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The New Girl

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A new girl arrives at Bishop Gorman high... Please review

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A long sigh ecscaped her frowning mouth whilst she did her best to try and concentrate on what Mrs.Fitzergeld was saying, but to know avail.Her teachers voice just became a distant drone in the background, whilst her mind drifted of into other thoughts than Mrs.Fitzergelds' talk on...well, whatever it was she was talking about.
Her brown eyes kept darting to the clock, each time in a desperate hope that it would display the finishing time of the lesson, but it never did. Instead it seemed to be ticking unusually slowly, so that everytime she felt a fair amount of time had passed scince her last check, she would look at it to find only a mere couple of minutes had passed.
She slumped lazily forward onto her vulgarly graffitied desk, laying her tired head against her hand as she strummed her pencil rythmically on the chipped wood, creating minor tapping sounds, that were quiet enough so as not to be able to reach her withered old teachers slightly deafened ears.

Bishop Gorman High school had to be one of the most boring schools in the whole of Nevada - No, America. 90 % of the students that attended it were incredibly stuck up. The teachers were pretty strict too, and nothing even remotely exciting ever happened.The only way she was able to survive such a dull place was to remind herself daily that she only had just over a couple more years to go
until she was free from the place.

Her thoughts of self pity at her dull life were interupted by a sharp jabbing pain in her ribs, which was caused her desk neighbour,Monique elbowing her to get her attention 'Kate' she whispered.She gave Monique a questioning look, but she just pointed to the front of the classroom where Mrs.Fitzergeld was standing, alongside Principle Hemming, whom she didn't notice enter the classroom.

'Miss Ross, are you with us today?' Said Mrs.Fitzergeld scathingly, as a minority of the class snickered.
'Oh-yes, sorry' She apologised, a slight blush creeping on to her cheeks.
'Principle Hemming was just inquiring whether he could borrow a student to show a new member of the school around on her first day,
and i was wondering if you would be up to the task?'
'Oh yeah-sure' She nodded, as if she really ever had a choice.
'Lovely, if you would care to follow me to my office' Said Principle Hemming, beckoning her.

He exited the classroom and she hurridly gathered her books,and packed them into her bag, before leaving to join him in the hall. As she followed him in silence down the annoyingly dimly-lit hallway, her stomach started to fill with nerves. She wasn't exactly a shy person, just when it came to strangers. She dreaded the thought of having to spend the day with another snobby snobby girl, like the rest of the Bishop Gorman High student body.Soon enough , they reached his officed and he turned the doorknob as she waited in aticipation to see this new girl.

As the door swung open, it revealed a girl behind the principles desk, spinning round and round on Principle Hemmings black leather twizzle chair.
Kate watched on, slightly bemused. She was pretty certain that you weren't supposed to do that.

Principle Hemming cleared his throat, causing the girl to stop and look up, strand of hair falling infront of her face. Kate was suprised to see that she didn't seem at all embarrased or worried at the fact that she had gotten caught. Instead she just smiled widely and stood up, clasping her hands together infront of her.Principle Hemming decided not to mention anything about the chair spinning and instead wen't straight on into the introductions.

'Miss.Ross, this is Stephanie, Miss Moore this is Kate, she will be your tourguide for the day.'
'Nice to meet you' said Stephanie, smiling as she stepped forward and shook her hand.

Kate nodded and shook back, meanwhile starting to pay attention to Stephanie's appearence.

She was very pretty, with dark blonde hair that reached just below shoulder length, and large dark blue eyes that were outlined with Kohl.Her nose was scattered with light freckles and her smile was warm and welcoming. Kate's previous dread at meeting her had immediately evaporated.

'So if you have any questions or queries, then i'm sure Kate would be more than happy to answer them for you' Said Principle Hemming
with a nod of his partially bald head. 'Miss. Ross 'He said turning to face her 'if you would like to take Stephanie back to your english class.'

Kate nodded and she lead Stephanie out of the office and into the hallway, almost certain she got a glimpse of Principle Hemming remove his glasses, wipe his brow and gulp down a bottle of water as they left.

'You know' Said Stephanie cocking her head slightly 'I don't think he likes me.'
A small laugh ecscaped Kate's lips at Stephanies realistic look of hurt.
'And oh God' Said Stephanie groaning as she tugged at her sweater vest 'I can't believe you have to wear school uniform here.'

Kate loathed wearing the school uniform, on her it looked childish and frumpy, but Stephanie somehow managed to make it look good on her.The white cotton shirt with the ever loathed puffed sleeves, suited her slim arms, and the thin cotton dark grey sweater vest was snug upon her petite frame.The top button of her shirt was undone, and the black and white striped tie hung down loosely from it. Her skirt, she noticed was probably shorter than was allowed, and thin tight-like stockings travelled high up her legs.On her feet, she wore black kitten-heeled shoes.

'Um...did Mr.Hemming mention anything to you about your uniform?' Kate asked, trying to sound casual.
'Oh yeah' She shrugged, tugging on the end of her white shirt that hung out underneath the sweater vest. 'But i just told him how hard it was to
keep up with uniform regulations because of all the different schools i've been to, yadda yadda.'
'Oh so you keep going to different schools?' Kate asked, starting to feel sympathetic towards her. She remember her first day at Bishop Gorman
and how scared she'd felt. 'Don't you mind?'
'Eh, you get used to being the new girl' Stephanie shrugged 'I don't really worry about fitting in'

Kate came to halt outside their english classroom 'Here we are' she sighed 'Be prepared to experience one of the most boring lessons you've ever had.'

