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Chapter Eight

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This one's a bit less mild than the others.

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I don’t know how much later it was when I opened my eyes. The sun had set, and more importantly I wasn’t leaning against the back of the couch anymore. Instead I was leaning against something warm and alive. Something that had better be Brendon. Slowly I looked up and saw it was indeed him. He was watching the tv, and by the sounds I figured he was watching CSI. I loved that show. A smirk slowly curled my lips and I ran my thumbs under his shirt. This caused him to look down at me, eyebrows raised. When he did, I lifted his shirt and was glad when he complied by throwing it at Spencer, who was sleeping in the recliner. The pervert didn’t even wake up.
After that I ran my fingers lightly up Brendon’s chest like I had earlier that day and pushed myself further up so that I could lay my head against his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around me and moved so that his legs were on either side of mine. I encircled his neck with my arms, and folded my hands together at the back of his neck. He returned by settled farther down onto the sofa so that I could more easily lean on him.
His steady breathing lulled me into sleep again, and this time it was the best place and position I’d ever slept in.
When I woke up again it was still dark and I was wide awake. Brendon and I were much in the same position we had fallen asleep in, except for now he was asleep as well. I looked around the room and saw that Ryan was now sleeping in the recliner, and John was on the other sofa.
Slowly, I disentangled myself from Brendon and got up from the couch. After that I swiftly walked to the front of the RV and sat down in the seat beside Spencer.
“Hey,” he greeted with a yawn. “Seemed like you had a real nice nap.”
“Oh yeah, but I’m sure you could provide an even better nap with no sleeping involved, am I right?” I growled.
“You bet. But,” and now he was serious. “I would never, ever, do that to Brendon. He really likes you, you know.” Spencer glanced at me and turned back to the road.
“Oh yeah, really. He hasn’t had a girlfriend since,” a pained look crossed his face, “Marissa.”
“Why’s that?”
Spencer shook his head, “You’ll have to ask him, I’m not going to betray his secrets, not even to a hot girl like you.”
Punching him playfully in the shoulder, I got up and walked to the fridge. “Want anything?” I called back quietly.
“Sure, a Dr. Pepper would be good.”
So after extracting a Pepsi and a Dr. Pepper from the refrigerator, I walked back up to Spencer and handed the can to him, then opened my own can.
We sat for awhile in companionable silence, both of us watching the road disappear before us.
“So what’s your story?” I asked after a bit.
“Story?” Spencer asked, raising an eyebrow. “Like about my past?”
“Hmm. Nothing interesting, just a normal life. You?”
“Oh you know, my parents were billionaires so I grew up in luxury and riches beyond belief, nothing much,” I joked.
“Are you freaking serious?” Spencer’s jaw dropped.
“Well yeah,” I replied. “It was kind of sucky. All the kids knew who I was, and I could never trust anyone to want me for just me. They usually just wanted some of my money,” I shrugged. “But whatever.”
Spencer shook his head, and a voice drifted up from farther back in the rv. “Spencer, what have you done with my sleeping buddy?” whined Brendon.
I blushed and Spencer laughed. “She’s keeping me company,” he replied. “But you can have her back,” he smirked at me.
“See ya in the morning,” I laughed, getting up. I threw my can of Pepsi away and walked back to where Brendon was. He was looking expectantly at me, but I gave a ‘tch’ and walked past him into the bathroom.
When I came out Brendon was sitting up on the couch, looking disconcerted. “What? Are you afraid I was so desperate that I was going to sleep in the bathroom?” I teased, walking over to him.
“Well kinda…” Brendon admitted. He stayed sitting up as I sat down. Instead of leaning on him I laid down the other way, my head on the opposite arm of the couch. I stretched, arching my back and giving a little moan.
Suddenly I heard a sharp intake of breath and my eyes flicked over to Brendon. He was watching me with a strange look on his face. “What?” I asked, confused.
“You have no idea what that just did to me,” Brendon said slowly. “And now I have to do this.” Before I could resist he was suddenly on top of me, his lips pressed to mine along with the rest of his body.
I froze, but then relaxed and let him wrap his arms around me and pull me up to him. I touched his chest, and then let my fingers go lower, to the top of his jeans. He moaned slightly and I pushed my figners past the rough material, to softer material. “Nice boxers,” I whispered as he started kissing my neck.
Brendon growled a little bit and suddenly his hands were against the skin of my lower back and going higher until he found my bra. “Nice bra,” he countered.
“Can you keep it down!” complained Jon from where he was sleeping.
Brendon and I looked each other and sniggered. Then he sighed. “Yeah, come on let’s get some sleep.”
“Fine,” I huffed, pushing Brendon until he was leaning against the opposite end of the couch. Then I crawled up his body so again I could wrap my arms around his neck, but when I was situated I ran one hand down his body to his jeans, and hooked my fingers over the denim. Brendon moved his hands down my back, and grabbed my hips. He pulled me to him and ground into me, making me gasp.
Ryan and Jon both looked up and I blushed. “We are going to expel you to the bedroom if you do not be quiet and go to sleep,” promised Jon as Ryan chuckled.
“Scout’s honor,” promised Brendon. “Even though I’m not a scout.
“Singer’s honor,” I added, and they looked at me.
“Singer?” asked Jon.
“Oh, I don’t act all that much. I’m usually a Singer for the Playhouse. I’m also a DJ for a club, and a performer at another club,” I explained. “I’ve actually gotten a few offers from producers, which I’ll probably take when we get back.”
We all chatted for a few minutes, Brendon’s fingers rubbing circles on my lower back. About ten minutes later we all drifted off to sleep again.
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