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barging in on cuteness.

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Author's Note: I should REALLY be practicing double bass right now, but instead I'm updating this fic. Why? Because I love you guys and I really don't enjoy practicing double bass.

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30: k e e p i n g i t d i s n e y

Soap’s POV

While the rest of the Cobras discussed the next episode of Guy Ripley’s True Things, Gabe and I stealthily snuck off towards the back of the bus.

“Where are you two going?” Nate asked.

Okay, not so stealthily…

“The bunks…” Gabe said, innocently.
“Alright,” he said, skeptical. “But you know the rules.”
“Yeah, yeah. No making out on your bunk. No playing with Ryland’s dolls. Keep the noise to a minimum--”
“Hey, they’re not dolls,” Ryland cut in. “They’re collectible action figures.”
“And no making babies either,” Nate said, wagging his finger. “The bus remains a no-fuck zone… with the exception of me and Alex.”

Suarez shot him a confused look.

“What I meant to say as that only Alex and I can have sex on the bus.”

Gabe and I broke out into laughter as Suarez hit him with a pillow. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Gah, you know what I mean. Alex and I are the only ones allowed to have intercourse with girls on the bus. Not each other,” he explained. “Get your heads out of the gutter.”
“Okay, we get it,” I said, stifling a giggle.

Gabanti and I continued toward the back of the bus while Suarez and Nate engaged in a pillow fight. Don’t ask.

“So what do you want to play?” Gabe asked. “We have Monopoly, Jenga, Life, Candyland and Clue.”
“Life. I’m a sucker for the little minivans.”
“Okay, Life it is.”

Vicky’s POV

“Ryland, move your head. I can’t see anything,” Nate said.
“Ugh, hold up.”
“Hey, you’re crushing my hand,” Alex grunted.

“You guys are creeps,” I commented, flipping through the latest issue of Nylon.
“Whatever. You know you wanna see what they’re up to,” Ryland replied.
“No, not really,” I honestly said.

“Oh, he’s getting up.”
“Wait, who won?”
“I think she did.”
“What’s he doing now?”
“He’s getting out Candyland.”

“Wait, so they’re not doing anything?” I asked, curious.
“Nope, just playing board games.”
“I feel like I’m spying on 3rd graders who like each other.”
“It’s so… PG,” Ryland said, perplexed.

Not to put down Gabe or anything, but his relationships usually consist of more R-rated content. Think less Gabriella and Troy kissing in the rain, more Vanessa Anne Hudgens sending n00dz to Zac Efron.

“Hold on, he’s leaning over…” Ryland said.
“To kiss her nose,” Alex added.
“Aww, that’s cute,” Nate commented. The guys shot him weird looks. “What? It is cute.”

“Oh, here we go,” Alex said. “Gabanti’s going straight for second base.”
“He’s just picking lint off her shirt.”
“Looks like Sophie’s bringing out his sweet side,” I commented.
“I’m out of here. This is boring.”

Gabe’s POV

My stomach grumbled as we put the Candyland pieces back into the box.

“Sounds like you could go for some real candy right now,” Sophie joked.

I poked her stomach and was met with a similar growling noise.

“You, too,” I said, smirking.
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
“Does it involve ice cream and gummi bears?”
“Then yes.”

She quickly grabbed her purse, then jumped onto my back.

“To Walgreens!”

45 minutes later, Sophie and I were sitting on the bunk area floor, scooping rocky road ice cream into gummi filled waffle cones.

“Here you go,” she said handing one to me.
“Thank you.”

All of a sudden the door flew open, revealing Ryland, Suarez and Nate.
“AHA!” all three said, pointing their fingers at us.

“Umm, hey guys,” Sophie said, confused.
“What’s up?” I asked.

“Told you they weren’t doing anything!” Vicky called from the front of the bus.
“Thanks guys,” Suarez said. “Now me and Ry both owe Vic $20...”

While they walked off toward the lounge area, Nate awkwardly stood in the doorway.

“Novarro, do you want some ice cream?” Sophie asked.
“Yes, please.”

She smiled and patted the spot next to her and pulled another cone from the box.

“Do you want gummi bears or extra gummi bears?”
“Extra,” he said, taking a seat.
“Good choice,” I said.

Sophie poured the colorful bears into the cone, then scooped ice cream on top.
“Thanks, Sofa,” he said, as she handed it over. Dessert in hand, he got up and headed toward the lounge area.

“Wait a sec,” I said, stopping her from taking her first bite. “I’d like to make a toast.”

She smiled and raised her cone in the air.

“To sweet candy, and even sweeter kisses.”
“Cheers,” she said.

We clinked our cones together and each took a bite.

“Mhmm,” I said, nodding.

Before I could take another bite, Sophie leaned over and pressed her lips against mine. She tasted like cherry gummi bears. Just as I took her lip ring into my mouth, I heard someone clearing their throat.

Pulling away, I saw Nate, Suarez, Ryland and Vicky were standing in the doorway.

“Could we have some ice cream, too?” Ryland asked.

Sophie and I both let out a chuckle. “Sure, guys.”

Soon enough all of us were sitting in a circle, stuffing ourselves with candy, ice cream and waffle cones. Life didn’t get any better than this.


Anyone else have a craving for sugar right now?

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