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Chapter 13.

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“Open the door Frank come on I know you’re in there.”
His girlfriend kept shouting from outside.
“Shit, I’m sorry.” I whispered to him as we broke the kiss out and he turned to focus his looks at the door, not saying anything back to me.
“I have a little surprise for you!” The voice from outside then said as I watched Frank head to the door.

“Hey baby, missed me?” Jamia said coming in, wrapping her arms around his neck to then give him a kiss.
Apparently, she didn’t see me sitting there, she just almost devoured his mouth with hers.
I felt bad for just a lot of reasons; making him cheat on his girlfriend and now having to see them kiss each other like that. Even though I couldn’t believe he kissed her back but I had to admit it to myself, he doesn’t even know me so well, he probably wasn’t even aware of what he was doing when we kissed. So long for this high amazing feeling I had.

“Hey.” Jamia then said finally noticing me. “Who the hell is she?” She then asked glaring at Frank.
“Hey I know you…” She then added stepping closer to me with anger written all over her facial expressions. “You’re the girl from yesterday.” She then said turning to look at Frank.

I only sat there, so many things were going through my head to actually be able to say anything back to her.
“What the fuck is this whore doing in your trailer Frank!!” Jamia’s voice started to get higher.
“Jamia, it’s…”Frank was trying to speak but she just interrupted adding: “I knew you were cheating on me gosh I just knew it!” To then storm out.
I did feel bad for what I did, but the worse thing is that he went after her, forgetting about me in there, all alone.

I thought for a while there, that I could actually be with someone who is caring and loving like Frank. I thought I could finally have a normal life with a normal boyfriend. But that boyfriend turned out to be already hooked up with someone else and I must have just caught him up on the moment when I kissed him like that.

My kiss didn’t mean anything to him. It hurt. I felt cheap and regretful.
I finally decided to find my way out of that trailer.
There’s less people outside now than there was before. Everyone must have finished their jobs and left.
I looked around a little, trying to see if I could spot Frank and try to see if things worked out but I didn’t so I eventually decided to walk out of this video shooting place and to the road.
I pulled a cab over and went in, giving him the directions to my place…My empty dark apartment, where I couldn’t get myself, nor anyone else into trouble.

I walked in, turning the lights on to then just stare at the way I had left it before I leave.
That cold cup of coffee that I made in the morning when I thought I was going to have a quiet day today, the open magazine I was planning on reading… Everything was still in place, even that towel I had left on the bed when I was changing. It was all before I had to hear this horrible news, turning my life upside down.

“I wish I could wake up from this whole nightmare.” I mumbled throwing myself in my bed. Today had taken all my energy, including every hope or positive feeling I had, leaving me laying in my bed, closing my eyes, trying to force myself to sleep, while all I could see was her face.

I woke up the next day finding myself hitting the alarm clock with my hand to turn it off.
Another day of work waiting for me. Oh lucky me.
I couldn’t get any of what had happened yesterday out of my head as I dragged myself to the bathroom to get ready.

Same type of clothes, same make up, same hairstyle…It was all the usual when it came to me; I was done in no time.
When I really felt the change of things was when I was heading out. She wasn’t there with the coffee, making me rush out to her car so we wouldn’t be late, she just wasn’t there.

I went down the building’s stairs thinking of how things would be like if she wasn’t to die. In other words, getting myself to become as depressed as ever.

“Claire…” A voice then came from behind me just as I had walked out of the building.
“Frank.” I mumbled at the sight of him. Was he waiting for me outside?
“What are you doing here?” I then said trying to act formal after what I had done yesterday…Even though all I wanted to do was throw myself at him giving him a hug for just being there.
I know I sound pathetic, but even though he didn’t know it, he was all that’s left for me here and seeing him this morning might actually just make my day.

“Come…” He then said gesturing for me to follow him as he headed to his car.
“What’s going on?” I then asked watching him get in it.
“I’m taking you to work, come on.” He answered waiting for me to get in myself.

Weird. He was pretending as if nothing had happened yesterday, did my kiss really mean nothing to him? I wondered to myself before finally joining him in the car.

