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Chapter 14.

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Claire’s pov

The irony.
The difference… Going from Frank to… George!
Funny how things change sometimes.
How am I ever going to be able to get away from him this time? I had no choice… I just HAVE to go in there now.

“Hey…George.” I said in a sad tone. I couldn’t help it, the thought of him being back in to my life in a moment like this just made me want to die.
“Where were you.” He said angrily, grabbing my arm.
“I’m so happy you’re here!” I exclaimed, remembering the last time I didn’t greet him well he had to ‘punish’ me with a couple of hits on the face.
“You little whore.” He said. What the hell is he on about? Did I do anything wrong by greeting him this way too? How am I supposed to greet a person?
“You think I don’t know?” He added turning red.
“Easy there George, I don’t know what you’re talking about?” I asked, trying to be as calm as possible even thought I started feeling rage forming inside of me, but I wouldn’t want to make a big scene in the work place; I sure wouldn’t want that to happen.

”I’ll tell you what fucking happened bitch.” He said raising his voice as he pushed me hard to the wall where my back was hit as the pain I had felt made it hard for me to stay up. I then ended up landing on my shoulder as I fell to the ground after a couple of ‘hits’ he had given me.
“You go partying behind my back slut!!!” He kept swearing at me calling me names as I just lay there waiting for what was coming for me.
There was nothing I can do now… I’m too weak actually, and the pain I’m feeling is blocking my ability of letting any sound out to call for help.

“You thought I wasn’t going to know about this?” He kept questioning, obviously he knew I went to this party after the concert the other day.
“You thought I really left when you took me to the airport?” He added kicking me on the stomach. What a monster, I wish I could just for once let him know how it feels being me.
“Trash…Yeah….That’s what I think of you.” He added making sure his following kicks were as painful as possible… What else can I say? It worked and I’m coughing blood now as my body went numb and my eyesight went blurry. I’m not sure what he’s up to now but I can still hear his voice echo in my head as he said: “Pray for your dead friend to come help you now.” How did he know Ashley was dead? This one thought started going through my bruised head as he then answered it saying: “She was the first one to come in my way so she got what she deserved and now is your turn you fucking bitch.”

Is he going to kill me? Please god don’t let him kill me… Thoughts as such are now my only worries as I’m only able to hear the sound of his old sloppy shoes hit my body over and over again.

Frank’s pov (still in his car, in the spa’s parking lot, thinking to himself.)

I don’t know what I’m still doing here. I should be on my way to meet Jamia.
Or maybe I should just go down and talk everything over with Claire since I’m still here, we shouldn’t leave things so confusing.

I’ve never even thought of cheating on Jamia, even though things haven’t been working out perfectly between us lately.

But there’s just something about this girl; she leaves an impact on me every time I see her.
I can just…relate to her so well.

I was there when they investigated her, and she had to tell them everything about her…That’s what’s probably making me feel close to her, I had the chance to learn about her life.

It’s the innocence in her that gets to me.
She makes the world seem so simple and life so easy; although she doesn’t have such a happy life. There’s something fishy about the guy that claims to be her fiancé. I didn’t forget the sight of her at her birthday party when she was outside with him as they then walked back in. Her face was covered with bruises and the people trying to rob them story still hasn’t crossed my mind yet; why would robbers hit the girl and leave the tough one unharmed.
She might be having a tough life but she still smiles when I look at her. That’s the innocence I’m talking about.

My feelings towards her aren’t so clear but I know that they exist. I knew it the moment she kissed me.
Maybe she shouldn’t have, that way things wouldn’t have became complicated.

I should get in and talk things over with her; I feel the need to talk to her now.
But then again, she would have probably started with work; and Jamia is waiting for me.
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