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Chapter 10.

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"Would you like to see the body?" That cop asked, as soon as we arrived and knew I was her best friend.
Would I like to see the body? Oh yeah, sure, I'd love to watch my dead best friend being taken away....What kind of asshole is he?
Well, I was too sad, maybe even too weak to say anything...

"I'm....I'm sure she'd rather not..." Frank replied taking the cop aside to then talk to him.
They spoke for about 5 minutes...As I just stood there looking around...There was a detective or maybe two, looking around, searching just about anything. There was also cops, surrounding the area...Where she....passed away.

"Ok you're the best friend?" The cop then asked. I was already mad at him for asking me if I wanted to watch my dead friend so all I was able to do was stand there and glare.
"Yeah...yeah she is." Frank replied trying to break this awkward moment.
"Alright then. Follow me." The cop added heading....I don't know where...

Am I supposed to just....follow him now? Where is he taking me? What does he want from me, I don't like that guy.
I stood there, Frank right next to me...I looked at him unable to figure out what I should do.
"It's ok, go." Frank answered my thoughts.
"I don't like that guy.." I then said, trying to avoid having to go with him.
"Come, I'll go with you." He added going after him.

So I'm supposed to go with them? I'm not just going to go somewhere I don't even know what's going to happen to me.
I didn't even follow Frank. He realized it after he had been a couple of steps away from me.

"They need your help." He then said lowering his voice as he stepped back next to me.
"I'm not going with a complete stranger. I can help him from where I'm standing, right here." I replied. I couldn't trust any stranger after what had happened with Ashley.
"He's a cop, it's ok." Frank added taking my hand to lead me to where that cop was waiting for us.

We went in his car and he drove us to the police station. I don't know why he had to take me all the way there but he then lead us in to then stop at this door.

"Go in please." He said standing there looking at me, waiting for me to get in.
"What?" I asked, I was confused, why wouldn't he go in too. "What is this?" I then added as he said: "We have to question you, you need to go in there."
I frowned, that didn't answer my question as I then said: "Why do I have to get in there to be questioned?"
"Because this is where we take people we want to question." The cop answered.
"I'm not going in there alone." I added glaring at him.
"You won't be alone, there's an investigator waiting for you inside." The cop explained.
"Yeah, me with an investigator alone in that room. No, you must be dreaming..." I said, still refusing to go in.
"Don't give us a hard time, please, be a good girl and go in." That cop added as he opened the door.
"Are you expecting me to just get in? I don't get you people..." I then said...

Well, that argument of me getting in or not lasted around 10 minutes...I didn't want to get in. Not that I don't have a reason, it's just that places like these scare the crap out of me. Rooms so small and so dark, person that you've never seen before sitting in front of you, asking you direct questions which you HAD to reply. Yeah, I was afraid and, I was still trying to get over the shock of not being able to see my best friend ever again. So I had to be stubborn and refuse to go in there....Actually, they got me to get in, in the end, well, they said that they're 'breaking the rules' by doing that but Frank ended up going in with me.

Didn't mean I wasn't scared anymore, I was just less scared, having someone I know something about with me.
We spent around 2 hours there, I had to tell them the whole story...Almost everything about me, from where I came from, why and how and to the part where we met those guys and how they let us in that party.
There was parts where I didn't know what to say, like I'd forget the simplest of words....Speak badly....Or simply the word wouldn't come out.
That's where Frank would interrupt and get me out of the awkward moment again and again.

As we finally got everything over Frank and I headed outside.
"It's as if it's been ages since I've seen the sun." I said walking out.
Frank looked at me and smiled lightly to then turn and try to stop a cab.

"I just want to thank you for everything." I said as we got in the taxi.
"So, you're from Lebanon." He said looking at me.
"Oh right, you know the story of my life now." I answered realizing that he was there when I was being investigated, telling them everything.
He nodded with a grin, turning to look out the window on his side.

I got drowned with thoughts again, it isn't easy, losing your best friend....especially that way. I started to remember the moments we had together which got me to thinking of what I had lost....I felt this lump in my throat again as I started, almost.....begging MYSELF not to start crying again....
I put my hand over my face so that he wouldn't see and I turned to the other side letting my tears roll down silently...not as silent as I thought, I had to take a breath, and I guess that single breath made him turn to look at me. He gently moved my hand away focusing at me, I didn't want him to see me crying again but it was already too late as I couldn't stop it....
"It will be ok, they'll find the guy who did this to her." He then said trying to comfort me.
I nodded. I couldn't speak through my tears this time, it was too hard.

The cab then pulled over by my place, it was closer than his.
I opened the door to go down as he said: "Are you going to be ok?"
I cleared my throat to simply say: "Yeah.."
"Are you sure?" He then asked looking me straight in the eye.
"Yeah." I repeated almost whispering. It couldn't come out right, I was just crying.
He then just looked at me as if he was waiting for something from me, I don't know what it meant so, I simply gave him a fake beam to tell him I was fine.
"Ok then. Take care, ok?" He finally said as I nodded and went on my way.

I almost dragged myself up those stairs to get to my room.
I went in and simply took a seat on the couch. It was still early but I was tired...maybe emotionally more than physically....Still, tired.

I just sat there, doing nothing, simply bothering to breath and look at the only painting I had hung on that wall.
How could someone just disappear like that? Where would she be right now? ... I started asking myself questions as such.
I couldn't believe this whole thing was happening, it's as if I was waiting to wake up from that bad dream I'm having.
Depression started to hit me, I was so sad I could stay in the same position the whole day, doing nothing.

The door then started knocking making me snap out of the state I was in and get up and answer it.
As I opened it, I saw it was Frank, he was back so I said: "Hey, you're..."
"I couldn't help it sorry, come on." He interrupted taking my hand.
"What's going on?" I asked as he pulled me out.
"I'm taking you with me for the day, I'm not leaving you here all alone." He replied closing the door behind us.
"Where are we going?" I then questioned as he simply replied: "You'll see."
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