“As long as we’re settled in New York, I’ll be driving you to work everyday.” He then stated looking at me with a light smile on his face. Yeah…Maybe it was best for both of us to ignore what happened yesterday. I finally convinced myself. That way we could probably be…friends?
“It’s ok, you don’t have to.” I simply replied. I think he’s just feeling sorry for me, why else would he be so nice to me.
“You told me you used to go to work with her so…” He paused.
“You don’t want me to feel the change…” I continued.
“Well…” He said taking a turn. “There’s nothing to lose if I drove you to work everyday, it actually gets me to wake up early, which is good for your health.” He then added. Yeah, all those excuses and stuff about health to explain what?
“Thank you…” I then said. “It’s working you know.” I added. It really was working, he really did make me feel better by being there this morning.
“I know…” He mumbled smiling a little.

The rest of the ride was silent. I was too busy still wondering why he was being good to me. The only answer I was able to find all the way till we got to the spa was that THIS, is just how he is. A natural sweetheart.

“Thank you…” I then said looking at him. I can’t believe I made such a guy cheat on his girlfriend. I knew he didn’t seem like he wanted to bring yesterday up but I couldn’t possibly let myself get out of the car without saying: “Listen, I’m sorry about yesterday, I just don’t…”

“It’s fine, don’t be sorry.” He replied looking at me. At that moment I was supposed to simply get out of the car, say thank you and watch him leave but I couldn’t help but ask: “Is everything okay between you and Jamia?” I was concerned, the last thing I wanted was me being the reason of a couple’s break up.
“Everything’s fine.” He replied. “I should be back to pick you up at 6, that’s when you’re off work right?” He then added.
“Why are you being so nice to me?” I finally decided to ask. “I’ve been wondering like crazy.” I then added.
“Because that’s the way someone like you should be treated.” He said. His answer came out perfect. HE just seemed so perfect at that moment.
“I just want to say…” I paused hesitated, unable to decide whether I should say the following or not. “Jamia is lucky to have you.” I added. Silly of me, now he must think I’m jealous… Not that I wasn’t.

It took him a while to say something back as he was simply just gazing at me.
“Can I just ask for one thing from you?” He finally asked, his voice becoming serious.
“Sure, what is it?” I replied. I’m ready to do whatever the favor he wanted, I just was… But the thing is, I didn’t know this favor would be so unexpected…
His lips caught me on surprise.
Now to talk about the guilt or just the rational thoughts I was supposed to be having…
I found myself kissing back once again. How could I have passed?
It was so gentle and went so slow, letting me enjoy every bit of it, getting me all shivery inside.

“We shouldn’t…” I whispered pulling back a little but still close enough to feel his breath on my lips.
“Yeah…” He whispered back looking at me closely.
“I mean, this is wrong.” I continued, Jamia’s image in my head.
“You’re right…” He added softly to then take a deep breath and pull his head away from me.

“See you at 6?” I then asked opening the door, getting myself ready to get down, hoping he’d say yes. Even though we were still screwing up when we’re together all alone and it wasn’t fair to Jamia, but I still wanted to see him later.
“Sure… sure, I’ll be here at 6.” He finally said looking all worried and uncomfortable which, I think, was completely normal. I mean he just cheated again and it’s only natural to feel or look the way he was.

I finally went down the car and headed towards the spa’s backdoor, waving him goodbye, hoping I haven’t cost him any more damage.

“13 minutes late.” The secretary said looking at her watch just as I walked in. “You’re lucky your client didn’t get here yet.” She then added handing me the schedule paper.
“Good, this gives me some time alone.” I mumbled checking the appointments I had for today.
“No there’s a George person waiting for you inside.” The secretary added. George person? Is he ?
“That guy is a lot of trouble, trust me, so if he does something unusual just call security.” She then explained.
Now I’m sure it’s the stupid George I know. I had forgotten about him, I thought he went back to Lebanon, what brought him here? And why do I suddenly feel like I want to throw up?
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