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Chapter 9.

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I tried to look at him even though I felt so shy, I was wearing a towel damn it, he looked kind of nervous...It even sounded difficult for him to decide whether he was going to sit down or just stand up. I don't know whether it was me, or the 'thing' he wanted to tell me...

"H...How did you get to the party yesterday?" He finally managed to ask.
"Well...uh.." I didn't know what to say, yeah, I wasn't invited, I know.
"I mean, who was with you?" He corrected himself.
"Look I'm sorry." I added trying to get myself out of the trouble. "It was those two guys and...and my friend and they dragged me there...I'm so...sorry I uh...Not that I wanted to burst in or something but...."
"What are their names?" He interrupted me.
"Who?" I said.
"Your friends." He then added.
"They're not my friends, they're just two guys Ashley somehow, picked up." I replied to then add: "I'm really sorry, I really..."
"It's....It's okay..." He added as he finally took a seat.
"You better sit down." He then said. Yeah, he wants me to sit down? Is it because I'm only wearing a towel?
"Maybe I...I should uh, go and uh, change..." I added.
"Ok." He replied as I then added: "I'll uh...I'll be right back."

I admit it, those butterflies I felt in my tummy made it rather difficult for me to find the proper words for a complete sentence. Not that I cared, I had a freaking rock star in my apartment, did I mention that?

"So do you have any relatives living close by?" I heard him ask me all the way from the living room as I was changing in the bedroom.
"No uh, I don't come from here." I replied. I would've told him I was from Lebanon but....Why should I?
"So this Ashley girl, are you close to her?" He then asked. Was he here for Ashley? Did he like her? Is that why he came here?
"Well ummm..She's my best friend." I then said as I slipped into my jeans.
"Why?" I added as I walked back in the living room.

"I....kind of need to talk to you." He then said making me feel like it's the end of the world. All the guys I actually liked, turned out to be into Ashley, not that she looks better, she actually used to tell me that I had both, beauty and tenderness and all she had was the hot dirty clothes she'd put on, along with the couple of flirting sentences she'd always say to almost anyone. The boys would always come to me, asking me whether she might accept to go out with them or not.
This one time, I thought this guy was different...But....Oh well.

"Did you get drifted away again?" He interrupted my thoughts. I can't believe I did this, it always happens to me so I had to say: "I'm sorry, I was just thinking of Ashley and..."
"Tell me about her..." He interrupted again gazing at me intently.

"Well, what can I say...She's a fun girl, she's all I have here, in new york...I mean, she's the one to wake me up every morning to then pick me up to work with her.." I said...Waiting to hear his question which would be something you think she'd be interested in a man like me?

"She uh...She sounds pretty nice." He then said to add: "Listen, the reason I'm asking you this is to find the proper way to say this..."
Can't you just ask? It was easy for other guys to..
"I know what you're going to say and...Yeah, I think she'd be lucky to go out with a guy like you." I finally tried to say. I don't deny I felt kind of jealous....well not kind of....A hell lot of jealousy was running through me but I loved the girl and she'd deserve someone nice like Frank, right?

"Ahhh, well..." He then said. "That wasn't what I wanted to say but..."
"That wasn't?" I interrupted. Gosh I feel so stupid. I can't believe I told him she'd be lucky to...oh my god what did I say!
"You see the thing is..." He then tried to explain. "At the party yesterday...Something must have happened and uh...well, Ashley was found dead in my back yard so..."
"You mean asleep." I interrupted feeling my heart race.
"I'm sorry..." He then said looking at me.
"She was probably drunk or something, did you check her pulse?" I then said, feeling tears form in my eyes. She coulnd't be dead! come on! that's impossible!
"Police was there and detectives and...." Frank explained as he scooted next to me to then add: "I'm sorry.."

I didn't want to cry. I just couldn't help it. I tried to cover my face, placing my hands over it....She was the only person to understand me. It's true, she was more random and spontanious than me but, I loved her, she couldn't just disappear like that, that means I'm never going to see her again...It all happened so fast...It was too much for me...

I burst into tears, not so silent tears though, I couldn't help it, I could feel this lump in my throat as I felt the tears roll down my cheeks.
"Hey..." He then softly said. I tried to hold it back, I didn't really want to cry in front of him but it was hard....just too hard.
"She was all I had!" I said loudly. I wanted to let it out, even if I was all alone, I just wanted to let it out.
"Do you know that I have no one besides her in here? No friends, nobody..." I added through my tears. "What am I going to do without her, how will I ever move on."
I felt as if I was going to die right after her...Until he grabbed my hands to move them away from my face.
"I understand what you're going through...." He then said, still holding my hands. "I lost my mother when I was young so....I know how it feels to lose someone." He explained as I simply looked at him, listening.
"Though you have to know.....That your life should go on, even though theirs had stopped." He said scooting even closer.
"Now the first step for you to move on is.....Cooperating with the cops to find the one who did this to her." He eventually added.

The one who did this to her? Someone killed her? How? Why? I started wondering as the sad feelings in me started turning into anger. Rage at the person who murdered her.

"Ronald..." I then mumbled as I remembered the way he had left yesterday. It was so sudden and weird I couldn't forget it.
"Ronald?" Frank repeated after me. "Who's Ronald?" He then asked.
"She was...." I was going to talk about her, about a person I will never EVER be able to talk to anymore....I couldn't finish my sentence as I burst into tears again.
"You need to help the cops so that you'd get her her revenge." Frank then said. I don't know why but, it kind of got me even angrier hearing him say that as I added almost yelling: "You don't understand!!! She's not coming back!!! She's gone and I'm left all alone now!" It felt a bit wrong to suddenly say that but nothing seemed to stop me as I didn't even care how I sound, I was all alone.

", you're not, come on..." Frank added, trying to comfort me. "There....There's me, right? I'll be here." He then said.
It was sweet of him, it made me feel a bit better to hear this, did he somehow, care?

It took me around 2 hour to get myself back together as I cried, tried to talk but cried again.
Surprisingly enough, he was there. The whole 2 hours, he sat there, listened to the half incomplete sentences I'd say and talked it over with me.
Though I wondered why he was still here, I did try to ask him.
"We need to go talk to the cops now, are you going to be ok with that?" He asked as I nodded.
I was finally able to stand up as he put his arm around me, to lead me out.
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