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Which One Will It Be?

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Kakashi has to chose between teammate and pupil. Which one will he choose and will he regret his choice?

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Which One Will It Be?
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Naruto characters or its world. I do however own Miya Hyuuga and Gemini Hyuuga. That is all. This is my first time writing in 3rd person so, I'm sorry if there are mistakes!! I'm more of the 1st person writer and I'm just trying 3rd to see how the story goes. If you don't like the view please, PLEASE tell me so that I can change it! Thank you so much for reading my story and enjoy!
Chapter 2

After a while of rejoicing the female Kyuubi's face turns from happy to alert, almost sad. She is sensing a dangerous aura of chakra coming from the direction Kakashi came from. She tries to search through the darkness for the source of the evil aura but to no avail.

The Kyuubi girl uses her Byakugan to enhance her sight and she sees a familiar set of eyes. They were the eyes of her Nii-san, the man she swore to help kill. She knew that killing him would be a great cost and that she would probably join Sasuke as a missing-nin if that was to happen.

Although she promised Sasuke to help him in his revenge, the girl Kyuubi didn't want to leave the boy Kyuubi all by himself as she ran away with Sasuke. That wasn't how she pictured it, and it wasn't going to come true until the boy Kyuubi reached his dream; to become Hokage.

The girl Kyuubi, Miya, crouches as low as she could while she still kept Itachi in her sights. She moves around to the boy Kyuubi, Naruto, and presses his body to the ground so as to keep him from Itachi's sight. Naruto responds quickly with her silence and makes no motion to object her directions.

Miya motions for him to hide and Naruto vanishes within seconds. Miya slowly walks over to Kakashi as Itachi comes closer to their location. Kakashi attempts to get up but Miya stops him.

"You can't move, not after what Itachi nii-san did to you. Just lie down and don't move. It'd be better if we didn't have to fight over which Jinchuriki we're going to hand over if I just give myself to him now and avoid an unnecessary battle. And don't bother; I've made up my mind about going with him. I'll come back….you'll see."

Kakashi watches as his pupil walks out of sight. He curses under his breath and struggles to get up form his spot. He needed to get to Miya before Itachi did. There is a reason that the Fifth Hokage wants the Kyuubi Jinchuriki's safe and Kakashi wasn't about to lose one of them.

After much struggle, Kakashi stands up and he immediately walks toward the place Miya had disappeared to. Kakashi spots both Itachi and Miya and he runs through the bushes so as to reach his pupil before it was too late. The bluish man was putting the female Jonin on the floor as Miya walked up to Itachi.

As Miya came closer to Itachi, he held his hand out to her. Miya went to take it but just as she brushes it, Kakashi appears and grabs her from behind, his hands around her waist so as to secure his hold on his pupil. Miya yelps in surprise from the new found force pulling her back away from Itachi and Miya struggles against it.

"Let me go!" Miya turns and sees that it was Kakashi who was pulling her away and she stops her struggling to yell at him. "Kakashi-sensei? What are you doing up? I told you to stay put!! Now look what you've done! Let me go right this second!!"

"I'm sorry Miya but I can't do that!" Kakashi lands a few good feet away from Itachi and Kisame. He lifts his gaze from the girl in his arms to Itachi and Kakashi glares at him.

"Letting you leave with him would go against the mission we have and you wouldn't really like the life of a missing-nin. I hear it's the shit life. Being chased all the time, no sleep, no food, and no contact with people you know. It really kills you in the end, doesn't it Itachi?"

" seems you got our lifestyle down to the tiniest detail. How very diligent of you, Kakashi. Oh but you did miss one tiny detail, we do live somewhere, we just don't visit it as much as we'd like. You know how it goes with sticking to the mission until it's over." Itachi smirks as Kisame picks up the female Jonin so as to keep her away from Kakashi's hold.

"What do you plan on doing with Gemini any way Itachi? You know you're only here for the children, so why don't you put Gemini down and we can make a deal?"Kakashi held tighter onto Miya's waist and he looked toward Kisame as Itachi considered Kakashi's proposal.

" make it seem like we actually care what the results of this so-called deal. Now if you're done talking, we'll be taking the Jinchuriki's and leaving this woman with you. You can talk to her while the Jinchuriki's are gone." Itachi advances forward reaching out towards Miya with his hand as he watches Kakashi's movements with his Sharingan. Kakashi backed away from Itachi's advancements and he was readying himself to make a run for it.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Kakashi. We've come here for the Jinchuriki's and we're here to get them; with you and this woman alive or dead. It's your choice." Itachi came closer to Kakashi and he grabbed Miya's arm pulling her away from Kakashi's hold. Miya resisted a little as she looked back at her sensei and then towards her half-sister.

Miya sighs and her struggling stops as she accepts Itachi's control over the situation. She looks at Kakashi who still had his hateful eyes on her current holder. Itachi smirks as he turns around signaling Kisame to give Kakashi back his fallen comrade. Kisame flings Gemini towards Kakashi, and he catches her, quickly untying the knot Itachi made.

Kakashi's hate for Itachi was never stronger then it was right this moment. Feeling Kakashi's hateful aura, both Miya and Itachi turn around to look at him. Itachi smirks and Miya shakes her head in disappointment as Kakashi does nothing about her capture. She knew she was going to leave with Itachi in the first place, but, her sensei was so leaned back he was throwing death glares instead of kunai.

"Are we leaving now or are you going to wait for him to stop throwing death glares at you. It seems he doesn't care where I am or who I'm with." Kakashi seemed taken aback but he didn't try to get the small Chuunin back. She'd escape….as promised.

With that Itachi grabbed Miya and left in a blur. The two were soon caught up with Kisame who, for some reason, was smiling widely. Itachi continues on his way back to the Suna Village. It was only three months away and there was no way Kakashi would catch up to them in time if he was planning on waiting for the right moment to follow.

"What's with the smile Kisame-sama? Did you kill something and drink it's blood?" The girl Kyuubi asked as she continued to hold on to Itachi's hand. The dark haired man had never held her hand like this since the day she met him.

"No! Even better than that. I made a potion and gave it to Kakashi. Hehe. He's in for a wild ride." Kisame says smirking at his success.
Kakashi looked back and forth between the woman on the floor, the woods ahead of him and the potion in his hand. After Itachi left with Miya, Kisame had stayed behind to give him this, a very odd colored, looking potion.

'That's a potion for your injuries. If you plan on following us then you might as well be in fit conditions to fight. Otherwise it's just way too boring.' Is what Kisame said with a quick vanishing, catching up to Itachi.

Kakashi didn't know what to do. Trust Kisame about the potion or die of poisoning. Kakashi looked around for a small animal and two squirrels jumped down from a tree to run to the next one. Kakashi quickly grabbed the squirrel and cut it's paw with a kunai.

The squirrel whimpered and Kakashi made it drink a drop of the potion. The wound quickly went away and Kakashi inspected it. It was clean; the potion really did heal wounds. Kakashi let the squirrel go and it rejoined the other squirrel only to attack it. It was the potion but what exactly did it do?
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