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Chapter 12.

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"Let's just get everything started with; you're 45 minutes late you know that?" This so called Gerard then added turning to leave.
I felt so weird around him, I don't know why but the way he acted made me feel like something was wrong with me.
"Never mind him, okay?" Frank then said smiling to me. I don't know why he was being good to me but I admit it, I liked it...

We then walked our way to where the video shooting takes place.
It was out in the open, a lot of people were there, some with cameras, others giving orders to apparent employees, telling them what to do or where to place some stuff.

“Frank, we’re starting in 10 minutes.” Some guy shouted to Frank from far.
“Come; let me introduce you to someone.” Frank added placing his hand around my waist to guide me to this corner, away from the camera and all the work where some people looked as if they were simply hanging out.

“Hey Frank! Everyone was looking for you!” This girl said giving him a hug.
“Yeah, I know now…” Frank replied as I just stood there watching.
“This is Claire.” He then added pulling me closer to where they were standing.
I didn’t really feel like having one of those casual small talks at that moment, I didn’t even know what I wanted but apparently, he wanted me to mingle.

“Hey, I’m Alicia.” This girl said surprising me with a hug.
“Is it ok if she stayed with you until we’re done with everything?” Frank then said. Is he going to leave me alone with this stranger? I’m not in the mood for all of this! Even though I didn’t seem as upset but I was always feeling depressed for the tragic loss of the closest person to me! He can’t just leave me with her!

“Yeah, sure, at least I’ll have someone to keep me company while I wait for Mikey.” Alicia replied.
“Are you okay with that? Today’s scene shouldn’t take long and I’ll be back just as I finish!” Frank added. No I’m not okay with it!!! I want to go home!!! Don’t leave me like that!! Why do I feel so weird!! This is what I had in mind, what I felt like saying, but instead, I just nodded with another one of my fake smiles.
“You should be able to spot us performing from where you’re standing, that’s in case you got bored.” He then said lowering his face trying to see mine as it was facing the ground. I couldn’t help it, sadness was still overwhelming me, I was still trying to grasp the whole Ashley being murdered thing.

“Everything will be fine.” He then whispered making me look up to see him gazing.
“This should be over in no time, I’ll see you later.” He added pinching my cheeks.
Cute, what he did made me smile a little, this time a real one, making me feel a tiny little bit good about myself.
I don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t for him getting me away from all this. I’d probably be sitting in that cold, empty apartment of mine feeling bad and depressed.

“So, how do you guys know each other?” Alicia eventually interrupted my thoughts trying to start a conversation.
“It’s kind of a long story.” I added, unable to find anything better than that to say.
“Oh, are you one of Jamia’s friends?” Alicia then asked.
“No…” I replied. Who the hell is Jamia? Why did she just ask me about her, I mean what does she have to do with the whole ‘how do you and Frank know each other’ question. I couldn’t help but wonder, I don’t know why I even kept thinking about it, I seemed to care…somehow, so I asked: “Who is Jamia?”
“Frank’s girlfriend. You don’t know her?” Alicia explained taking a seat on one of the chairs.
I knew it, so Jamia is her name, that girl was so mean to me yesterday at that party I just couldn’t stop myself from hating her.
“I’ve met her once.” I replied looking away, trying to end the ‘Jamia’ subject and see if I could actually spot Frank.

“Speaking of you!!” I heard Alicia say as I was standing in front of her, turning my back to watch the shooting.
“Did I miss anything?” Another voice came from behind, supposedly addressing to Alicia.
“They’ve just started.” Alicia answered.
“Good. I want to see everything!” Was the last thing I heard before the both of them went quiet.

To say the truth, I kind of just forced myself to keep my back turned to them. I had a gut feeling that this was Frank’s girlfriend who had just gotten there. Even though my legs hurt after a while but I didn’t move nor even tried to get a seat afraid she might see me and then want to pick another fight with me.

Shooting that video was finally over and everyone seemed to be leaving the shooting scene.

“Hey, want to go say hello to the guys?” Alicia said coming from behind.
“Yeah let’s go.” I hastily replied hoping to simply get away from that Jamia girl before she sees me.

I walked after Alicia avoiding running in to the busy looking people, running from a place to another, getting everything set.

“That’s Frank’s.” Alicia then said pointing at one of the trailers.
“I’m going in to my Mikey’s now, see you.” She then said opening the door of another trailer and getting in. Gosh I wish I could be so confident. She knew it all, she had the guts while in my case, I stood there for a while, before I realized I had no choice but to knock to try to see if he was there, after all, just standing there was going to do me no good.

“Come in.” Frank shouted from inside right after I knocked. I don’t know if he knows it’s me, maybe he’s expecting someone, like his girlfriend? Maybe I shouldn’t… I started thinking to myself, trying to find excuses not to get in.
“Hey…I forgot it could only be open from the inside” He then said softly opening the door as I simply just smiled. “Come in, I’m only changing my shirt and we’ll be on our way out of here.” He added standing on one side of the door letting me squeeze myself to get in.

He had no top on…apparently, changing…maybe because sweat was all over him. I couldn’t believe I found this actually hot, there was something about him that just made my heart race at that moment as I sat down watching him search for his shirt.
Maybe it was those tattoos, or the piercing...Probably even both.

The room was tight and it was a bit dark but I managed to see what he had tattooed on his back…Until he turned with the shirt in his hand and walked towards me saying: “So, tell me…Are you friends with Alicia now?”
“We talked a little…” I replied as he slid a clean shirt on him and sat next to me.
“She’s Mikey’s girlfriend, Mikey is Gerard’s brother, he’s the one who plays the bass and Gerard is the lead singer.” He explained.

I don’t know what went wrong with me then but I, somehow, didn’t hear a word of what he had said, I simply nodded gazing at his eyes.
“Alicia is a pretty nice girl, I think you two might have some things in common.” He then said smiling.
“You’re trying to get me to replace Ashley so quickly…” I added. I don’t usually say what’s on my mind but it was different with him, it was as if the simple way he looked at me made it easy for me to be direct.
“I’m trying to get you to move on.” He replied softly.
“But it’s too soon.” I then said looking at him. I could just feel it, it was one of those intimate moments.
“Yeah…” He almost whispered, looking as if he was now just staring at me.
“I mean she was the closest person to me and now I got no one.” I poured a little of what I felt out for him as he just looked at me calmly.

There we were, as close as possible, I had his full attention, I was feeling so comfortable, feeling warm even though I wasn’t in his arms.
I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do then, but I, for once in my life, decided to simply follow my heart, even though it might ruin everything but I had to take my chance, I kissed him.

Funny thing is, he didn’t pull back, yet I felt his hand lightly wrap around my back.
It was soft, sweet and I actually enjoyed it, being different from what I’m used to getting from George.
It was a few seconds later, until I realized that the move I just did wasn’t planned out, not what I’m used to doing so I was the one to pull back making sure I look at him to see what his reaction would be.

He opened his eyes staring at me. I couldn’t tell if his look was of surprise or just a positive expression so I had to then mumble: “I’m sorry, I…”
I couldn’t finish my sentence to explain till he interrupted placing his lips on mine. And this time, I didn’t even think of stopping it, I just decided to enjoy the moment, feeling both of his hands, wrap tighter around me.

“Frank! Are you in there? Open the door!!” A voice then came from outside breaking the whole thing up. How stupid of me! Actually forgetting he had a girlfriend!
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