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It'll Be Our Secret!

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Ever since Itachi left Konoha, Kakashi has been restless with dreams of him. Now Kakashi has a chance to find Itachi and fully express how he feels.

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To Protect Them At All Cost!
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Naruto characters or its world. I do however own Miya Hyuuga and Gemini Hyuuga. That is all. This is my first time writing in 3rd person so, I’m sorry if there are mistakes!! I’m more of the 1st person writer and I’m just trying 3rd to see how the story goes. If you don’t like the view please, PLEASE tell me so that I can change it! Thank you so much for reading my story and enjoy!
Chapter 1

Darkness has finally fallen. Both comrades are down and the two main enemies are left standing face to face. If anything, one of them might be able to escape with their comrades intact, but the odds of that happening are very slim. Within the glimmer of light from the moon you can see the sweat that both Jonin and missing-nin are shedding.

The sliver haired Jonin crouches down in a fighting stance taking out a kunai, ready for anything that the missing-nin plains on throwing at him. On the floor unconscious, next to the Jonin, his companion stirs unable to move from her spot.

The wounds she received were too much for her body. On the other side next to the missing-nin, a blue looking man lays, groaning from the attack received from the black haired woman.

The missing-nin glances at his companion and then back at the Jonin across from him. He then flings his black and red cloak off his body, making it land on top of the bluish man.

The Jonin looks from the missing-nin to the blue man on the floor, tightening his grip on the kunai. If the Jonin has to fight to get away, he will do everything in his power to do it. The missing-nin closes his eyes, opening them fiercely as they turn from black to a dark red.

'So he's finally decided to use the Sharingan. It looks like the first stage so no worry.' The Jonin turns his head slightly to look at the black hair and looks back at the missing-nin.

"He's gone!" The Jonin breaths, looking sharply from side to side; it seems like the missing-nin has hidden himself from the Jonin’s sight. This is giving him a better advantage of catching the Jonin off guard.

'If he's planning on taking me out then I have to get Gemini out of here, but to do that I have to distract him.' Taking a deep breath the Jonin loosens his grip on the kunai and throws it out to side, making it rustle through the bushes. The missing-nin jumps out of the bush before getting hit by the kunai.

As the missing-nin lands, the Jonin throws another kunai but the attempt is shot down as the missing-nin blocks the kunai with another one.

The kunai flings on the ground and the two enemies clash together with new ones. Shaking, the two ninjas push at each other, jumping back so as to get a better view of the battle.

"There's no use Kakashi. You can't defeat me.” The missing-nin sighs at the sight of the sliver haired Jonin trying to get closer to the woman on the floor.

"You won't be able to leave with her. You might as well just leave and save yourself." The Jonin twitches, but continues toward his comrade.

"Well it'd be a lot easier to get out of here if you weren't the heir to the Uchiha clan. Or should I say ex-heir, seeing as how you went and killed the family and left your only brother alone to fiend for himself."

"Hmph. If that's how you see it, that’s fine with me. What you think doesn't matter. The only thing that does matter is Sasuke's growth to becoming a killer." The Jonin reaches his downed companion who has finally stirred conscious. She struggles to get up, using her arm to support her wounded body.

"What's going on Kakashi?" The woman asks, looking towards the missing-nin. "Oh. Then should I get us out of here or do you want to keep talking?"

"Getting out of here would be nice, but I doubt he'll let us, seeing as to how he's getting ready to use the Mangekyo Sharingan Tsukuyomi. Isn't that right Itachi?"

"Hmph. Very observant of you Kakashi. But can you really get away while trapped in my Tsukuyomi?" Itachi's Sharingan had changed from the three tomoe to a sharp spinning top. Mistakenly, both Jonins look into Itachi's eyes and are entrapped within his Tsukuyomi.

Gemini and Kakashi are thrown into an illusionary place where Itachi rains as ruler. Everything is black and white as Gemini is forced to watch her self stab Kakashi numerous times, while Kakashi is experiencing unimaginable pain from Itachi's sword.

Outside the illusion Kakashi falls to his knees as Gemini's face becomes wet with tears. Itachi chuckles at their suffering. To escape the illusion, Gemini stabs her leg with a kunai. She wipes her face, closing her eyes so as not to get caught in Itachi’s Tsukuyomi again.

Gemini throws a smoke bomb towards Itachi to block his vision. Gemini stabs Kakashi, who fully falls on his hands. She helps him up and they run to get as far away from the now blind missing-nin.

As the smoke clears, Itachi sees that his prey has escaped. Casting the idea to follow aside, Itachi returns his eyes to their normal black hue. He walks over to his blue comrade.

"Kisame, are you awake?" Itachi snatches his cloak off of his fallen comrade and watches as Kisame stirs to get up. Kisame groans, rubbing his head as Itachi closes his cloak.

"What happened? Did you let them get away?" Kisame looks over to where the two Anbu’s would have been if they were to have stayed. "I guess what?"

