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What's Up With You?

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Kakashi is acting a little weird. Actually, he's acting a lot of weird. What did the potion do to him and why is Kisame so smiley?

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What's Up With You?
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Naruto characters or its world. I do however own Miya Hyuuga and Gemini Hyuuga. That is all. This is my first time writing in 3rd person so, I'm sorry if there are mistakes!! I'm more of the 1st person writer and I'm just trying 3rd to see how the story goes. If you don't like the view please, PLEASE tell me so that I can change it! Thank you so much for reading my story and enjoy!
Chapter 3

Kakashi walks over to the woman on the floor. She is awake and already healing her fatal wounds. She looks up towards Kakashi as he grimaces at the site. He had forgotten she could heal wounds but then again she was way too weak to heal them both.

"Hey. You ok?" He asks reaching a hand out to her. She smiles taking his hand and standing up. Kakashi walks her over to the small hiding spot, lighting a fire. Naruto reveals himself from hiding and they sit down.

"Kakashi-sensei, Gemini-sensei." Naruto looks around, confused. "Where's Miya?"

"Oh...that's right. She promised she'd be back but....just to make sure I'm going to go after her. Right after I take this." Kakashi says holding the potion in the air, the fire glaring behind it.

"What's that Sensei?" Naruto asks, crawling over for a closer look.

"It's a potion. It heals wounds and seeing as to how Gemini is too weak to heal her own wounds, I'll just use the potion." Kakashi opens the cap to the bottle and drank the whole potion. Within a few minutes his wounds heal and no trace of Itachi's Mangekyo Sharingan Tsukuyomi attacks could be seen.

"Well, that was easy." Kakashi says as he looks at the empty bottle, throwing it aside. Gemini quickly reaches for the bottle just barely catching it.

"Whoa! Be careful! You could have hurt yourself." Kakashi says making sure she's ok.

"I want to examine this potion further....thank goodness you left at least a drop left." Gemini examines what's left of the potion and caps the bottle. "Go ahead. Go get Miya. I'll watch Naruto. We'll actually go back to village and I can examine this more thoroughly."

"Right. That would work. Ok. See you at the village. I'll come back with Miya no matter what." Kakashi gets up and vanishes within the leaves.

Gemini is wary about the bottle and the potion inside but she lets it go as she needs to leave for Konoha.
Itachi skids to a stop. Miya and Kisame both bump into him.

"What's up Itachi-sama?" Kisame ask as he cocks his head to the side in confusion.

"Yeah. What's wrong Oni-san?" Miya says as she watches the two men. 'They're a weird bunch. I'll give them that much. How they ever got paired up, I'll never know.'

"I want to stop here for now." Itachi says as he lets go of Miya's hand and walks away from Kisame and his playful expression as it switches each time Itachi looks back. Kisame playfully follows Itachi making weird faces each time and the dark haired man tries to say something. Itachi gets very irritated and he hits Kisame aside the head.

"Would you stop that? I really hate it when you get playful like this Kisame. It bothers me and I think that's exactly why you do it. I really do hope you get killed by someone other than me and it better be soon." Kisame laughs as he puts up his hands in defense.

"Ahehehe!! Come on Itachi-sama. I'm only kidding. You don't mean that...Do you?" Kisame asks as he looks to Miya for help. She gives him a 'don't look at me' expression and turns around, plopping on the floor, attempting to sleep.

"I will if you keep bothering me. Now, let go of my arm Kisame." Kisame laughs as he notices his grip on Itachi's arm.

"Ahehehe! When did that get there?"

"Just let go....or else!!" Kisame laughs more as he lets go of Itachi. The dark haired man growls as he walks over to the small Anbu on the ground and he sits, staring at her back. It moves up and down and it's obvious that she's asleep. Itachi sighs. He relaxes a little, patting Miya on the head and playing with her long black hair.

"To fully fall into my must truly see what torment Sasuke wants you to kill me over. Perhaps...a taste, of reality will change your mind to come with me." Itachi smirks as he stops his petting. He places his left hand above his right and murmurs a jutsu.

