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Chapter 15.

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Frank's pov

I have time to talk to Claire when I come to pick her up later. I should just deal Jamia now, she's waiting for me and the last thing I want from her is one of her
endless questions of where I was and what I was doing.

I turned my car on, finally deciding to drive off but the sight of that guy going out the spa's back door gave me the chills. I couldn't help but look at him, the violent
way he pushed the door out on his way to the sidewalk. Do I know that guy?
"What the fuck are you looking at?" He spat just as he saw me looking at him.
Now I remember him; that's the asshole who claims to be Claire's fiancé. What the hell was he doing here? Wasn't he supposed to be back to where he came from? I kept asking myself such questions watching him go further away with his head down. And I swear I could tell by his angry walk that something was wrong..
"Fuck.." I mumbled to myself. I could just sense it that guy is fucking up to something. I can't forget that day, on her birhday.. When he took her out and she came back with a bruised face.
I don't know why, but the next thing I found myself doing was rush my way to that spa.
When I first walked in, I saw that receptionist that always stands at the door and... she didn't look so happy, as if she was about to cry. I went on to the room Claire usually works in to find myself in front of loads of people standing in there, their queu went all the way to outside the room. This is when I was sure, something was wrong.
I couldn't go in, I couldn't see anything, people were almost pushing each other to get in; but I'm not the kind to shove people around me to get to what I wanted
to see.
"Hey, hey did you know whether she's dead or not?" A girl came up to me. What the hell is she talking about?
"What?" I replied frowning.
"The girl that works here? Hello? Is she dead or not?" That girl repeated. "I just can't see what's going on in there." She added trying to tip toe to
take a better look; while in my case, I forgot whatever the hell kind of person I am, I pushed away whoever I came across, I can't believe it, she can't be dead, not
when I started to like her.

Claire's pov

I half opened my eyes to see this bright blinding light keeping my sight so blurry, it was all so white.
I would've thought I was in heaven where I expected myself to be, if it wasn't for the pain I was feeling, making sure my whole body ached.
"She's going to be okay, I'll be back to check on her later." I heard a male's voice say just as that annoying light went away. I tried to reopen my eyes, forcing them
to stay that way noticing this little metal flashlight in his hand.

I then decided to close my eyes wondering what was going to happen to me, wishing this pain could just go away. It was so sore I felt like throwing up. I was feeling so uncomfortable with the way I was laying there, so I tried to adjust my position accidentally letting a small groan out caused by the sudden pain I had to deal with from trying to move.
"She said something.." I then heard a familiar voice say.
"NURSE!" I heard him yell.
"HEY! She said something!!" He added. I can hear his voice becoming lower; walking away as he kept repeating that same sentence, calling the nurse.
I wanted to know what was going on, but at the sound of the word 'nurse' I knew then, I was at the hospital where I was supposedly, no longer in danger. That's
when I gave in, breathing normally, relaxing my nervs, all I really wanted at that moment was to get some rest.

The next time I tried to open my eyes was way easier for me than the first. Only this time I saw nothing but a white wall in front of me with a couple of empty seats. Probably no one was there, or at least that was what I thought until I felt something on my side and as I managed to look down to it, he was there; Frank, sitting on a chair next to my bed, placing his hand on mine resting his forehead right next to it, on the bed.
How did he know I was here? I can't believe he's wasting his time here with me. God he seems so worried...did he fall asleep?
I tried to lower myself a bit to his side to take a better look at him but I seemed to have moved my hand then because he lifted his head up looking at me.
"Hey sunshine." He then said with drowsy eyes as one of his sweet smiles drew up his face leaving me with this... fuzzy feeling inside.
"Are you feeling okay?" He then asked softly lifting my hand off the bed a little to place his other one under it always keeping his beam and focusing his looks at me.
I nodded grinning a little; even though I was still in pain, I just didn't want to ruin this 'moment', if I could take it as one.
I just wanted to thank him! Tell him how grateful I was for everything he had done for me! Finding him by my side when I wake up was the nicest thing that has ever happened to me, as if he just knew those little things he should do to make me feel kind of... happy.
I opened my mouth to express my gratitude but the door opened faster as this tall middle aged man in a suit walked in.
"Did she wake up yet?" He asked looking at Frank. "I see she is.." He added just as he turned to look at me, seeing me looking back.
Frank tightened his hands around mine and added: "Maybe we should give her some time to..."
"I'm Gabe Jones, I just need to ask you some questions.." That man interrupted stepping closer to me.
Who the hell is he to think he can 'ask me some questions'? I frowned, couldn't help but glare.
"So, are you ready?" He then asked as I turned to look at Frank. I really wasn't ready for all of this, at least not right now and Frank seemed to have gotten the message as he said: "Maybe you should just come back later, until she..."
"I think she can speak now, can't you?" He interrupted him again as I just looked at him with anger.
"Ok.." Frank said turning his chair to face me better and explain: "He is your case's investigator, he is only here trying to help you, try answering his questions so they would catch that asshole who did that to you."

"Let's start then.." That investigator then said. "A lady at your work place told me a guy called George was waiting for you before you got to work and he looked a bit bad tempered." He stated to then go on with the question: "Do you actually know that guy?"

I glanced at Frank, he knows I don't do well around cops but this time, he didn't try to make him leave, he just nodded and I got it, I had to go further with this; I had to answer him.

"No." I finally said. "I don't.....Know him." I struggled through my pain.
"Are you sure Miss Claire? Because he sure seems to know you." The investigator added. Why can't he just mind his own business and go away.
"I'm sure." I answered in a low voice. I could see Frank was surprised with my answers, but he didn't say anything.
"Is that guy the one who did this to you?" The man then asked frowning.
I wanted to tell him the whole story, but I just shook my head.
"Something is suspicious here, we'll continue this conversation later, when you decide to cooperate." He finally said.

Frank then walked him to the room's door as I just lay there looking at them, they talked a little before the so called Gabe went out and Frank walked back in.
He didn't look really pleased with the way I reacted, he just stared at me for a couple of seconds before he finally said: "Why did you do this?"
I wanted to explain, but he added: "I know it's your fiance George who did that to you, I know because I saw him walk out looking like a damn criminal." Frank was getting angry, he ran his hand through his hair, I could sense him getting nervous.
"I can't..." Was the only thing I was able to say, I felt so weak at that moment; my tear about to roll down.
"What? Tell me..." Frank added sitting back on the chair he had put next to my bed. "Why?" He said looking at me intently.

I had no other option but to tell him why I did this, why I didn't want to hand George in..Because I knew that if I didn't make him get it, he will just go and witness the whole thing himself.
So I told him everything about George holding my family back in 'Lebanon' and threatening me with their life if I ever act in any way he didn't approve of. I told him about George's 'people' there and, eventually, how this whole marriage was fixed or, more like, forced.
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