers?
"I'm going to teach you to behave when you're talking to someone like me!" She then yelled as I stepped closer to her, I wanted to talk it over with her since Frank was trying so hard to stop this whole thing.

"You won't make it any easier if you step closer to her." Frank then said as he pulled her away.
"Who is she Frank? Are you cheating on me?" The girl then said.
He has a girlfriend? I didn't know he had a girlfriend....I kind of felt like screaming a big NOOOOO.
You want to know what stopped me?
Big dude walked in.
"Here you are baby." That guy said as Frank and that girl looked over at us.
"I thought I lost let's continue from where we left off." He then added winking.

I had no other choice but to leave with him as I had caused Frank enough trouble.
Feeling so disappointed with how everything turned out to be, I took a last glance at Frank to see he was staring at me, looking a bit shocked as I then went on my way with that guy.

"I'm going to have to punish you now..." That guy whispered to my ear, I didn't really know what that meant until he whispered something else...something I won't mention, that's how disgusting it was.
My eyes were wide open as I became speechless. I mean...George never even said or tried to do something like that to me.
That's why I had no idea to escape from him now......I felt so weak as he grabbed my arm to then throw me at one of those sofas.

He took a seat next to me and scooted closer, as close as fucking possible.
If I tried to stand up and run away, that wouldn't work since it was too crowded in there I couldn't get too far until he catches me again.
I had to sit there and take what was coming to me.
Until the other dude shows up. Great, that makes 2 of them. That's just awesome, I felt like I was about to die at that moment.
"Ronald, let's go." That other dude then said leaving me surprised.
"I'm busy asshole, can't you see?"
"Ronald just let's fucking leave." The guy then said giving Ronald a look....Ronald looked back at him to then let me go and flee with him.

The first thing I then did was thank god as nothing had happened between me and Ronald.
I was kind of curious though, why that other guy had to leave that fast and the way Ronald was insisting on staying to then simply agree to leave from a simple look.

I looked around to notice I was finally on my own which made me remember I had to find Ashley.
So I started going from one room to another looking as hard as I could in each one but I couldn't see her anywhere, it's just that there was so many people, some of them seemed to be on top of each other, I could barely walk in a certain room, they were dancing in a crazy kind of way as others were busy doing drinking competitions.
It took me about an hour of looking for her to finally give up and another half hour to find the exit in that house.

I eventually found my way out of the house and to the front yard. I started walking towards the road so that I'd stop a taxi and go back home thinking Ashley would most definitely do the same when she decides to leave.

Home sweet home, I couldn't believe I was finally back to where it's calm, serene and where I'm on my own, no one

trying to get me into bed and no one making me feel so bad.
Getting in bed felt so good that in a matter of seconds I was deeply asleep.

I woke up the next day feeling so fresh, I was finally able to get the energy needed to start my day normally this time.
It was a saturday which meant no work for me. I got out of bed and made myself a cup of coffee and took my place in front of the tv.

I needed some groceries, new clothes and some furniture to fill the empty places in my appartment, but that wasn't on this day's plan. I decided to spend this day home, doing absolutely nothing.

When the movie was over I headed to the bathroom for a freshening bath but as soon as I got in the tub, I heard the door bell.
I knew it was Ashley as the door was being knocked on and on...So I put some random towel on me and went to get it.

"Ashley what the hell?" I said in anger opening the door.
"Hey, sorry." Frank replied. Frank is here? At my place? I have a rockstar standing on my door step? Wait, how did he know where I lived anyways? What is he doing here? I started wondering to myself to then realize I had to say something....
"Oh, uh...come in...I uh...thought you were Ashley." I then said opening the door widely to let him in.
"I'm sorry it's so early but there's something I have to tell you." He added as I closed the door to then hold on to the towel making sure it doesn't fall off.
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