As Itachi's chakra flows from his hands to her mind, Miya twitches as vivid images flash through it. Itachi is using a similar form of the Tsukuyomi to manipulate Miya's thoughts, corrupting them and twisting around what she thinks is right and wrong.
Kakashi is running atop the trees as he looks down for any signs of the trio.

'Where could they possible be? If they’re heading for the Suna Village then that means they’d go left...but...the leads east. Why is that?’ Kakashi asks himself as he looks up at the moon above. 'Detour?....But for what?'

Kakashi stops, perching himself like a cat on top of a tall tree. He sighs as he decides to go east. It doesn't take the Jonin long before he catches up to the three. Kisame had fallen asleep a while ago and Miya just so happened to be in his arms. She is asleep as well but it seems more like she was put there on purpose than of her own will. Kakashi looks around for the dark haired man but sees no sign of him.

'Where could he be?' Kakashi asks him self as he stays hidden in the treetops. Kakashi looks left and right and finally catches sight of the dark haired man who walks over to Kisame and Miya. He kneels down and puts the back of his hand to her forehead. He sighs and whips off his cloak, gently putting it on top of her.

"Are you done trying to hide or do I have to go get you myself?" Itachi asks as he stands up looking straight at Kakashi with the Sharingan. The sliver haired Jonin is taken a back a little but he chuckles and jumps down from his perch.

"That was very considerate of you. Why'd you do it? To gain her trust or out of something else, seeing as to how I can't say love? You're not capable of something so....human." Kakashi keeps a tight grip on his kunai as he walks forward towards Itachi.

"Well that's not very nice. I may act inhuman but that doesn't mean I'm not human. Have more respect for me Kakashi and....Do you really think that's going to get me off guard?" Itachi says taking out his own kunai from god knows where and flipping it up into the air and catching it each time.

"Heh. Nothing gets by you I see." Kakashi lets go of the kunai and relaxes. He puts both hands in the air defensively and then puts them down as Itachi drops the kunai to the floor.

"Why are you here? Decided to take her back or do you want to negotiate again? You for her or do you have a something more valuable?" Itachi asks as he steps in front of the two asleep on the floor, obviously unaware of the two ninja.

"I just came for her....that's all. Now, you can give her back without a fight or we can fight? It's your choice."

"I say. Fight!" Itachi quickly picks up the kunai he dropped and runs towards Kakashi who takes out another kunai and clashes against Itachi's. Sparks fly as the two put equal force against the kunai and their bodies. Kakashi pushes more and they both jump backwards landing in a fight stance.

Kakashi semi-standing and Itachi crouched on the floor his hand dragging against the sand making the dust pull up. Itachi smirks as he knows Kakashi has lost his vision and Itachi strikes at the sliver haired Jonin and his attack, blocked. Kakashi had activated his Sharingan and easily saw through Itachi's trick. Itachi chuckles as he jumps out of the cloud of dust and Kakashi as well. The dust clears and the two are standing still. Neither of them move and Kakashi can't help but try a find a way to get Itachi off guard, just enough to get Miya and run.

Suddenly, the two ninja hear a muffled groan and they both look towards the female and bluish man on the floor. Kisame is waking from his sleep. Kakashi curses to himself as he looks towards Itachi and glares. The dark haired man just walks over to the bluish man and hits him aside the head, hard.

Kisame groans again and then he falls back asleep. Itachi rolls his eyes and fixes them back on Kakashi. The silver haired Jonin blinks for a second and Itachi takes the chance, cutting Kakashi's cheek with the kunai as Kakashi just barely let the missing-nin hit him.

"Nice, but that's not going to get me that easily." Kakashi says cockily as he has a kunai in his hand, threatening Itachi's heart.

Bump, Bump.

Kakashi twitches as his heart clenches. Itachi sees this as an opportunity and gets behind Kakashi, threatening the sliver haired man’s throat. Kakashi growls but then retreats as another pang in his heart beats. The silver haired ninja drops his kunai, still wary of Itachi's on his neck and the Jonin clutches his chest so as to stop the pain coming from his heart.

Bump, Bump.

Kakashi can feel the beat vibrate throughout his body. What is going on? Is it Itachi or something else? Why is he feeling this way? Something is wrong. But what is it? Kakashi couldn't put his finger on it as he feel to his kneels. The pain in his chest is killing him. Itachi watches as Kakashi kneels down before him. Even the dark haired man had to wonder what was going on.

