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Chapter 11.

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“You’re spending the day with me.” Frank said dragging me down my building’s stairs.
“Maybe I should just stay home.” I said, trying to resist his offer. “I’m feeling too down, you know?” I added. He didn’t listen though; he kept walking until we got to the main floor.
The taxi was still there, waiting. “What are we going to do?” I asked him, trying to know where he was taking me.
“Whatever you want.” He replied beaming as we both got into the cab.
“Really?” I asked. I couldn’t believe he said that. Just yesterday he didn’t even know me, and now he wants to spend the day with me doing whatever I want?
“What’s the destination?” The taxi driver then said as Frank turned to look at me, apparently, waiting for me to choose.
“Umm…” I said, trying to get the thought of Ashley out of my head…
“Wait.” Frank added reaching for his ringing cell phone to answer it.

I watched him talk on the phone…So did the driver, having nothing else to do, but wait and see. I could only hear his part of the conversation as he said: “Yeah…Right, oh right…30 minutes away I guess…Couldn’t we just…Ok, fine…I’ll be there.”
He hung up looking at the driver to give him instructions of the road.

“What’s going on?” I then asked.
“Well, at least we have somewhere to go now, right?” Frank then said smiling. “We have a video shooting today.” He then added.
“Oh.” I replied. I admit it, with all the sadness in me, for having to know that I’ll never see my best friend anymore, I had this tiny bit of excitement growing inside of me.

A couple of minutes passed, Frank looking out the cab window on his side; I’d take a couple of glances at him every once in a while, wanting to talk to him but then run out things to say…We came from 2 different worlds, he doesn’t know me so much and I didn’t want to say anything to make a fool out of myself, it was bad enough I cried in front of him…

“So you said you were from Lebanon?” Frank finally said something.
“Yeah, how did you know that?” I replied.
“The investigation…” He added.
“Oh…” I replied to then say: “You must know a lot about me now.” I added knowing I had said almost everything about myself when I was in this investigation room and he was there with me.
“Yeah…” He replied turning to look away.

This was one of those small talks with this awkward silence in the end when we both don’t know what to add to this conversation.

So the rest of the ride there was silent, he hadn’t tried to add anything and neither did I.
“Where the fuck were you man?!” A guy almost shouted at the sight of Frank getting down the cab.
Of course, now there was my turn to come down. I felt so shy and uncomfortable. I was going to meet the rest of this “famous band” and by the look of it, one of them wasn’t happy with Frank.

Maybe it was because of me? I probably got him to forget about this whole video shooting thing, how am I going to come down this cab with an angry famous person outside and it’s probably all because of me. Thoughts as such, started rushing through my head.

“Are you coming?” Frank then asked looking in at me, with a smile on his face. “The cab driver really wants to go you know.” He added reaching his hand inside for me to take.

It was sweet, I was feeling as shy as ever, part of me just wanted to go back home but the other part really wanted to discover this whole new world and maybe even just stay with Frank…I couldn’t really pass on taking his hand, so I did and went out.

“Who is she?” That guy then asked glaring at me.
“Easy man, she’s with me.” Frank replied pulling me closer to him.
“Maybe I should just go back…” I mumbled feeling unwanted there.
“No, it’s ok.” Frank said keeping his smile. I knew it was just to make me feel less uncomfortable. I knew I looked really shy as I didn’t even say a word, but I couldn’t help it, it’s as if being there just blocked everything in my head.

“Claire, this is Gerard and you, that’s Claire.” Frank then introduced us to add: “He gets mad when someone’s not on time.”

I nodded unable to find the proper words to apologize. I mean, this had to be my mistake, right? I kind of made him stay with me at that investigation place, that’s why he’s late now.
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