Kisame gets up fixing his cloak and picking up his gigantic sword. Itachi had long since walked away to the direction the two Jonins escaped on.

"We're going after them. Hurry it up Kisame. I don't have time for your trifles. I want that information on the Kyuubi Jinchuriki's location, both of them." Itachi looks back at Kisame with a death defying glare. The blue looking man flinched at the glare and then smirked as he walked up to stand next to Itachi.

"Do you really want to find that boy and the girl or is it that you want to find only her? You know she's going to say no, right?" Itachi walked away from Kisame and his smug grin, looking for signs of blood.

Kakashi might have escaped his Tsukuyomi but, in doing so, Kakashi left a trail of blood for him to follow. Itachi walks further into the woods, noticing the trail he knew would be there.
Going as fast as her legs could let her with Kakashi hanging off her side, Gemini runs on top of the trees for a better view of where she's headed.

Using her Byakugan to get a better look at the checkpoint that they were heading for, the surroundings zoom past as Kakashi tries to maintain his consciousness as it slips away from him.

"How you doing Kakashi? We're almost back at the checkpoint. Once there we can throw Itachi off our trail and go back to Naruto and Miya. They should be safe considering the fact that they actually listened to us and stayed put." Gemini sighs looking for something far ahead; something that will signal there safe return.

"There!" She points at a small flag well hidden within the leaves of a tree far into the distance. Picking up speed, Gemini tightens her grip on Kakashi, making sure that she doesn't let go on his escaping body.

"Here we are." Gemini stops abruptly, skidding across the floor and putting Kakashi down. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! Henge no Jutsu!"

Two clones pop up, one as Gemini and the other as Kakashi. Gemini sends them to the east while Gemini picks up Kakashi, going north.

"That should slow them down a little bit. Now stay with me Kakashi...we're almost there." Kakashi nods and they continue to find Naruto and Miya.
"It seems, that they plain to evade me with such tricks as a Kage Bunshin......." Itachi sighs, looking form the east to north. "The woman is more clever then I thought, Kisame! Go east.....I'll go north."

Itachi walks briskly knowing that he sent Kisame the wrong way. Seeing the trail of blood that both the Kage Bunshin and The Jonin made, it was obvious that north was the real trail. Going east would probably end up at a cliff far off to the end of the woods.

'This gives me a chance to convince Miya to join me instead of Sasuke. Knowing her she probably thinks that she owes Sasuke to do anything for him....I'll change that when I see her.'

Itachi breaks into a run, catching up with Gemini and Kakashi by a mile. He inches closer and closer to them, not concealing the fact that he's right behind them.

Itachi notices the woman's long black hair through the trees and he jumps to get right behind her. The Woman looks back at Itachi with wide eyes and she picks up speed.

Itachi chuckles, running faster and showing up next to the Jonin. He turns his head looking at the woman and she looks back with a determined look in her eyes; she sprints faster and then throws Kakashi to the side and continues to run.

Itachi slows down a little trying to figure out why and where she threw Kakashi. Not finding him, Itachi continues after the woman thinking she was leading him to the children.
On the floor, Kakashi groans and tries to pick himself off the ground. The female Jonin didn't even give him a warning, she just threw him in the middle of.....scratch that! She threw him next to the camp they made with the Kyuubi Jinchuriki's.

"-groans- Naruto!......Miya! It's me, Kakashi. Only those from the darkness stare at the full moon so longingly, for they know they will never be able to reach it's glorious glow with their bond souls."

"Kakashi-sensei!!!" Both Naruto and Miya run out of their hiding place but Kakashi stops them with is hand up in the air.

"What's the answer to this question? Who or what will look longingly at the moon that spends it's time up in the sky, while what stays bond my its physical form?"

"It's a wolf that so longingly stares up at the moon, wanting to reach the moons glow, so as to be free from it's physical prison." Miya answer while Naruto only gets a few words from the sentence.

Kakashi lowers his hand and both Genin and Chunin tackle him on the ground. Kakashi yelps out in surprise while Naruto and Miya attempt to drag him back to their hiding place.

"Come on Kakashi-sensei we need to look at those wounds. By the look of your wounds, it seems like you fought Itachi....and was thrown from something at a very high velocity...what the hell were you and Gemini-sensei doing out there?"

"What we were supposed to be doing, keeping you two safe now let me go. Come on before someone sees." Kakashi looks towards the area Gemini disappeared too and whispered for her safe return.
Kisame catches up with Itachi who has stopped running; standing over what looks like a female Jonin.

"Heh, What's this Itachi? Picking up souvenirs already? I thought we were only here for the Kyuubi's?" Kisame smirks picking up the unconscious Jonin and tying her up.

"Shut up Kisame. We're using her as bait for all three of them. I know that Kakashi will come with both the Kyuubi's so it's really killing two birds with one stone." Itachi walks back, calculating where the female Jonin threw the male Jonin. Kisame follows behind Itachi shaking with anticipation, knowing that they are getting closer to their mission's end.
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