"What's wrong Kakashi? Since when do you kneel before anyone?" Itachi watches the expression on Kakashi's face change from painful to agonizing. Something was wrong with the Jonin and it wasn't his doing. Itachi puts down his kunai as he kneels in front of Kakashi trying to read what is going on.

"Kakashi, tell me? What's wrong with you? What’s making you look like this?" Itachi watches as Kakashi collapses to the floor, still clutching onto his chest tightly. Kakashi twists and turns on the floor, trying to squirm away from the missing-nin. The sliver haired Jonin watches as memories of the past flash through his mind.

Bump, Bump.

The memories are of him and Itachi. When they were in the black-ops together, Kakashi would laugh at how the small ninja would always cling to him. Itachi would deny it and yet Kakashi could tell Itachi liked the way the older ninja acted towards him.

Bump, Bump.

Kakashi was 21 years old while Itachi was only 11 when they first met in the black-ops. Itachi had only taken a year to graduate the academy at the age of 7 and Kakashi had taken an interest into the small boy, the silver haired ninja being only 16 and a Chunin, at the time. Kakashi could see how he watched as Itachi grew, age 8 he learned how to use the Sharingan and at age 10, Itachi became a Chunin.

Bump. Bump.

By the time Miya was 7, she would have joined them in their Anbu team had not the council held her back. Both had wanted her on the team but decided against it, since the council had to have some kind of reason for not letting Miya in the Anbu ranks just yet. So Kakashi and Itachi worked together waiting for the day Miya would be passed by the council.

Bump.. Bump.

Kakashi had taken a liking to the 12 year old. The sliver haired Jonin hadn’t treated Itachi like a child because it wasn't needed. Itachi acted and was grown enough to be talked to like an adult. Through mission together they would protect each other. Until, half a year later, Kakashi had found out Itachi was being accused of killing Shisui.


It had to be wrong and Kakashi for once showed how worried he was for the 13 year old. Kakashi suggested finding the killer and clearing Itachi's name but the small boy wouldn't listen. Itachi just looked angrily out to the distance and walked away.


A few days later Kakashi's world came tumbling down as he heard news about the Uchiha family. They had been murdered and Itachi was missing. Sasuke and Miya were fine but badly injured. Sasuke seemed to have been hit by only a kunai, but Miya. She had scars all over her body, it was if she had fought and after exhaustion, lost.


Itachi, why? Why did you do it? Why did you leave us? Why did you leave me, Itachi?



All movement from the Jonin, stops. Itachi looks towards him still in his kneeling position. The dark haired ninja gets up and looks over Kakashi's unmoving body, standing there. He kicks the body over on its back and looks it up and down. The Jonin's eyes are closed and his hands are limp as they lay on his chest. Itachi crouches down and examines the body closer. The missing-nin looks at the ground and picks up a stick, poking lightly at the body on the floor. The body moves a little but that's only because of the force Itachi is putting into the stick.

"What happened!?!?!" Kakashi screams, jolting straight up from the floor. Itachi back flips from shock, stick in hand, as he holds his own heart. The dark haired ninja stares wide eyed at the Jonin a little freaked out at what just happened and Kakashi just looks up with confusion.

"What's wrong Itachi?" He asks, cocking his head to the side.

"You...what just happened? You were clenching your heart in agony and then you stopped moving and now you’re moving. I'm lost as ever."

"Oh...well...all I remember is this searing pain. What were we doing?"


"Why were we fighting? And before that, what were we doing?"

"Um, talking?" Itachi shakes his head in confusion. "W-Why are you being so familiar?"

"What do you mean? Aren't we like old friends? Best buds? I got your back you got mine?" Kakashi asks, cocking his head to the other side in more confusion.

"Um, not really, I mean we do know each other're supposed to be fighting me. We are enemies after all."

"Oh....well...when did this happen? Do we still have to fight? I mean I don't want to fight you in particular. I have no reason for it so..."

"Your reason is sitting or I should say laying on the floor right behind you." Kakashi looks back and sees the two sleeping ninjas.