She opened the door and they walked in. Mrs.Fitzergeld stopped talking mid sentence, and her and the rest of the class turned their attention to them-
well, mainly to Stephanie.
Kate noticed Mrs.Fitzergeld give Stephanie a scrutinizing look, as she glared at her attire with distaste, though Stephanie however seemed unperturbed, ans gave a small wave before folding her arms.

'Well' said Mrs.Fitzergeld after she had gotten over the appearence of her new unruly dressed student 'You must be...'
'Stephanie' Stephanie answered simply, as Kate walked over and sat back down at her desk, feeling she wasn't needed at the moment.
'Right' said Mrs.Fitzergeld 'Well, welcome to Bishop Gorman high Stefanie, i'm Mrs.Fitzergeld, your english teacher.'
'Cool' was all she said.
'Now let's see' Said Mrs.Fitzergeld, her eyes scanning the classroom 'where are you going to sit?'
'Umm...i'll sit here' Stephanie said flouncing over to an empty seat infront of Kate, next to a boy who looked as if christmas had come early for him.
This didn't suprise Kate, really. Practically every straight guy in the classroom had their eyes glued to her.

Mrs.Fitzergeld looked a little perplexed, as she hadn't meant for Stephanie to pick the seat herself, but there wasn't much she could about it.

'Stephanie, i know it's your first day but your uniform-'
'Don't worry about it' said Stephanie, cutting her off 'I've talked with principle Hemming'
'Right...' said Mrs.Fitzergeld slightly dazed 'well then...'
And she put on her glasses and continued on with her lecture until the bell finally rang.


'Your right' said Stephanie as they entered the cafeteria 'that WAS boring'.
Kate nodded knowingly.
'Ah well' Stephanie shrugged 'at least it's lunchtime. So what kind of things to they serve here?'
'Well today' said Kate, her eyes scanning over the menu board 'they're serving Sausage and mash.'
'Excellent' She said, but once they had gotten their food and sat down at a table, Stephanie didn't seem to be touching it.
'So' she said, flicking her blonde hair over her shoulder and leaning her elbow on the table 'what do you do here at lunctimes?'
'Well' Said Kate ''
As she spoke Her brother and her friend, Spencer had walked over to their table.
'Well this guy doesn't' Said Stephanie looking up at Kate's older brother, Ryan.
'That's my brother, and this is my friend Spencer' Kate introduced.
Stephanie raised her eyebrows 'Hey' She said.'I'm Stephanie'
'She's new' said Kate.
'I gathered' gulped Spencer, blinking at Stephanie.He shook his head slightly 'So your not sitting with Leslie and Donna?'
'Oh' said Kate, realising she was too preoccupied with her new friend that she had forgotten about them 'No not today.'

Leslie and Donna were her ''friends'' - the type of friends you hang out with just for the sake of it, but secretly loathe due to the fact that they're both snobby bitches. Her only proper friend she had at this school was Spencer, but she had to share him with her brother. Unfortunately he seemed to have
the dominant custody over him, even though he was in the grade above, and Spencer was in the same grade as her.But because she had Leslie and Donna, She got to spend lunchtimes with them whilst Spencer sat with Ryan and a few other Juniors.

'Who's Leslie and Donna?' Stephanie asked.
'Oh just a couple friends of mine' Kate shrugged.
'Oh-well why don't we sit with them?'
'No! no... It's OK' Kate said hurridly, not wanting Stephanie to meet them. She had an inkling they weren't going to enjoy each others company.
She saw the way Leslie and Donna scowled at Stephanie when they entered their english class. Leslie and Donna were catholic girls, very serious
about their education, which, as anyone could probably tell by now, Stephanie was not.

But some random wolf whistling coming from a table of Sophomore's up ahead interupted Stephanies plans to persist further.
'WELCOME TO BISHOP GORMAN!' one of them yelled.
'Thankyou!' Stephanie called back, laughing.'I like it here, people are friendly.'
'Puh, i think they wanna be more than friendly' commented Ryan.
'I'm hungry, let's go eat' Said Spencer, and he and Ryan walked back to their lunch table.

'Your so lucky you have a brother.' Said Stephanie once they'd gone.
'Yeah, Ryan's OK i guess...' Kate shrugged.
'Are you close?'
'Kinda...not in a heart-to-heart way. Ryan's very kept, and he doesn't really open up to people. He is very protective of me though'
'How cute' She said.
'How about you? Do you have any siblings?'
'No, i'm an only child. I wish i did would be more fun...' She said slightly dazed 'and it wouldn't make moving so hard..if they came with me.'
'Howcome you move so much anyway?' Kate asked, sipping from the straw of her carton of orange juice.
'My dad's job'
'What does he do?'
'He's a fisherman...' She said, scraping her fork through the lumpy mile of mashed potato heaped on her plate.
She pulled a face at it, and looked up at Kate who wasn't sure what to make of her last comment.
'He's always looking for better fish' she elaborated.
Kate blinked, and it was only when Stephanie cracked a smile she realised that she was joking.

Then Stephanie instantly changed the subject, and veered off talking about something or other, and Kate listened intently, despite the fact that something in the back of her mind was telling her that there was something Stephanie didn't want to share.
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