"What? My reason is pedophilia? Please, I think as a ninja I would need a better reason than that to fight someone. Besides, Miya can take care of herself." Itachi couldn't help but laugh.

'Pedophilia he said, nice.' Itachi thought to himself. 'As if Kisame would ever try anything with Miya. He'd die before it even started, by my hand and by hers.'

"Look. Um, I think I need to talk to you about something but I can't really explain what I want to talk to you about. I don't understand it and well...I don't think what I'm feeling right now can be said through words."Itachi looks as Kakashi lifts his head up and they stare at each other for a while. Kakashi blushed madly. The Jonin claps his hands to his cheeks and curses to himself.

'What am I doing? Why am I blushing at just the sight of him?' As Kakashi argues with himself, Itachi cocks his eyebrow up in a 'what was that' kind of expression and he keeps his gaze on the Jonin. Kakashi couldn't help but wonder if it was his memories coming back to him. How he liked the company of the missing-nin so much when they were still in Konoha.

'Something weird is definitely going on here and it has Kisame's name all over it.' Itachi thought to himself. The dark haired man walks over to the two ninjas on the floor and picks up the small girl. He puts her down gently and then he walks over to the blue looking man. Itachi smacks him hard across the face and the blue man immediately wakes up cursing and holding onto his cheek.

"Ow!! What the hell was that for!?!? I didn’t do it I swear!!"

"What a very guilty conscious you have there, Kisame, I wonder why?" Kisame looks up and smiles warily, trying to hide his fear.

"I have no idea what you're taking about, Itachi-sama. Please, refresh my memory." He tries to seem calm but Itachi sees right through it with his piercing red eyes.

"Don't give me that crap. You know exactly what you did. What did you give to Kakashi before you met up with Miya and myself?"

"What are you talking about?" Itachi takes out a kunai and holds it to Kisame’s throat. "Oh you mean the potion. Oh well, I just gave him a potion that heals his wounds is all."

"Oh really? And this potion, does it do anything else?" Kisame smiles slyly as he sees he has the upper hand.

"Well, you'll have to find that one out, for yourself." Kisame smiles playfully as Itachi makes to hit him, Kisame cringes and Itachi lowers his hand.

"You win this round." Itachi says as he gets up and walks back over towards Kakashi. The Jonin is still trying to find out why he can't face the missing-nin and it's practically killing him. Itachi stays a safe distance away seeing as to how this is one of Kisame's experiments.

"Kakashi, you all right?" Itachi asks as he inches closer, cautious of the Jonin. Kakashi gets up and Itachi circles him. When the black haired ninja finally gets in front of the Jonin, Kakashi looks up, sadness in his eyes, and walks forward.

"Why did you leave? Why didn't you stay?" The question hits Itachi like a rock. It hurts him dearly and so does Kakashi's eyes, trying so hard to pry away the barriers that with hold the secret of his disappearance.

"What does it matter to you if I left or not?" Kakashi moves forward as Itachi looks towards the floor trying to avoid Kakashi's prying eyes.

"Everything! Don't you understand? When you left, I--it was just so hard to deal with it when I--thinking of you each night just--did you ever know? Did you know about how I really felt? Did it ever occur to you--why I was always by your side before you left?" Kakashi asks as he pushes Itachi to a tree. The dark haired man refusing to look at the Jonin and Kakashi desperately tries to search for an answer from the missing-nin.

"What are you talking about? You've never felt--you've never, shown me anything! I left because it was the right thing to do. It gave me power. I don't need anything else."

"You know that's a lie." Kakashi says softly as his mouth brushes against Itachi's ear. The dark haired man shivers as he tires to escape but the tree stops him. Kakashi can't help but wonder what the hell he was doing. Kakashi did think of Itachi after he had left but Kakashi never thought of his feelings as actually being real.

"What's up with you?" Itachi asks as he turns his face towards Kakashi's. Kakashi looks straight back at the dark haired man and smiles as he realizes something that should have been realized a long time ago.

'I've always been so worried about you and never knew why. For some reason or another, now I know what I was feeling. Regret. Regret for letting you leave without saying goodbye. Letting you go without saying this.'

"I love you." Kakashi kisses Itachi fiercely on the lips as he holds the dark haired man in place on the tree.
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